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From "anarcho sando" <anarcho_sando@hotmail.com>
Date Fri, 18 Oct 2002 07:45:19 -0400 (EDT)

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20th-21st Dec. - european desobedience days
author: desobinienti - 24.09.2002 23:55

As Argentina tumbles further into uncharted financial crisis an inspiring 
popular rebellion has been spreading across the country. An ongoing movement 
has developed that has become a living laboratory of struggle, a space where 
the popular politics of the future are being re-invented. The rising 
rebellion exploded on December 20th 2001, when over a million people took to 
the streets banging their pots and pans and ousting the government. This 
year on the 20th of December people in Argentina and across the globe are 
calling for a global day of Action to demonstrate that those who are 
building alternatives to the dictatorship of the markets are not alone.

spread it around

>From the unemployed workers movement, "the piqueteros", blockading roads and 
building community projects in their neighborhoods - to the "asambleas", the 
horizontally organized neighborhood meetings that have sprung up 
spontaneously in the cities. From the "Ahorristas", the angry savers who 
attack the banks daily to get their money back - to the "Trueque" barter 
network which 7 million people are using instead of money. From the workers 
in numerous occupied factories who are self managing their work places - to 
the High school students occupying their schools demanding cheaper bus 
fares; the spirit of autonomy, the celebration of diversity and the practice 
of direct democracy can be seen across Argentina.

Every social strata is united in the slogan "Que Se Vayan Todos", they all 
must go, meaning that the entire political class leaves the stage, every 
politician from every party, the supreme court, the IMF, the multinational 
corporations, the banks - everyone out, so the people can decide the fate of 
their economically crippled country themselves. In the face of ever 
increasing poverty and total economic meltdown, the people of Argentina have 
found enough hope to continue resisting, and have mustered sufficient 
creativity to start building practical alternatives to the despair of 

>From Angola to Nepal, Bolivia to Turkey, the same cracks are appearing in 
the neoliberal "logic," and people are resisting as their economies fall 
apart and their societies are further crippled by foreign debt. A dozen 
countries are poised to be the "next Argentina," and some of them may be a 
lot closer to home than we ever imagined.

We need to be prepared, not only to resist, but to find ways to rebuild our 
societies when the economic and ecological crisis hits. If the popular 
rebellion in Argentina succeeds, it could show the world that people are 
able to live through severe crisis and come out the other side, not merely 
having survived, but stronger, and happier for struggling for new ways of 

For two days in December, when tens of thousands of Argentineans will take 
to the streets to celebrate last years uprising, actions and events will 
take place across the world in solidarity with the people of Argentina.

What can you do on these days ? Here are some ideas ...Take pots and pans 
into the streets to celebrate the sound of the Cacerolazo, start up a local 
neighborhood assembly, Blockade roads in solidarity with the Piqueteros, 
occupy your workplace or college and try out self management, expropriate 
goods will dancing tango, subvert the spirit of consumer Christmas by 
creating a barter market ....the options are endless...

The aims of the Days of Social Disobedience include:

1) To show that the movement of movements against capitalism can move beyond 
insurrection towards a real social revolution. A social revolution, made of 
thousands of revolutions, where people are beginning to build the life that 
they want and preparing to defend it rather than simply protesting against 
what they don't want. And that Argentina is an inspiring model of this.

2) To build a powerful global network of solidarity for Argentina. The 
movements in Argentina are in danger of isolation; without the security and 
the mutual inspiration of international solidarity, they will suffer further 
repression. Although many in the movement of movements worldwide have said 
"Thank god for Argentina," as we've had our hopes rekindled in the dark days 
post 9-11, most of the people on the streets of Argentina have no idea that 
they've provided such widespread optimism. By seeing the worlds social 
movements acting in concert and solidarity with their struggle, the people 
of Argentina will inspired to continue their struggle.

3) To learn from the events in Argentina and apply these lessons to building 
our own autonomous spaces, neighborhood assemblies, alternative economic 
systems, self managed work places etc.

4) To spread the stories and information about the movements in Argentina to 
social movements across the world.

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