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(en) <alter-ee> [NoNATO] report from ex. yugoslavia

From Zaczek <hydrozag@poczta.onet.pl>
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 06:00:41 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Salud companeros - NATO gegners!

We would like to inform you about the situation in ex. yugoslavia - about
the preperation and mobilisation for prague kontra nato summit as well as
about local anti-nato campaigns. You can use this infos also at the
preperation meeting, as we probably wont be able to come in Prague for the
3rd meeting.


As we already informed you, Slovenia is going to be invited to join NATO at
Prague summit. Slovenia is the state in which the less support for joining
NATO is ( between the state-candidates). Last public researches shows us
this picture: 39% against joining, 38% for joining, 23% without decision.

Offcourse the leaders, government, political parties and elites are all pro
nato. They are criminalising contra nato movement and they use all means of
represion. They are ignoring public opinion and they dont give us space to
promote and present our arguments against nato and slovenian joining. They
act not as a democratic state, but more as a totalitarian. Offcourse this
all just benefits the anti nato campaign - as people see in what kind of
state we are living and what kind of rulers we have. Democracy?

We believe this public opinion is also a product of long lasting, wide and
colourfull anti nato campaign. In this campaign are involved all different
people and groups and it is working on all levels - intellectual, activist,
media, student, worker... The campaign is stronger and stronger and the
actions against joining NATO and against nato itself are taking place every
week. We are practising civil disobediance all the time and we are voicing
our resistance very strong. The biggest actions will take place at the time
of ACTION DAYS AGAINST NATO, which will take place in the beginning of
November (7. - 10.11. 2002). Lots of actions are planned and the mass demo
on 9th of November (all in Ljubljana).


In croatia anarchists are preparing anti-nato street party, which will take
place on 2nd of November in Zagreb. The action will be part of anti-nato
offensive, conected with mobilisation and preperation of contra-nato summit
in Prague. Croat anarchists are also working together with others from ex.
yugoslavia and the mobilisation for Prague is organised together.
On 26th of October in Zagreb anarcho-syndicalist tribune will take place.
This will be opportunity for gathering of all ex. yugoslav anarchists and to
discuss more about moblisation for Prague as well as about organising the
Anarchist Federation of ex. Yugoslavia (about which the discussion is going
on for some time now).


Mobilisation for Prague is also on the way, more or less anarchist and
anticapitalist activists are involved, between others also an Independent
Syndicate of Slovenia (workers revolutionary trade union). We are working on
mobilisation mostly in co-oporation with activists and anarchists of ex.
yugoslavia. There was some meetings about this in Zagreb and in Ljubljana,
as well as disccusions on mailing lists. Some more meetings will take place
at the begining of November.
We dont know how many people will join actions in Prague, but we know that
group of anarchists from ex. yugoslavia will come to Prague after the days
of actions in Ljubljana (11.-13.11.2002) to join preperation and
coordination of actions of contra summit and we believe that more people
will come to Prague a few days before the kontra summit starts.
Slovenian section is preparing an action in which we would like to say that
people of slovenia dont want to join NATO. This action should take place in
Prague in a week before the start of the summit. We would like to make this
action together with comrades from Slovakia as their state is at the same
position in joining process as ours. We would also need support of local
movement for this action - we will talk about this after the 11th of
November in Prague.
We also used our contacts in Austria and we encourge mobilisation also
there. Some delegates of austrian groups will join the 3rd preperation
meeting and we are working on establishing the border point in wien for time
of kontra summit.

N21 actions

We probably wont be able to organise and prepare some autonome action for
morning activities. As we dont know how many of us will come and we dont
have a lot of expiriances. Thats why we would like to join preperation and
realisation of some interesting anarchist actions together with you.

3rd international preperation meeting

Unfortunatly we are not able to send delegates from ex. yugoslavia to join
the 3rd meeting in Prague 26th of October. We have a big lack of funds and
the financial situation is not alloving us to come to Prague. We also have a
lot of work with local anti-nato campaigns, so it is not possible to join
the meeting. Also on 26th is a anarchist tribune in zagreb, which is very
important for anarchist movement of ex. yugoslavia. But dont forget - we are
100% with you, we are comrades in the same struggle and we will take action
together. Our resistance is as global as capitalism. We belive that the
meeting will be succesfull and we hope that you make the best of it. Please
give us infos afterwards about the meeting and report.
We will coordinate mobilisation, accomodation and actions also together with
austrian comrades...

See you in Praha!


anarchist greetings from the balkans...
T., AFA Lj

Dates prior to the summit

26.10.2002: 3rd international preperation meeting of Kontra NATO summit -
Prague, Czechia (info@antinato.cz)
2.11.2002: anti-nato street party - Zagreb, Croatia
7. - 10.11.2002: days of action against NATO- Ljubljana, Slovenija
17. - 22.11.2002: Kontra NATO summit - Prague, Czechia (info@antinato.cz)

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