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(en) Turky, Anti War Communique by Anarchists from Istanbul (tr)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 3 Apr 2003 18:42:22 +0200 (CEST)

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>From "devrim" <devrim@savaskarsitlari.org>
The following communique was distributed at a community
bazaar in Istanbul (signed "Istanbul Anarchists"). It is reported
that 90-95% of this country's people is against war. However
every political section has different reasons to oppose war and
most important they are only against some wars. For this
reason in addition to attending joint actions with slogans and
styles displaying our own opposition, we felt the need to
communicate our words directly. We took into account that
flyers or flat papers are not read we rolled each paper and tied
them and distributed them in that way. Some persons with
curiosity opened the communique on the spot while others put
them in their bags to be read at home. We hope it has been
worth our efforts.


All women and men who have received this communique!
While you are reading these lines hundreds of women, children
and men are dieing by mutilation. The war that the televisions
only show "bloodless" pictures and make us spectate from afar
is such a thing. Think of just one person being mutilated before
your eyes, right now in Iraq and Afghanistan people are being
destroyed en masse by tons of metal raining from the skies.

One US officer has officially declared that they are using
uranium. This means: The irradiated bullet does not only kill
or wound the body it enters, the person is transformed into a
radioactive source and kills his surrounding. Who can want this
kind of mind boggling atrocity? Weapons dealers, women
dealers (Those that have gained experience during the war in
the South East are at the moment establishing whore houses
for US soldiers settled in Silopi), those that hold money money
and money as their faith and religion, the masters of the world!
All wars are fo killing people, all armies are professional killers.

What has been pushed down our throats for years as debt to our country
is that we must sacrifice ourselves and our children for a
handful of capitalists. LIE! What is called country in this world
is nothing else than exploitation within borders drawn by
states. Those on top have shamelessly told us about how much
money they would receive from the USA for these murders,
that if this money arrives our welfare would improve and they
approved the motion. Will we become content by the
electricity, water and gas bills that will be paid by the blood of
Iraqi women, children and men? NEVER THE LESS THIS IS A
LIE AS WELL! That money will always go to the pockets of the
army, state and bosses.

It will return to us only as police
batons, bullets and insults. What does the Economy that they
so frequently talk about mean to us other than price hikes?
When has the "vitalizing of the market" that they so frequently
talk about ever created a vitalizing in our households? WOMEN! WARS
ALWAYS HIT US THE MOST! We are impoverished the most,
we are raped, we are forcefully dragged into prostitution at
war... Let us not send men and our children to war! "The one
that goes does not come back" but the one that does come back
is either made a murderer or is disabled or dead! The state
takes them from us for "country" but its only concern is its
deposit. MEN! Let us withhold ourselves, our children, our
brothers and sisters, the women! Let us not go to war, to
campaign! There are those that choose this path in this
country. Their numbers are 32 as far as we know.

We call them CONCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS, they openly refuse the
education of killing and dieing called "duty of soldiership" in
front of the press and public and they announced that they
would not take part in any military project. Therefore
humanity is not dead! Therefore another life is possible! With
solidarity we can shake the violence of evil! We curse all wars!

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