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(en) In Place Of The State - Wildcat AF/ASF (Ireland)

From AFIASF <afi_asf@yahoo.com>
Date Sun, 20 Oct 2002 10:38:49 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Anarchists demand the abolition of all States. Questions about
what we would replace the State with have sometimes been
answered, apparently glibly, withresponses such as:

"Would you replace a tumour?"

We do not believe that a State should be ?replaced? by any system
of organisation based on the principles of authority, centralisation,
unaccountability or the continued division of society into leaders
and led, order givers and order takers. This is simply the swapping
of one State foranother.

This does not mean we are opposed to organisation, nor that we
wish to promote the sort of chaos, social disintegration and
violence which the mainstream media so often reports as
?Anarchy? or ?Anarchism?. Anarchism is not a synonym for
disorganisation, nor is it utopian. It offers a far more constructive
approach in theory and in practice to the problems which face
humanity and our planet than its ignorant, or deliberately
misleading, detractors care to acknowledge.

Anarchists reject the very idea of the need for a State. We oppose
the formation of new nation states just as we are opposed to all
existing States. The State is a physical expression of political and
social coercion. We do not regard it as something which can be
?conquered? to be used against Capitalism in the interests of
humanity and the planet. 

Government has always rested on domination and exploitation by
the ruling elite of the vast majority over whom they claim
sovereignty. The State is an inherently repressive institution and as
such is beyond reform. The basic function of the State, the courts
and prisons, army and police, civil service and other State
institutions, is to defend the interests of the bosses.

Anarchists struggle towards and act to promote the abolition of
government, the State, and the principle of authority that is central
to contemporary social forms, and to replace it with a social
organisation based on self help, voluntary cooperation and freedom.
We are social revolutionaries who seek a stateless, classless,
voluntary, cooperative federation of decentralised communes based
upon social ownership, individual liberty and autonomous
self-management of social and economic life.

We recognise that, worldwide, we are all ultimately one community
of human beings, and that we can and must break down the
artificial and imposed barriers to that undermine our commitment
to mutual recognition and care for each other and the planet

Anarchists look to a world and a society in which real decision
making involves everyone who lives in it, direct democracy as
opposed to the sham of ?representational democracy?. The working
class of the world have no country. We have only our international
solidarity to sustain us in the face of a global capitalist onslaught,
aided and abetted by ?our leaders? in government in States all over
the world. Effective organisation, now and for the future must
therefore be international.

In place of capitalism we promote workers? control of industry with
production for need not profit, satisfying the needs of every
member of society. In opposition to the State we advance the
fundamental notion of confederation, in which communities in
various regions can freely unite by means of recallable delegates.
We desire afederation of free communities which shall be bound to
one another by their common economic and social interests and
shall arrange their own affairs by mutual agreement. We can, on
the basis of organisation from the bottom upwards, ensure that the
needs of society will be met: 

"From each according to their means to each according to their

This will assure all will be fed, clothed and housed as normal social
practice. It gives practical realisation to our desire for a society free
from all coercive institutions which stand in theway of the
development of a free humanity. The late Albert Meltzer summed it
up as;

"Workers? control of production, community control from below,
no government from above."

We believe that we should begin to build the new society now,
within the shell of the old, as well as fighting to crush Capitalism
and all States.

Therefore Anarchists build organisations in order to build a new
world, not to perpetuate our domination over the masses of people.
We must build an organised, coordinated and international
movement aimed at transforming the globe. This will only be
successfully realised if we start to create such a social revolutionary
transformation of society from the bottom up -in our communities
and our workplaces.

>From 'Wildcat', a joint bulletin from the Anarchist Federation
(Ireland) and Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation, now available in
PDF and text format at the AF (Ireland)website:


AF (Ireland) contact@afireland.cjb.net

ASF -anarcho_syndicalist_federation@hotmail.com

To comment on any of the articles in 'Wildcat' contact the AF/ASF
at afi_asf@yahoo.com

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