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From Mick <mickblack47@yahoo.com>
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2002 17:30:50 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

first annual

at KYTES (466 Bathurst St at College St.) in downtown Toronto

Thursday 17th     7-11pm      Closing party for Drawing Resistance
anarchist art exhibition at Art System, 327 Spadina Ave (416) 542-1222.

Friday 18th     9 pm    The Toronto Anarchist Bookfair presents the LOST
FILM FEST from Philadelphia. Short low budget videos by activists and
punks from all over. Screening at Kytes 466 Bathurst (just south of
College) 9:00 pm. Admission PWYC. Curated by Scott Beibin.
8 pm -midnight  Convergence (a space to meet people) at KYTES   

Saturday 19th   10am-5pm      bookfair at KYTES (admission free)
                10-11         working-class caucus meeting
                11-12:30      introductory workshop 'What is anarchism?' 
                12:30-1:30    queer caucus meeting 
                              (facilitated by Triangle Trash, Ottawa)
                1:30-2:30     women's caucus meeting
                2:30-4:00     introductory workshop 'What is anarchism?'
                4:00-5:00     people of colour caucus meeting
5:30    anarchist soccer at Trinity-Bellwoods park  (North end)
The park is located on Dundas Street west of Bathurst

7:30 pm    THIS IS BRAINWASH 6 short collage videos by local artists on
the theme of reconstructing propaganda, at Cinecycle (129 Spadina).
Curated by Bennett Jones-Phillips. Admission $6 ($4 for Trinity Square
Video members) 

9 pm       All-ages show with The Hidden Cameras, The Sick Lipstick,
Fucked Up and Laura Blaise, at Cinecycle. Admission $3
Sunday 20th    Workshops at KYTES and the Lillian H Smith Library (239
                11:00-12:45   a) Indymedia workshop 
                                (Stuart Duncan and Kristiana Clemens)
                              b) Individual and Social Anarchism 
                                 (Allan Antliff)
                12:45-1:15      LUNCH
                1:15-3:00     a) Anarchists working in non-anarchist
organizations (Ryan Toews, Rob and  A.J.) AT LIBRARY
                              b) Class Struggle Anarchism 
                                 (members of NEFAC) 
                3:15-5:00     a) Conflict Resolution (Kristyn Dunnion)
                              b) Grieving in Radical Communities 
                                 (Kenny, Detroit) AT LIBRARY

5:30      anarchist soccer at Trinity-Bellwoods park  (North end)
The park is located on Dundas Street west of Bathurst

9 pm: The Lost Film Festival outdoor screening at Trinity Bellwoods
Park(At the outdoor stage) free. 

Lunch will be available on Saturday and Sunday.
The bookfair is located close to many restaurants and bars

Sneaky Dee's (431 College Street) Mexican food and bar, a famous punk
Kos Bar and Grill (434 College Street) packed for week-end brunch, veggie
burgers available
Ideal Coffee (Nassau Street) strong coffee, soy milk available
Buddha's Vegetarian Foods (666 Dundas Street) good vegan Chinese food,
service can be slow
Last Temptation (12 Kensington Ave) inexpensive meals and bar, a leftist
For cheap take-out food try the small shops and fruit and vegetable stalls
in Kensington Market

For access information, housing, daycare, to offer or request a ride from
outside Toronto our e-mail address is tab@nomadology.net

telephone contact (416) 760-5881

Please visit our website at http://tab.nomadology.net

The 2002 bookfair collective: Alan, Bennett, Dan, Justin, Laura, Sandra,
Robynski and Zoe An evaluation of the bookfair will be held on Monday 4th
November (location TBA)

Organizations with tables on Saturday (as of 14 Oct 02)

AG Press/Arm the Spirit (Montreal) 
A.K. Press Bookmobile
Arson Records
The Collective Previously Known as Attentater (patches and shirts, etc)
(1/2 table)
Association of Autonomous Astronauts (1/2 table?)
Big Boots zine (1/2 table)  
Crimethinc (Detroit)
Class Action-Antidote magazine (1/2 table)
Fuel the Fire and Feeding Infernas (Meagan--lovejunki)
Freyheit Collective (Rachel)
Greatworm zine distribution
Heart of Progress (Paul Klem blcr@web.net) (1/2 table)
Latin America Today
Librarie Alternatif (Montreal)
Marginal Distribution (Peterborough)
Media Democracy Day
Mirha-Soleil and Marc (sex worker, transsexual, animal rights)
North East Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)
People's Potato (publications, baked goods)
Red-Black Notes
Sasha (squat zine)
Satan MacNuggit video distribution
Toronto Action for Social Change (1/2 table)
Unity Project (London) (1/2 table)
Uprising Books (Toronto)
Wimmin Against the Occupation (2 groups sharing 1/2 table)

Also represented at our consignment table:
the Slingshot Organizer 2003, Soft Skull Press, Black Cat, Random
Anarchist Group, Kersplebedeb.com (political t-shirts), Trish Salah, The
Zine Yearbook and Clamor Magazine (free)   

6 short collage videos by local artists on the theme of reconstructing
propaganda. Program is an hour long. Presented with Trinity Square Video.
Screening at Cinecycle 129 Spadina ave. Saturday Oct 19 at 7:30 pm. $4 for
TSV members and $6 for non-members.
Curated by Bennett Jones-Phillips. Featuring:

THE ADVERSARY by Tasman Richardson (2002)
The third and final remix in "The Tower Trilogy". Vengeance, fanaticism
the endless, unquenchable conflict perpetuated by adversarial polarities
unified by blind hatred.

ACCUMULATION by Istvan Kantor (2000)
A new videographic landscape of technological society where noise and
confusion dominate is attempted through raging loopmachine editing,
animated hyper-texts, sampled noise sequences and sudden explosive inserts
of counter-frames. Focusing on upheaval resulting from insurrection, it
also raises concerns about the dominance of technology.

METRONOME by Daniel Cockburn (2002)
An insight into the mind of an obsessed cinemajunkie attempting to map out
the repetitive rhythms and reoccuring values absorbed through watching

A narrative of Sept.11 is told through appropriated material from film and
television. The often repeated comparison to Pearl Harbor is raised along
with a reminder of the bombing of Hiroshima which followed.

ABSOLUTELY by Aleesa Cohene (2001)
A pseudo-documentary about history, politics and the body. Weaving through
various sources of re-contextualized found footage, four characters are
interviewed about democracy, revolution and their internal manifestations.

GOODNIGHT by Christopher Thinn (2001)
Bush's television address from the evening of Sept. 11, 2001 is reworked
reveal a corrupt nation in it's last days.

For more info contact benandzoe@hotmail.com

This event is associated with media Democracy Day


--Fucked Up added to the Saturday show
--several workshops still in the air (including Crimethinc)
--public evaluation of bookfair Monday 4 Nov 8pm (location TBA)


Here is the announcement for the Drawing Resistance / Lines of Affinity
show.  It also includes the time of the closing reception.  Please forward
to folks on your lists!


* * *
Drawing Resistance - a traveling political art show
Art System, 327 Spadina Ave.

October 8 - 17, 2002
closing party Thursday, October 17, 7-11pm.

Emily Aderoth, Freddie Baer, Diana Berek, Julie Beauchamp, Sue Simensky
Bietila, Katie Burkart, Robbie Conal, Carlos Cortez, Domitila Dominquez,
Eric Drooker, Kehben Grifter / Juan Manchu, Sabrina Jones, Peter Kuper,
Nicolas Lampert, Josh Macphee, Fernando Marti, Mac Mcgill, Doug Minkler,
Richard Mock, Ricardo Levins Morales, Mabel Negrete, Iris Pasie, Antonio
Ramirez, Corinne Rhodes, Nicole Schulman, Andy Singer, Winston Smith,
Tobey, Seth Tobocman, John Yates

* * * * * * * * * * *

In conjunction with Drawing Resistance there will a exhibition of
politically engaged local artists in the project room and front window.

Lines of Affinity
October 8 - 17, 2002
closing party Thursday, October 17, 7-11pm.

Mark Connery, Luis Jacob, Maggie MacDonald, Andrea Matta, Alyson Mitchell
and Rocky.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Drawing Resistance is a group exhibition presenting the work of more than
30 artist/activists from across North America.  The content-based show
speaks to subject matter vital to understanding the world today, including
the anti-globalization movement, working class rights, the destruction of
the environment, corporate control, police brutality, popular resistance,
homelessness, gentrification, and the Zapatista liberation movement in

The show, organized by Sue Simensky Bietila (Milwaukee) and Nicolas
(Minneapolis), is traveling for up to five years to cities in the United
States, Canada and Mexico.  Drawing Resistance has no funding and it
solely on the communities that host the show to present it and transport
to the next site.  The show opened in September, 2001 in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin and was display for four weeks before traveling to the next city
- Chicago, Illinois.

Drawing Resistance is unique in its collective-organizing method which
reminds one more of the d.i.y. underground music community than the world
of art galleries and museums.  Like a punk band on tour, the art show is
getting in the van!  The show hopes to build a community of political
artists and be a source of inspiration.

In addition to presenting the exhibition, many cities are planning
collaborative events to coincide with the show.  In Toronto, the
is timed to coincide with the First Annual Anarchist Book Fair.  (October
19-20; visit the website at www.tab.nomadology.net)

To learn more about all the artists in the Drawing Resistance show, an
image, short biography and a contact address can be found in the "artists"
section of the web page (www.drawingresistance.org).

* * *

As Bertolt Brecht said, "Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a
hammer with which to shape it."

Enjoy the show!



-The Toronto Public Space Committee presents "Art Attack!" an invitation
to artists and activists to decorate sheets of paper cut to fit over bus
shelter and OMG garbage can ads.  The works will then be taped over ads by
stealthy midnight culture jammers!  At the Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick
south of Bloor, starting at 8:30pm.  Email info@publicspace.ca for details.

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