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(en) US, NJ ARA Strikes Blow Against Local National Alliance Organizing

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 14:23:11 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Anti-Racism and White Supremacy NJ ARA[*] Strikes
Blow Against Local National Alliance Organizing
On Saturday April 5, New Jersey Anti-Racist Action (NJ
ARA) struck a major blow against National Alliance
(NA) organizing in New Jersey. After a neo-Nazi concert
scheduled for March 29th at the Elmwood Park VFW
Hall was cancelled due to pressure from an
ARA-initiated phone jam, and police raided the location
the show was moved to, local anti-fascists decided this
would be a good time to continue to damage the National
Alliance's ability to organize in New Jersey.

Over the past several months, it has become obvious that
both the local National Alliance unit and various other
neo-Nazis have been attempting to create a strong base
in Elmwood Park - from shows, to monthly meetings and
regional gatherings - events have been regularly
scheduled for this small north Jersey town. ARA decided
to take advantage of the confusion and anger surrounding
the cancellation of their show, and make the local
neo-Nazi organizing known to the entire community.

Members of NJ ARA spent the better part of the
afternoon and evening going door to door, speaking with
Elmwood Park residents and handing out flyers (see
below) notifying the community about the neo-Nazi
threat in their town. The flyers spoke about a local
meeting hall where the New Jersey National Alliance
meets on an almost monthly basis, and explained exactly
who the NA is, and why they are such a threat. The flyers
also notified the community that a local VFW hall had
been allowing various white supremacist groups to
organize shows there. It pointed out that a show had just
been scheduled for the hall, and was only cancelled due
to pressure from ARA members and other anti-fascists in
the tri-state area. In addition, the flyer outlined how that
venue allowed a show back in August, where 250 assorted
boneheads and nazis attended. Community response was
all very positive - most people were glad to be receiving
the information, thanking ARA members for taking the
time to be out in the neighborhood, educating the
community. Emotions ranged from shock, confusion, and
anger about how this could be going on in their town
without their knowledge. Some people were very
interested in actually doing something to stop the white
supremacist organizing in their town, and promised to
come out to any local events NJ ARA might be having to
try and put a stop to the local neo-Nazi organizing going
on in Elmwood Park.

While finishing up the flyering for the day, ARA
members noticed that the parking lot at the JOUAM
Hall, the meeting hall the National Alliance owns and
uses for its monthly meetings, was starting to fill up.
After driving by the hall and being able to see a podium
with the NA life ruin symbol in the center of the room, it
was confirmed - the National Alliance was having a
meeting that night. NJ ARA members wanted to do
something about the meeting, especially after such a
successful day talking with community members. It was
decided that a small protest would be held in front of the
hall, to alert drivers and neighbors to what was going on,
and further outing the organizing the NA has tried to
keep quiet in Elmwood Park. Several signs were made -
"Honk if You Hate Nazis," "Nazi Meeting Here," and
"Keep NJ Hate Free" - and then about a dozen
anti-fascists took up spots on the two corners around the

Immediately, two people from the hall came over to talk
to the ARA members present. They started by saying
that this was not a National Alliance meeting, just a
"union" meeting. However, one of the men who had come
to talk was wearing a life ruin pin, and then the other
man started asking what the problem would be if it was
an NA meeting, trying to convince ARA members that
everyone was on the same side - anti-war,
pro-Palestinian, and anti-government. Some ARA
members choose to argue with him for a while, while
others ignored him and just attempted to draw attention
to the fact that a neo-Nazi event was about to take place.

Several other anti-fascists were standing on the same
side of the street as the hall, and NA members tried to
kick them of "their" property. ARA members told him
the sidewalk was public property, and when he
threatened to call the police, they stood their ground.
When the police arrived, it was obvious that they were
informing the NA leadership that nothing could be done,
that ARA was allowed to protest. The NA members were
extremely upset at this turn of events, with many trying
to take our pictures, and all of them standing outside the
hall, obviously pissed off.

The police responsed to our impromptu emonstration
with a show of force - 8 police cars, marked and umarked,
2 plainclothes detectives, and a lieutenant. At the same
time, the police acknowledged that they were suprised
that the NA was having a meeting (they claimed the NA
leadership failed to alert them), and even more surprised
that ARA was there having a demonstration, admitting
that they did not "have the manpower for this." However,
we were informed that as long as there was no violence,
we would be allowed to stay.

ARA stayed outside the meeting hall for almost 2 hours,
getting lots of honks and cheers from passing cars. The
demonstration also seemed to have an effect on meeting
attendance - their were probably only 25 or 30 or so cars
in the parking lot, down from the usual 50 or 60 at past
meetings. The only real incident, other than NA
members arriving at the meeting and yelling, was a
pick-up truck driver who seig-heiled several times and
yelled "Aryan Brotherhood" as he drove by.

In an interesting turn of events, local anti-racists notified
NJ ARA that on Sunday morning, many of the cars that
were in the parking lot the night before were still there.
It was obvious that the National Alliance was very
nervous about their hall, and choose to have their
members sleep there to protect it. The cars were
reportedly gone by early afternoon.

All in all, this was deemed a successful day, and
definitely put some very big dents in the National
Alliance's ability to organize quietly in Elmwood Park,
NJ. More flyering about local white supremacist
organizing and demonstrations outside NA meetings are
planned for the future. The hope is that more pressure
will be exerted, and the nazis won't feel safe to continue

ARA Flyer Distributed to the Elmwood Park


Over the past year, it has become obvious that neo-Nazi
groups are attempting to establish a strong base in
Elmwood Park. From shows to meetings, they are
continually organizing events in this area.

Just last week, a neo-Nazi concert was scheduled to take
place at the Elmwood Park VFW Hall at 6 Veteran
Place. After pressure from an Anti-Racist
Action-intiated phone jam against the hall, the show was
cancelled. Organizers attempted to move the show to
another location in Passaic, but police shut it down,
confiscating literature and merchandise while handing
out summonses.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the Elmwood
Park VFW Hall has hosted a neo-Nazi concert. Last
August, 250 assorted neo-Nazis filled the hall, listening
to and performing their hate-filled music. It is these
types of bands that recruit members for white
supremacist hate groups like the National Alliance who
run a campaign of terror against Jews, blacks, Asians,
South Asians, immigrants, queers and anyone else who
does not fit what they consider to be an "Aryan" ideal.

We must send the hall a very strong message that they
cannot support such causes. Feel free to give the hall a
ring, ask them about the nazi shows, and express your
opinion - 201-796-9717.

In addition to shows, the National Alliance has been
holding monthly meetings and regional gatherings in
Elmwood Park. The National Alliance is the largest and
fastest growing white supremacist organization in the US,
and it has been placed on the FBI's Domestic Terrorist
list. Locally, the New Jersey National Alliance meets in
the JOUAM Hall on the corner of Locust Street and
River Drive (it is at the southeast corner of the
intersection of Route 80 and River Dr). Upwards of 75
sophisticated suit and tie-type nazi organizers meet in
that residential neighborhood on a regular basis.

It definitely seems like the neo-Nazis are attempting to
call Elmwood Park home, and it is up to all of us who
believe in freedom to say enough is enough! Let's stand
up to the nazi trash and show them that they are not
welcome in our town!

For more information about racist organizing in your area
and how to stop it, or to find out about upcoming
anti-racist events, please contact New Jersey Anti-Racist
Action: newjerseyara@ziplip.com.

[* Editor note: ARA is a North American network of
groups of anti authoritarian and anarchist activists]

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