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(en) The International Directory of Collectives project

From collectivedirectory <collectivedirectory@ziplip.com>
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 23:23:58 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Dearest Anti-Authoritarians;
i apologize for the length of this e-mail, but please read on..
my warmest greetings to you! my name is nicole marie, 
and i currently reside in lawrence, kansas, as part of the 
the black cat anarchist collective. 
I'm currently working on a project that seeks to unite all 
known anti-authoritarian collectives by establishing a 
website specifically for the purpose of keeping a well 
organized and regularly updated directory of all non-heirarchal 
collectives --worldwide [this includes all collectively-organized 
groups whether they call themselves the "_________ collective" 
or not - as well as collectives/groups that are no longer active 
and would like to let people know that they're no longer active]. 
it will be an international directory of collectives (IDC). 
this fall, this email has already been sent out 
to approximately 400 collectives, co-ops, infoshops, and 
community centres from around the world, as well as projects 
and publications that are run by collectives and/or groups 
that can help me collect more contact information. 
[if you're one of those individuals/groups, please contact me!]

my reasons for doing this include the following:
* collectives often serve as 'centers' in their communities. 
they notify people around them of outside/upcoming events, 
promote internal activity by scheduling and holding events 
of their own, and generally keep in touch with
 outside groups to let them know what's happening in their 
area. collectives are also the people themselves! as a 
group, they can discuss, analyze, and responsibly decide 
what is best for their community.

* to have a complete, updated and organized listing of 
these centers [the collectives] would be priceless in times 
of networking and outreach. it would also be helpful to 
know where collectives are so, in our travels, we can 
find them and support them.

* the directory itself, as a website, can provide as a 
forum for communicating faster [in general], sharing 
project ideas, and developing personal and
 political bonds with neighboring communities.

* also, it would give those interested in collectivism 
a visual of what is currently active, which could hopefully 
serve as inspiration for more folks to begin collectivising 
with a positive vision of what is to come.

* there are projects like this already on the internet, but 
i've encountered that the most i and my comrades were been 
able to find often have outdated links and contact 
information, or are geographically centered towards one
 particular area.

i'd like to make a site that is updated once a month (at least), 
is evenly representing different geographical areas, and has 
the support and participation of the involved contacts..

some definitions of a collective
in order to lay some of the groundwork for this, it seems 
necessary to state some

[of the many (listed here are those i found most pertinant)] 
defining qualities of a collective:
1. a number of persons or things considered as one group or whole.
2. of, relating to, or being a group of individuals; involving 
all members of a group as distinct from its individuals
3. sharing and/or assuming responsibility by all members of the 
group (as in 'collective responsibility')

the only requirements set forth for participating in 
this directory are:
- that the collective is non-heirarchal and anti-authoritarian
- work in the collective is a collective responsibility that 
all members share
- the collective helps in keeping the IDC [the directory] 
up-to-date by emailing me with any new/changed collective 
information [mailing address, web address, name change, etc.]. 
A major focus of this project is communication.

; ideally, i'd want collectives to regularly stay in contact 
with me for the project to let me know how things are going 
with their gruop. 

with these things in mind, i'm asking for the permission 
of your collective to participate in the IDC. this would 
mean posting your group's [general]location, contact 
information, and some focus of the collective on the website 
that would therefore be visible for all to see. i suggest 
bringing all this up at your next collective meeting, 
discussing it as a group, etc.. when/if you reply [and there 
aren't any serious concerns], i'll send another
email in request for your collective's most updated 
information, [or you can check out the website yourself to 
see what groups are posting]. as people reply, the directory 
will soon take form.

*a word for security culture*
it's not necessary to be giving out any more of a 
collective's information than necessary. all that will be 
listed on the directory would be the basic
 information that the collective would normally advertise 
to its community.

Please reply to this e-mail as quickly as possible [if 
you're into it, otherwise, it ain't such a big rush, 
obviously!], and let me know of any concerns your group 
may have. i feel pretty strongly that this directory could 
be a really amazing resource, so i'd like to make sure 
that, if i'm taking the initiative to create it, i'll do 
it well and in a way that others would agree with.

many thanks for your time and interest,
love and solidarity,
nicole marie.

International Directory of Collectives

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