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(en) Australia, No Border WTO action - Sydney

From "anarcho sando" <anarcho_sando@hotmail.com>
Date Sun, 22 Sep 2002 05:07:29 -0400 (EDT)

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Freedom to move: Freedom to Stay: move against racism

The World Trade Organisation is a great producer of 'economic
migration', enabling corporations to travel the world, in search of
the best conditions for profits - lower wages, reduced environmental
standards and the denial of human rights.

Yet people who flee poverty, war and the enclosure of communal lands
throughout the world are made illegal - locked in camps and deprived
of their freedom to move.

We are gathering to express our resistance to an economic system that
creates unwilling migrants forced to leave everything behind in the
hope of a new life.

  In Afghanistan more people are dying today through poverty or US
bombs than died at the hands of the Taliban.
  In Pakistan and Iran millions live permanently in desperate
conditions in refugee camps.
 Throughout the world Nike pays as little as $2 a day.
 Over ten million people have been displaced by World Bank funded
dam projects.

In the face of injustices like these, people worldwide have expressed
their determination to build a future that values people over profits
and to create meaningful futures for themselves and their communities
beyond bare existence and a desire for dignity. The global movement
of people reasserts this autonomy and challenges the control of
capital and the nation state. However governments and the WTO have
continued to promote a system that privileges the movement of capital
over the sustainability of communities and the environment.

"Border protection" forces people to stay and work for whatever
capital is offering. The construction of the "nation" as under
assault from "illegals" intensifies the racism against all migrants.
The removal of their rights to work, social security, and education,
is the concrete manifestation of the ordering of the "white nation".

The "mini-ministerial" of WTO trade ministers to be held in Sydney in
November will be a further means of promoting the corporate agenda.
We will not stand by while the racism and xenophobia unleashed by
governments divides communities and weakens our resistance to
policies like those promoted by the WTO.

We call on everyone to participate in a carnival of resistance in the
lead up to the Ministerial. On Wednesday evening, before we converge
on the WTO Ministerial, help us to express our creative resistance to
capital's globalisation, and our desires for a world where everyone
is free to move and free to stay. Bring drums, streamers,
instruments, yourselves and your friends to reclaim the streets of
Sydney in a manifestation of our own visions of globalisation. This
action will be one of many on Wednesday night. We encourage others to
issue calls to action and participate in their own way.

Freedom to move : Freedom to stay : move against racism
5 pm Sydney Town Hall
Wednesday November 13 2002

no one is illegal

sydney contacts :   no_borders@graffiti.net


        no one is illegal is a Melbourne based
        collective acting to question borders in all
        their forms. 

        We are part of a loose network of groups
        around the world using the kein ist mensch
        illegal/no one is illegal idea which began in
        1997 at Documenta X.

        We want to find answers to questions like:
        why are there borders? Do we need nations?
        Is a global community possible? How can we
        remove the barriers between us?

        Capital derives its profit and power from the
        theft and plundering of the land and the
        exploitation of labour. Once this was
        organised by the colonial powers of Europe,
        now they are joined by the International
        Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and
        Washington with their structural adjustment
        programs and free trade treaties. This means
        massive impoverishment of the global South,
        displacing millions of people from their
        homes and making the survival of billions
        harder and harder. Some countries are
        economically devastated, in others there is
        war and genocide. As the world is
        homogenised, the laws we live by are
        increasingly the values of the market place.
        And while there are few borders for trade and
        the movement of capital, restrictions on the
        movement of people are being tightened. 

        Our present focus is on the treatment of
        people who arrive in Australia without papers.
        (See Xborder for lots of information on this.)

        We are inspired by actions throughout the
        world, both inside and outside the camps, and
        see ourselves as part of a global struggle
        against capitalist neo-liberalism and all its
        borders. We oppose a world where money and
        corporations are free to travel, but people are
        not. We believe people fleeing poverty and
        ecological degradation have as much right to
        move as those escaping dictatorship and
        persecution. We wish to join forces with
        others to end mandatory detention and to start
        creating the future now.

        Often we use the slogans: open the borders :
        full rights for all migrants : close the
        camps as a shorthand for some of the
        changes in the world we hope to see. 

        We experiment with different methods and
        ways of bringing about change in society: civil
        disobedience, direct action, writing, speaking,
        and artistic interventions. 

        We come to consensus on our actions at
        weekly meetings Mondays : 6pm @ The
        Hub, RMIT, 360 Swanston St, Melbourne

        email nooneisillegal@netscape.net 
        telephone: 0418 140 387

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