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(en) Against the FTAA: General Strike on October 31st! (fr)

From Mick <mickblack47@yahoo.com>
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2002 03:23:06 -0500 (EST)

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Against the FTAA: 
General Strike on October 31st!

To the appeal of Latin American organizations, hundreds of thousands of
students will strike on October 31st to denounce the FTAA (Free trade Area
of the Americas). Everywhere throughout the Americas, workers will join
the movement. Eighteen months after the last Summit of Americas gathering
all of the hemisphere's presidents, prime ministers and bosses, the
movement against the free trade agreement continues in full force. This
day of a continental strikes, shows us that the struggle is entering a new
stage, that of the local, regional and international coordination of the
proletariat against a common enemy: technocrats and the bourgeosie.

Why such a mobilization? Simply because the FTAA attacks our rights and
liberties by subjecting every aspect of our lives to the so-called "laws
of the market". In other words, the FTAA curtails our existence even more
by granting Capital immense powers, allowing it to pursue the exploitation
of our work, the destruction of the planet and the overall domination of
the peoples of the North and the South. Because of the global character of
this Free Trade Area of the Americas, the struggle against it must be as
global, one that has to go well beyond all borders. Our opposition to the
FTAA is not based on any nationalist or protectionist sentiment. On the
contrary, the Americas has only to gain in the fight, if we fight side by
side to put an end to the exploitation and domination under all their

Today, it is especially students who mobilize. The free trade agreement
affects their every day lives: gradual or total privatization of post-
secondary education, drastic budget cuts for more than 15 years now,
growing disparities between those who have the means to pay and those who
get into debt to be able to study. Tomorrow, we shall join them in the
fight against the political and economic powers. The working class (wage
earners, the unemployed, those on welfare, and those who live on informal
labor) has no political power in this system. It neither possesses
companies, nor controls the mechanisms of the State. The working class has
however an advantage on the capitalists and the technocrats: the strength
in numbers gives it the means to reach its purposes. 

In order to counter the FTAA, the workers are faced with limited options.
We can continue to rely on politicians, who at every election promise to
uphold our interests. We know however, to expect nothing from these
leeches. As workers, all that we have obtained we have gained by
struggling. If we were to force the multinationals to loose millions of
dollars and by paralyzing the public administration, we shall manage to
defeat the projects of the capitalists and their cohorts in power. In
order for us to do so, we possess a fatal weapon against the capitalist
system: the General Strike. Far from being one of the many weapons of the
working class, the General Strike is our main tool to fight the
powers-that-be. Behind every wage earner hides a cog of the operating
system. If each of us put their own grain of sand in the gears, imagine
the possibilities! The general strike has been successfully used all over
the world to obtain very concrete gains. Ask the students and wage earners
of France in 1995; or in Korea, 1997; or Argentina, 2001. To win, the
general strike must be our unifying strategy! 

The FTAA, as all other free trade agreements, represents only a stage in
the development of capitalism. To be successful, we have to attack the
system responsible for such projects of destruction. We think that the
resistance against globalization has to be a fight against the foundations
of capitalism, among which we find the sacred "right to property" of the
means of production and distribution. When we strike against the FTAA, we
must also take control over our own work, over our own education, and over
our own daily lives. Self-management allows us to become aware of our
collective force when we take control of the means (infrastructures,
machines, common spaces of life, etc.) that are the fruits of our labor.
Today, these means allow the capitalists to take advantage over us, while
allowing the system of oppression to go on. In our hands, these means will
be the material bases of a new world, based on our desires and our needs.
To put an end to the dictatorship of financial markets, to eradicate
unemployment and poverty, to abolish racial and sexist discrimination, to
redistribute wealth: let us show our force of opposition! For
self-management, we call for the General Strike! 

Collectif anarchiste La Nuit 
(Northeastern Federation of Anarchist-Communists)
C.P. 55051, 138 St.-Valliers Ouest 
Quebec (QC), G1K 1J0, Canada

http://flag.blackened.net/nefac/  (English)
http://www3.simpatico.ca/emile.henry/nefac.htm (French)

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