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(en) Freedom 6319 5th Oct. 2002 - Counts defend the countryside

From FreedomCopy@aol.com
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 05:38:04 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

The Countryside Alliance claimed that 500,000 people turned up
for the so-called 'Land and Liberty' march on 22nd September. But
despite its name, there's only one reason the march took place.
Similarly, there's only one reason the Countryside Alliance exists at
all Ğ to defend foxhunting. The organisation's genesis can be found
in the struggle to criminalise hunting during the 1990s.

Critics have long seen organised foxhunting as barbaric, and
wondered why hunters are exempt from cruelty to wildlife
legislation. Recent hearings on hunting have once again proved that
it's cruel and morally bad, but still hunters aren't treated like
cockfighters or dogfighters. They're given a privileged opportunity
to save themselves. This is in the form of the 'tribunals', which (if
Alun Michael, minister for rural affairs, gets his way) would judge
hunting activity as a civil wrong and on a local basis.

It's only because the left and anarchists are so weak that the
Countryside Alliance would dare say the march was about Liberty
and Livelihood. They've never been interested in the jobs of other
working people. Throughout the Thatcher years, they watched the
urban working class get shafted while they collected subsidies
themselves. It's clear they're not concerned with the liberties of
everyone Ğ they oppose 'right to roam' legislation, for example.

The fact is that hunting continues to exist because a very small
number of people own the vast majority of land in Britain. They got
this by stealing it off our ancestors. 189,000 families own 40 million
acres, or 88% of Britain's land. Meanwhile, 59 million people live
on 4.4 million acres. Hardly fair, is it? These landowners get £4
billion in subsidies every year as well. A hidden welfare system for
the rich!

The traditional aristocracy are the mainstays of the hierarchy
(official and unofficial) in the Countryside Alliance, whether it's the
moneygrabber Lord Mancroft or the Duke of Westminster. The
duke collected £3 million subsidy from the EU Common
Agricultural Policy and was reported to have loaned the Alliance a
third of it.

As Britain's richest man, what the fuck is he getting this welfare
cheque for? Clearly to squander on his political hobbies. Prince
Charles gave his staff paid leave to attend the march. The Duke of
Northumberland has allowed his family mansion to be let out as a
fundraiser for the Alliance too. In the North East, Alliance press
releases are being sent out from a manor house.

Although it claims to represent all the countryside, the Alliance
owned £40,000 worth of Barclays shares when Barclays closed 170
rural branches. Clearly the Countryside Alliance shouldn't be
allowed to claim it's working in the interests of all the people in the
countryside. It specialises in social exclusion. Two of the it's
commercial directors, Christopher Sporborg and Michael Hoare are
bankers, and Nick Bannister is a stockbroker from London.

Those who marched with them last month were, at best, naive. At
worst they were nazi scum. This was a right-wing populist Alliance
on the march, and those who consider themselves to be anti-fascist
should be aware that a purely nazi movement is unlikely. Nazis are
at their most dangerous with other right-wing types, and this is the
type of movement that's a real threat to people.

Early editions of hunters' paper Horse and Hound could talk freely
about the "niggers in Ceylon" (1884), and there are similar ideas in
a lot of isolated areas. Basically they're ideal traditional white Brits,
heterosexual, beef-eating and conservative with a small 'c', even
when they're progressive enough to vote Labour.

There are different groups organising around the hunting issue.
The TGWU Rural Workers' section was anti-hunting, so the Union
of Country Sports Workers (UCS) was set up as a pro-hunting front
to give the cause legitimacy. The UCS have previously organised
the blocking of Parliament Square, and they were active in the
petrol dispute in autumn 2000.

The Countryside Alliance network has organised some motorway
go-slows and an illegal blocking of Parliament Square. This was
allowed by the police, rather than attacked by them, as has
happened to anarchists on Mayday and RTS events. The shadowy
Real Countryside Alliance is using direct action to target Labour
MPs and hunt saboteurs' offices and homes. They've also graffitied

In one toff magazine, The Field, the Real Countryside Alliance
even threatened urban workers when they said they'd "pull the plug
out of a reservoir in Wales and run Birmingham short of water".
One Labour MP has passed the article to the police and Home
Secretary as a clear case of incitement, but don't expect any action
to follow ...

There are some who say the fight against hunting isn't a town
versus country issue. On paper this may be correct. But if they've
won the war of ideas and turned the countryside against the town,
then what? Surely it's right to approach the urban working class and
motivate them against these trespassers on urban land, 'cos they
don't want us in their green and pleasant land. Imagine a
coach-load of people from Hackney and Brixton enquiring about
guns at a Countryside Game Fair. The village idiots would go even

Trevor Bark
The Urban Alliance website has been hacked by the police or
pro-hunters, and host company geocities won't help. Meanwhile,
visit www.classwaruk.org

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