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(en) Clanship To Theme Park -Organise! (AF Britain/Ireland)

From <klasbatalemo@yahoo.ie>
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 15:18:35 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

It's the rich what gets the pleasure, the poor what
gets the blame?

Scotland the Nation is a relatively recent idea, much
the same as all other nations.  The formation of this
entity has taken place without the will or consent of
the majority of people who live within the constructed

At the beginning of the 19th Century, the area known
as the Highlands & Islands were considered to contain
people who were a species apart from the industrious
citizens of Edinburgh, Glasgow and the agriculturally
productive areas of the Central Belt, the North East
and the lowlands.  The lairds, clan chiefs and
landlords of the peripheral areas had by this time
thrown in their lot with the politically and
economically powerful based in Glasgow, London and
Edinburgh thus breaking the symbolic links they held
with their tenants as part of the same clan.

In the days of their forebears, of Culloden and
Glencoe, they had been the foot-soldiers of plundering
chieftains who needed cash to adopt the sophisticated
and luxurious habits of the ruling class in more
?advanced? areas.  Industrialisation and agronomic
agricultural rationalisation meant that the people of
the Highlands and Islands became either surplus to
requirements or fodder for the armies, factories and
mines that made and protected the wealth of Empire.  

During the height of the Potato Famine (1846-55),
stirred by the romanticisation of the Highlands,
Prince Albert wanted to build a fairy tale castle in
this wild and mysterious land.  He managed to persuade
the government to pay for his folly and his holiday
home was built.  The cost of labour for the enterprise
was pleasingly low; with starvation and eviction
rampant throughout the area, people were willing to
work eight hours a day for a pound and a half of meal.
 Meanwhile the fantastically rich Duke and Duchess of
Sutherland were hosting a fundraising visit at
Dunrobin Castle for Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of
Uncle Tom?s Cabin.  Beecher Stowe?s visit was a coup
for the fashionable Duchess who led the upper class
craze in Britain for the emancipation of American
slaves.  Nobody mentioned the irony that the Duke was
currently evicting and starving thousands of his
tenants whose lives in many ways were just as
unbearable as the lives of plantation slaves in

The dismissal, abuse and exploitation of the people
who live in Scotland continues today.   We exist in a
theme park for the rich and famous - from Madonna to
Al Fayed.   Our recently bestowed parliament is just
as answerable to the UK Treasury, the Labour Party and
their business cronies as any other government
department, despite their smug glorying in giving the
elderly the basic minimum they ought to expect in any
?civilised? society.  The Nationalists up here would
still be as much a part of a corrupt and destructive
global system of capital.  Meanwhile the Socialists
have a prescriptive Bible interpreted through the Word
of Marx via demagogues and polit-pin-ups whose views
are stone writ LAW.

The political system in which all our ?democratic?
choices are placed is merely the servant and social
architect of Capitalism.  This economic fait accompli,
this Darwinian proof of profit, survival of the
fittest, puts the majority, the surplus population,
the poor, the hungry and the powerless on the road to
extinction.  That road is lined with media images and
dreams of wealth and satisfaction just out of reach so
we walk on without wondering where we?re headed. 
Unless Tommy Sheridan can turn Scotland into the Cuba
of the North, or until the Nats can persuade Europe to
give them a ?Setting up an Independent State? grant,
we?re headed along extinction alley.

We might alter the path, break through the images and
myths and join with our fellow workers, learners,
long-minded ones around the globe and begin to find
means of working, learning, thinking and sharing
together as free individuals with our own visions and
dreams to guide us and our own and shared experiences
and flexibilities to get us there.  

Think about it?  Where would you like to live: a
consumerist theme park where you serve an assigned
role?  Or a safe, peaceful, infinitely varied and
beautiful planet where you live as you choose, a
valued autonomous individual? 


>From the pages of Organise! #59, thrice yearly
magazine of the Anarchist Federation, now available in
PDF format at:



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