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(en) Mexico: Attack on the CIPO (ca)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2002 08:13:11 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

> From:  "Consejo Indígena" <ciporfm@yahoo.com.mx>  
For defending our patrimony they want to kill us!
To all international human rights organizations.
To all social and non-governmental organizations.
To all collectives, libertarian or not.
To all national and international media organizations.

Death threats, beatings and murder attempts against three
comrades of the Organizing Committee of the Consejo Indígena
Popular de Oaxaca "Ricardo Flores Magón", Gonzalo Santiago
García, César Chávez, Antonio Villanueva and Carmen Pérez
Chávez, on the part of assassins in the pay of the mayor of
Santa Lucía del Camino, Oaxaca. The names of the aggressors, one
of whom was once convicted of murder, are Mario Soto (alias
"Chichón"), Juan Carlos Díaz Sumano and Arturo Jiménez. 


For some weeks now, since the start of the conflict that has
developed in Santa Lucia del Camino where the mayor has exceeded
his powers by imposing a new tax regulation and law (approved by
all the political parties), members of the Consejo Indígena
Popular de Oaxaca and our comrade Gonzalo Santiago García in
particular, have been carrying out information activities in
several areas, advising and supporting the poorer member of the

On 21st September 2002 we were working in the centre of Santa
Lucia, from 12 o'clock on. At every moment we were followed by
the Municipal Police in the service of the mayor, Nicolás
Olivera Martínez. Then, at one point, according to them, they
saw gestures of ridicule and signals being made. We continued at
all times with our activities and public assembly, not falling
into the trap of their provocation. 

That same day in the Town Hall the mayor had previously summoned
his closest friends and relatives to a meeting. We found out and
along with neighboring non-conformers, at 6pm we decided to go
along, in a pacific way, to observe as citizens of the
municipality of Santa Lucia, something which we had already
agreed with the neighbors at a previous meeting. 

The meeting in the town hall was full of irregularities, some of
the officials even being in an evident state of drunkenness. We
were prevented from speaking at all times and our comrades
Gonzalo Santiago García and Miguel Cruz Moreno were warned to
shut up, that "neither of you CIPO assholes belong here, we know
who you are, so go and fuck your whore of a mother" (in the
words of one of the assassins whose name we do not know). We did
not fall into the trap of this provocation and went on to try to
say that the authorities must not lie to the people and that we
demanded an open assembly where all the citizens could
participate and not an illegitimate family meeting. 

On Sunday 22nd, while we were coming back from a meeting with
women of the town centre at approximately 7.30pm, near the
basketball court we came across a group of people, known to us
as Mario Soto (alias "Chichón"), Juan Carlos Díaz Sumano and
Arturo Jiménez, known killers in the pay of the mayor, Nicholas
Olivera. The two of us were César Chávez and Antonio Villanueva.

They began to attack us and threatened to kill us (1). We
continued walking calmly along Avenida del Trabajo, to Emilio
Carranza 210, a CIPO-RFM house. The aggressors confronted mainly
our comrade Gonzalo Santiago - Mario Soto "the Chichón", with a
knuckleduster in one hand and a knife in the other, struck first
with a blow to the face with the knuckleduster. Our comrade ran
to avoid the attack, followed by the three provokers. On Emilio
Carranza street, Mario Soto "the Chichón" went at comrade
Gonzalo Santiago to stab him, but without success. 

As for Juan Carlos Díaz Sumano and Arturo Jiménez, they faced
César Chávez with a blade. Luckily, the intervention of a dozen
or so neighbors who came to help prevented the murder attempt. A
female comrade of the CIPO-RFM, who interposed herself between
the attackers and Gonzalo Santiago García, received death
threats. "You fuck off too, old kitchen maid asshole, or you'll
get the same as him". 

Later we went to the MP of the Red Cross Lic Ricardo Dorante
Jiménez, who when he realised we were members of CIPO-RFM, tried
to deliberately insert errors in our declarations. We simply
thanked him for his services. However, he refused to give us the
medical reports which corroborated the injuries to the face of
Gonzalo Santiago García. The Red Cross medical report is
numbered 88221. 

By reason of the above:

1. - We denounce Mayor Nicolás Olivera Martínez as being behind
the criminal murder attempt, injuries and so on. We also
denounce Mario Soto "the Chichón", Juan Carlos Díaz Sumano and
Arturo Jiménez as actual perpetrators of these crimes. We accuse
the MP of the Red Cross, Lic Ricardo Dorantes Jiménez, of not
accepting our statements, with his part in any crimes that may
occur as a result of his actions. 

2. - We ask the CEDH for PROTECTION MEASURES for our comreades
Gonzalo Santiago García, César Chávez, Carmén Pérez Chávez,
Reyna Pérez Hernández, Antonio Villanueva, Leonardo López
Saravia, Miguel Cruz Moreno, Miguel Rios and David Pacheco
Vásquez, in the face of death threats resulting from a situation
where the interests of the powerful and of mayor Nicolás Olivera
meet. We seek the same also for each of the brothers and sisters
who are presidents of our colonies and participators in the
citizens' movement in defence of our patrimony. 

3. - We seek punishment for those responsible for the facts,
both intellectually and materially. We will also hold Nicolás
Olivera Martínez responsible for any future attacka against any
comrade of the CIPO-RFM and the movement of the colonies. 

For the Free Association of the People

Members of the Organizing Committee of the Consejo Indígena
Popular de Oaxaca "Ricardo Flores Magón":

Gonzalo Santiago García         César Chávez           

Reyna Pérez Hernández          Celia Martínez Altamirano

Leonardo López Sarabia


(1) "Ahora si hijos de su puta madre respondan porque van a
quien es su presidente municipal, ya están muertos, perros"

[trans. NMcN/ainfos]

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