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From Eric Laursen <laursene@earthlink.net>
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2002 08:05:38 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Any time now, George W. Bush plans to launch a massive
assault on the shattered and suffering people of Iraq. We are
told constantly that Iraq's military dictator, Saddam
Hussein, possesses "weapons of mass destruction" and is a
menace to his neighbors. Bush offers no proof, and the
known facts contradict his statements. He is using the
tragedy of 9/11 in an obscene attempt to cloak his war of
aggression as a preventive response to terrorism.

This is not our war! And we recognize that unless we use
every available means to resist and prevent it, as Americans
we too are responsible for the next wave of death,
destruction, and disaster in the Middle East.

No Blood For Oil is a coalition of activists who reject Bush's
power grab. We pledge to resist and fight back against this
blatant bid for global domination, being launched in our
name, that contradicts every principle of human rights and
self-determination. We call on all Americans to do
everything in their power to stop this aggression that
threatens a broken people with more suffering and diverts
attention from the true needs of this country's workers and
oppressed communities.

* We call on soldiers to refuse to serve.
* We call on workers to refuse to produce the materials of
* We call on taxpayers to refuse to pay the blood money
needed to fund this war.
* We call on lawmakers in Washington to refuse Bush the
funds to wage his war of conquest.
* We call on all Americans to join with us in launching a
powerful, creative, and beautiful resistance that will derail
this war and reassert democratic control of our society.

This is a war not just against Iraq but against the American
people! Bush economic advisor Larry Lindsey says a war
against Iraq will cost "only" $100 billion to $200 billion.
Well within our means, he tells us. Yet America is in a
recession, homelessness is growing, and our politicians treat
education, social services, and health care as a convenient
source of budget cuts. To make war for the benefit of a
narrow clique of oil barons and arms merchants, when so
many are in need, is criminal.

Meanwhile, the US is cynically telling China, Russia, and
the European Union that if they do not go along with
America's war, they will lose out on the "oil bonanza" to
follow the conquest of Iraq. Yet Bush continues to tell us
this is not a war for oil!

We resist Bush's war not just to prevent a murderous, 21st
Century Vietnam, but to reclaim control of our
communities, our lives, and our future. To do so, we believe
will require more than just "protest as usual" - it will require
direct action and mass refusal to participate. Join us as we
say, This shall not stand!

Please join us for an organizing meeting Sunday, October 6
at 7 p.m., at Good Shepherd Faith Church, 152 West 66th
Street between Broadway and West End Avenue in

No Blood For Oil!
In an effort to avoid spending the majority of our time
focusing on process instead of action, those of us convening
this first meeting are proposing that we try the following
structure and address concerns with the structure at the end
of the first meeting.  The structure we propose attempts to
achieve the greatest degree of democracy.  We have chosen
not to adopt a full consensus model. We believe that
consensus requires a high level of commitment to the
coalition and we anticipate our meeting being open to all;
and we anticipate that our effectiveness will require that our
actions be timely.
We propose the following meeting structure:

   Our meetings will be open to all who share our
   commitment to our principles and are respectful of
   both our meeting process and the other individuals in
   the coalition.
   Our facilitators will prioritize the voices of those
   traditionally marginalized by society, and particularly
   those most affected by the threat of war in Iraq.
   When a proposal is on the floor, after all those who
   wish to address an issue have done so, we will test for
   consensus. If we are not able to achieve consensus, we
   will make space for any additional concerns that have
   not already been raised and then proceed to a 2/3rds
   majority vote.
   Our working groups will be accountable to the
   coalition as a whole.  They may only use the name of
   the coalition with the coalition's approval.  They will
   only bring proposals to the coalition that have been
   democratically accepted by the working group as a
   We will pass a hat at each meeting; the use of this
   money will be democratically determined by the
   We will select the facilitators for the following week's
   meeting at the end of each meeting.

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