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(en) Czech, Stop the NATO meeting in Prague + call for solidarity actions

From vegan X edge <xpunkx@seznam.cz>
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2002 05:08:22 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

> Official anti-NATO Actions:
Sunday, November 17:
demonstration against NATO and capitalism
after 13 years of capitalism we need a new revolution
12:00, Albertov

Wednesday, November 20:
the oficial dinner for summit delegates
loud protest against this dinner and food not bombs action
*Argentina solidarity block: bring pats and pons for showing
solidarity with Argentina's protests
17:00, Na Prikope street

Thursday, November 21:
main day of action
the first day of summit and our biggest protest
autonomous actions all around a city and then
14:00, demo on Namesti Miru
* we call groups from abroad coming with their own ideas for
autonomous decentralised actions during morning

Call for Solidarity Actions around the World

Want to stay at home or can not go to Prague? What about preparing
demo or another kind of protest in your region? For a list of
possible targets of your actions (Czech embassies and consulates)
together with contacts for phoning and sending protest send request
to our contacts. If you prepare demo or solidarity action in your
region, please let us know and we list it on our web pages. This is
the right time for passing our global resistance to local level...

Also, please think about action of solidarity after Prague demos
(maybe after you come back from Prague?), because strong repression
is expected...

Currently, english info about protests you can find on web pages of
CSAF (www.csaf.cz) and on common web international.antinato.cz.
Another anarchists sites are alarm.solidarita.org (ORA-S) and
fs8brezna.ecn.cz (FS).

More contacts:
***international.antinato.cz - english***


NATO an alliance of rich war makers are meeting in Prague in November
21, 22, 2002. It is the first time a NATO summit has taken place in
the former Eastern Bloc. During the Cold War, people in the West were
told that NATO was formed to protect them against Warsaw Pact
invasion but in reality it has defended the interests of capitalism
against its competitors. Since the collapse of the Soviet bloc, the
Western capitalist states have sought to expand its military and
economic dominance in the East. This has been achieved economically
using institutions such as the IMF and World Bank (which met in
Prague September 2000) and militarily with the Czech Republic,
Hungary and Poland becoming included in NATO (1999).

Our resistance extends not only to NATO, but to all kinds of military
organizations whose aims are establishing and maintaining oppression.
After the end of the Cold War and even more so after September 11,
the protection of capitalist interests by armed forces and ever more
sophisticated weaponry is being legitimized by the mainstream media.
In the name of civilization external aggression is being justified.
But state armies and military pacts are also being used as
instruments of repression against people in their own countries.
Further, internal criticism is being criminalized putting into force
new laws against terrorism that cut even further into hard-won
democratic rights.

We stand against capitalist power structures, statism and
militarisation. We reject all forms of hierarchy, exploitation and
oppression including sexism, racism, and homophobia. Our ideology is
based on libertarian principles of a free and classless society -
putting needs before profit.

So let?s tell them NO.

NO to their wars, NO to their profits. Abolish the NATO alliance and
all forms of militarism. When NATO comes to Prague in November,
anarchists, libertarians and other anti-authoritarians will show
their resistance to war and to capitalism.


Our protest is becoming more urgent as the real meaning and
principles of functioning of the Euro-Atlantic military coalition are
revealing very clearly these days. The top authorities of the
Brussels? central have quite readily subjected themselves to the
pressure from the White House and they have changed the priorities of
the November summit in fundamental way. The focal issue of the Prague
summit is not anymore the expansion to the East, but the effort to
convince all member states to take active part in attack on Iraq -
?in the name of fight for democracy?. Obviously, the aggression does
not aim to establish better and freer life for Iraqi people, since
the whole thing is actually about profits of oil and armaments
industries, about mere strengthening the military and political
importance of the main superpower - the USA - and its serfs. Hence,
the decisions to be made in Prague will not rest on ?justice and
freedom?, but on satisfaction of the (war) needs of the world of
Capital with the US having the leadership. One more reason to say our
common No! to another war for profits and power aspirations of NATO -
this ?iron fist of capitalism?.

Draft proposal of protests against NATO

21st-22nd of November 2002. The following outline of the protests of
the NATO summit have been agreed to by The Czechoslovakian Anarchist
Federation (ESAF); The Feminist Group of the 8th of March (FS8B);
Solidarity - The Organization of Revolutionary Anarchists (ORA-S);
and Reclaim the Streets, Prague (UL!).

*The best case scenario we envision is a creative occupation of the
city embodying and assisting the struggle against the dictatorship of
capital and its armies. The protest would bring together a massive
expression of resistance, of many decentralized, but coordinated,
actions in various sites in Prague, which will be directed at the
initiative of individual groups.

*We respect a variety of tactics, but due to current conditions and
outlooks, we don?t expect there to be a realistic chance of a direct
confrontation happening on the site of the summit.

*In addition, we know that the role of the various summits of global
capitalist institutions, shouldn?t be overestimated: Capitalism is
not powered by the meetings of its managers, but by everyday
exploitation and alienation. Nevertheless, we can use the NATO summit
as an opportunity to voice anti-capitalist resistance. However, we
feel it would be counter-productive to use confrontational tactics
when the proper conditions don?t exist - that is just the
fetishization of direct action. Instead it would be preferable to
take our activities to the squares and streets where normal people go
about day-to-day living, rather than emptying the streets below the
fortified palace of the defenders of capital. Our goal is not to
create a spectacle for the rich war-makers inside the conference
center, but to present our critique to the working class.

*While the point of our protests is to voice anti-capitalist and
anti-militarist resistance, our proposal goes beyond the actions
mentioned in this draft. It can be adapted and expanded with new
ideas and perspectives. The final look of the protests will depend on
your involvement!

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