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(en) Turky, kArA ev (blAck house) opens the doors! (tr)

From "kapkara" <kapkara@softhome.net>
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 12:53:51 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

the idea of "kArA ev" has already existed in different forms in our heads as
a place for activities and communication, as a place to meet and to share
our ideas. recently concrete projects have been worked out and after we've
been financially and mentally ready, a place has been rented. as the
two-storey building was very old, there has been a long period of
modifications, which finally ended and kara ev it's opening this days. in
kArA ev there are spaces for activities such as performances, exhibitions
and meetings; music practice room, dark room for photography, library,
community space, office and spaces for future projects. rejecting all kinds
of power, domination, exploitation, despotism and discrimination and
standing against reproduction of them, created to give libertarian culture
space to exist, to live and to sprout; kArA ev is planned as a place where
knowledge, experience, possibilities and life are shared equally and freely.
its doors are open to everyone willing to associate with this project.

the inhabitants of kArA ev are an collective of the people which after long
discussions defined their aims and according to them they took up
responsibility to run the place voluntary.
kArA ev is open to every project and activity which agrees with the aims and
points of reference set out by the collective. every individual and group
which stands up for a free life can talk and act here freely. schedule of
activities is arranged at monthly meetings. residents of kArA ev cannot be
satisfied with earthly goods and heavenly bribe. they don't like owners and
masters and not any lord. they are neither pleased with the first hu/wo/man
who fenced around the earth s/he sow nor the modern wo/man who mined the
fields on which s/he lives. they want a world without borders and wars. they
curse the possesive suffix, they wipe off the verb "to dominate" from their

in this place neither money nor another commonly respected thing can reign
over. for kArA ev inhibitants moral degeneration is more significant than
the fall of values in the stock market or the inflation of dollar. they try
to make a beautiful life through solidarity and sharing instead of spending
the life with ambition for money. they have nothing in common with "homo
lupus". people which value life and friendship can stay here.

they have struggle for freedom in their thoughts and hearts. they know where
"power and slavery" is and where "rebellion and liberty". therefore it makes
no difference wherever they live. they say "No line of defence, but land of
defence and that land is all the universe." they are the carriers of
destructive and creative exctasy making the monarchs frightened for their
crowns and thrones.

all the laws and mechanisms to protect the powerful are based on the
possibility of resurrection of one person. you will see that "one" when you
visit kArA ev: YOU! the one who doesn't sleep when there is a hungry
neighbour, the one who doesn't pretend not to see others suffer, the one who
is aware of responsibility rather than obligation and who builds perception
of freedom upon that, who rejects laws and borders. kArA ev residents are
believing that justice is possible only then when every person refuse to
take all orders from above and follows his/her own desires. they believe
that to believe is the half of creation and they believe anarchy is
possible. and the other half: what is possible is anarchy.
intrigue, plot and despotism can not enter the kArA ev's doors. there is
nothing to be ashamed, to hide, to deny there. the things done are showned
and the things showned are done. that means direct action. somebody said "I
spoke and saved my soul", but we say "I spoke and i did."

like the other things, knowledge cannot be used as a mean of power in kArA
ev. knowledge is shared like loaves of bread. everyone puts out what they
have and everyone takes as much as they want. there is no one educating or
being educated. it's acted together and learned together. we done so far
together, we hope we go on with the new people joining us.

kArA ev kolektifi (collective of blAck house)

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