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(sup) (en) evil: austria 0802

From Rosa Antifa Wien <raw@raw.at>
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2002 16:46:36 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Welcome to a new edition of evil:austria!
This edition will be shorter - after all, it's holiday time also as 
far as politics are concerned, and the holidays have only been 
interrupted by floods. Nevertheless, there's some gems here again.

And now a short explanation (for the newcomers) of what this 
newsletter should be and why we write it:

evil:austria is our monthly newsletter providing information about 
the situation in Austria (and regarding the consequences of FPOe/OeVP 
government). We decided to produce this newsletter since we realised 
that knowledge regarding the actual situation in Austria is not very 
widespread abroad. The government, after discussions about 
EU-"sanctions" against Austria were dropped, succeeded in removing 
the daily insanity from the attention of the international public. 
Meanwhile "sanctions" have been lifted, which almost all political 
groups here celebrated as a victory, and the "interest" taken in the 
development in Austria has decreased even more. The "normalisation" 
of the right-wing/right-extreme government continues, and therefore 
information about the aggravation of the situation in Austria is even 
more important. It is therefore highly desired that you spread this 
newsletter as widely as possible, so that as many people as possible 
get to know about the situation in Austria. So please spread, spread, 
spread this. Of course you may also use this material (also in 
excerpts) for magazines and papers, but we would be glad if you sent 
us a short mail in this case.

Any criticism and comments please send to (if possible, please write 
in German or English):


Have fun!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ;begin contents >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

[1] Nazis, arrested
[2] Writing for Nazis
[3] Stories from Southern Tyrol
[4] Police brutality
[5] police brutality - flip side
[6] Death in arrest awaiting detention
[7] The 'evil' consequences of lust
[8] Christian ideologies

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ;end contents >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

[1] Nazis, arrested

At the beginning of August, the Neo-Nazi group SS-Kampfgemeinschaft 
Prince  Eugene was raided by police. Three persons were arrested; 
they were just  busy carrying off arms and ammo from a depot. During 
the following raids  of private quarters, police found more than 50 
guns - among them several  machine guns -, explosives, and large 
stocks of Nazi propaganda material.  The three persons arrested made 
public appearances for "Doeblinger  Initiative for Car Owners' 
Rights" (DIAR) which operated as a cover-up  organisation.

Police and legal system are presenting the late Georg Grasser as the 
group's central figure. Grasser died in June 2002. During the 70ies, 
he  was active in Neo-Nazi "Action New Right" (ANR - Aktion Neue 
Rechte) and  by the mid-80ies appeared in a leading function in a 
fraternity called  "European Fraternity Company at Table Vienna" 
which was considered too  extreme even in the extreme right scene. 
Another person who held leading  functions there at the same time was 
Wolfgang Haberler who meanwhile has  advanced to the position of Vice 
Chairperson of FPOe in Lower Austria.

Further evidence leads to another - former - functionary of FPOe: 
former  county representative and holocaust denier Wolfgang 
Froehlich, who is more  or less thoroughly looked for by authorities 
with a warrant (cf. evil:austria 0702).

(source: http://www.doew.at / http://derstandard.at)

[2] Writing for Nazis

Once again it becomes evident that FPOe functionaries cannot as much 
as be  bothered to cover up their relations to overt rightwing 
extremists and Neo- Nazism: On August 2, German "National-Zeitung" 
[National Paper] of German  Nazi Gerhard Frey published a text by 
Bernhard Blochberger, FPOe  chairperson in a Vienna constituary, in 
which he comments the so-called  Causa Stadler and the question 
whether Austria had been liberated in 1945  (cf. evil:austria 0702). 
Blochberger e.g. says that politicians who show  gratefulness towards 
the Red Army were "deriding our people".

Blochberger by no means is a newcomer: During the 80ies, he was 
active in  Neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NDP); after NDP was 
banned, he showed  up as a candidate on the list "Ein Herz fuer 
Inlaender" which was a cover- up. Apparently, these are the 
appropriate prerequisites to gain a top  position within FPOe....

(source: http://www.doew.at)

[3] Stories from Southern Tyrol

Neo-Nazi Stefan Topitz, from the town of Linz, has suffered severe 
injuries during the attempt to built a bomb, six fingers have in part 
been  ripped off. Topitz tries to depict himself as a-political in 
public;  however, extensive amounts of Nazi propaganda materials 
found in his  appartment and also his previous activities point to 
the contrary: he had  contacts to NSDAP/AO and to US Neo-Nazi group 
National Alliance (NA) whose  late leader William Pierce wrote the 
"Turner Diaries", the most important  book on terror for the extreme 
right scene which is supposed to have  provided basic hints for the 
attack in Oklahoma.

The incident receives a special importance since it happened in 
Topitz's  appartment in the town of Lana near Meran/Southern Tyrol in 
Italy - i.e.  in a region in which Austrian Neo-Nazis have already 
before, especially  during the 60ies, committed assaults with some 
approval by the Austrian  state.  Austrian authorities reacted in a 
very caring way and brought  Topitz into a hospital in the town of 
Innsbruck, taking him out of reach  for Italian authorities. In his 
car, more explosives and a map with police  stations marked were 

(source: http://www.doew.at)

[4] Police brutality

At the beginning of August, two legal suits against Austrian police 
officers were finished: first, those three officers in whose 
'custody'  Marcus Omofuma 'suffocated' during his deportation (cf: 
evil:austria 0402)  got nine months on probation each for 
"manslaughter under dangerous  circumstances". All three officers 
will of course  not be dismissed.

In the second case, the officer who shot Imre B. "unitentionally" 
while on  duty (cf evil:austria 0602) has been acquitted (he was also 
accused of  manslaughter).

(sources: http://no-racism.net / http://derstandard.at)

[5] police brutality - flip side

Persons who dare to protest against police brutality and random 
attacks by  police on the other hand will face more serious 
consequences. One  protester who - with approx. 100 others - 
participated in a spontaneous  demo after Imre B. was killed, first 
got rounded up by police and was  beaten severely (cf evil:austria 
0600). Now he got sentenced to nine  months in prison, six of them on 
probation with serving a term of three  months. He was accused of 
having "persistently and with special brutality  followed" a police 
officer with a "weapon" to "cause him to fall down". In  fact, the 
person was 'armed' with a bike. The legal process was one-sided.  The 
judge hardly took the effort to even pretend he was trying to find 
out  the truth. Apart from racist rhetoric from the judge, he also 
did not pay  any attention to contradictions between the evidence 
given by police  officers, nor could he be bothered to look for 
persons who could give  different evidence.

It is also interesting to see which detail, according to the judge, 
was  the top evidence against the protester: "The allegedly 
non-violent  protesters carried sheets of paper with the telephone 
numbers of Green MPs  which shows that they were indeed prepared for 
violent clashes with the  police and intended to ward off possible 
consequences through intervention  by these MPs" (as the judge 
contended). No further comment necessary...

(source: http://www.falter.at)

[6] Death in arrest awaiting detention

In the morning of August 3, 2002, police officers discovered a 
detainee  dead in his cell in the town of Bludenz. According to first 
new reports,  nothing gave reason to suspect suicide or a severe 
disease. Since then, no  further news reports were available, 
although the post mortem should have  taken place meanwhile.

The detainee had been transported back to Austria from Switzerland 
and had  stayed in custody in Bludenz for three months until August 
3. Apparently,  authorities in both countries did not manage to find 
out his country of  origin. Commenting upon the person's death a 
police officer remarked: "He  did not make things easy for us".

(sources: http://no-racism.net / http://derstandard.at)

[7] The 'evil' consequences of lust

A surprisingly liberal booklet with info on the facts of life 
published by  the Social Ministry raised some commotion. Especially 
churches and  conservatives were outraged about the booklet titled 
"Love, Sex, and so  on". The harshest critic seems to be Salzburg 
bishop Andreas Laun who is  the godfather of militant pro-lifers. In 
an article, he saw reason to  quote the Bible in the following way: 
"Those who lead astray the little  ones believing in me would be 
better off if thrown into the sea with a  stone tied to his neck". 
This was followed by a few inavoidable paragraphs  regarding the 
terrible consequences of "lust". Laun even managed to blame  those 
for the decreasing birth rates in Europe. This could be a cause for 
amusement, however, the bishop has some followers: The Ministry of 
Education, dominated by conservative OeVP, meanwhile distanced 
themselves  from the booklet, saying it "will not be recommended". 
Among the things  criticized is the fact that the booklet lists up 
"too high" a number of  advice centres for homosexuals.

(source: http://derstandard.at)

[8] Christian ideologies

Kurt Krenn, bishop in the town of St. Poelten, once again allowed 
insights  into his ideology: he felt compelled to announce that Islam 
was "an  aggressive religion" and said "It makes no sense to say nice 
words to a  Muslim in this respect. I believe we have to engage in a 
hard argument  with him".

Krenn also informs us about his racist views of migration: "We have 
previously twice been beleaguered by the Turks - the third siege is 
taking  place now" - and presently "it is taking place in a different 

(source: http://derstandard.at)

See you again next month,
Rosa Antifa Wien (RAW)



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