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(en) Canada, Ottawa, US Ambassador confronted in support of Nesriden Ali Ebrahim.

From Mick <mickblack47@yahoo.com>
Date Sat, 12 Oct 2002 03:11:13 -0400 (EDT)

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> From: http://ottawa.indymedia.org/2002/10/1593.shtml
By Ottawa Indymedia

October 10, 2002 -- A group of about 25 people from the Ontario Coalition
Against Poverty (Toronto), Anti-Capitalist Community Action (Ottawa), the
Ontario Coalition Against the Tories (Ottawa), Montreal No One is Illegal
campaign and an Ottawa group working on direct action casework, visited a
University of Ottawa Alumni breakfast presentation by U.S. Ambassador Paul
Cellucci to demand that the U.S. government not deport Nesriden Ali

Two people in the group entered the event with registered tickets at about
7:45am. The rest of the group came into the building at around 8:10,
entered the lobby and tried to get in the banquet hall where Cellucci was
speaking. They banged on the doors of the banquet hall from the outside
yelling ?STOP THE DEPORTATION!? Almost everyone from the group was thrown
onto the floor, tables and counters by the RCMP officers present. The 
group was forced to leave the building. In the meantime, some officers had
taken down the license plate numbers of the vehicles that dropped off the
people in the group earlier, and put a call out to their RCMP colleagues
to look out for them. 

As the larger group entered the building, the two people who were in the
banquet hall got up and informed Cellucci about Nesriden Ali?s case,
asking him ?Why is the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Services)
trying to deport Nesriden Ali Ebrahim? There are five Canadians who are
willing to sponsor him. If he is sent back to Ethiopia, he will likely be
killed. Why has he not been released to Canada?? He responded, saying that
he would ensure that these ?concerns would be addressed.? Information
leaflets on Nesriden Ali?s case were left with people at the press table.
Other leaflets were left in the building, intended for Cellucci. 

The two people from the group who were in the banquet hall were then
escorted out of the building by security. The police asked them for their
addresses, phone numbers and group affiliations. The officers?
interpretation of the action was that the group was there ?just there to
cause problems.? Just before the two were told they could leave, one of
the officers asked if the intention of ?disrupting Carlucci? (sic) was
met. ?Our intention was to raise questions to Cellucci about Nesriden Ali
Ebrahim,? one of the protestors responded. 

BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON EBRAHIM?S CASE (Leaflet distributed at event) 


On September 11th, 2002, the U.S. government unlawfully tried to deport
Nesriden Ali Ebrahim back to Ethiopia. While the attempt was unsuccessful,
the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) may attempt to
deport him again at any time. If Nesriden Ali is returned to Ethiopia -
his country of origin - he will most certainly face persecution, if not
death. Nesriden Ali's case is extremely urgent. 

The attempted deportation of Nesriden Ali was unlawful because Citizenship
and Immigration Canada had approved Canadian sponsorship for him, and had
directly informed this to his deportation officer in the U.S. The Ontario
Coalition Against Poverty - a group Nesriden Ali had contacted for help
with his case - Citizenship and Immigration Canada, an official of the
Canadian Consulate in Miami have all spoken with Mr. Gabriel Roman, the
officer in charge of Nesriden Ali's deportation. 

Nesriden Ali is currently being detained in the U.S. His only chance
against deportation is if the U.S. government releases him to Canada where
he could settle through his sponsorship. 

Since the U.S. government continues to detain Nesriden Ali and deny his
Canadian sponsorship, action must be taken. The U.S. government must be
pressured to release Nesriden Ali, not to deport him to Ethiopia and allow
his settlement in Canada. As well, the Canadian government needs to take
stronger measures to pressure the U.S. government to release Nesriden Ali
to Canada. 

Nesriden Ali has been in the U.S. since 1992. He was forced to flee
Ethiopia due to brutal government regimes, under which he has been taken
into custody, beaten and tortured. Upon arrival in the U.S., Nesriden Ali
has attempted to seek Asylum, but has faced consistent and unfair
treatment by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. On May 8th,
2002, Nesriden Ali was taken into custody to await deportation at the
Krome Detention Centre in Florida. 

Phone calls, e-mails, and faxes have been sent to all levels of the INS
from Nesriden Ali's sponsors. In Montreal, a group of individuals visited
the office of the Immigration Minister - Denis Coderre - on October 4th,
demanding that Mr. Coderre put greater pressure on the INS to release
Nesriden Ali to Canada. 

The United States government has refused to make clear their intentions
for Nesriden Ali Ebrahim. 


PLEASE CALL the INS and demand that they allow Nesriden Ali Ebrahim to
come to Canada. Tell them they MUST cancel his deportation immediately,
especially since his sponsorship has already been accepted. This is an
incredibly timely matter. When you are calling on Nesriden Ali Ebrahim's
behalf you can include his INS number: 70673055 

Laura Lee Valverde has the most authority to STOP Nesriden Ali Ebrahim's
deportation, so she is the most important person to call. You can call
David Venturella and Andrea J. Quarantillo to apply additional pressure. 

Laura Lee Valverde, Assistant Director of Removals - New Jersey 
Phone: 973-645-2414 

David Venturella, Assistant Commissioner for Detention 
U.S. Department of Justice 
Phone: 202-305-2734 
Fax: 202-353-9435 

Andrea J. Quarantillo, Director, INS Newark District office 
Phone: 973-645-4421 
Fax: 973-645-2304 

Other people to pressure: 

Denis Coderre, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada 
4975 Charleroi Street 
Montreal North, Quebec 
H1G 2Z2 
Phone: (514) 323-1212 and (613) 995-6108 
E-mail:  Minister@cic.gc.ca and  Coderd@parl.gc.ca 

Raymond Lussier, Senior Special Assistant in the Office of the Minister of
and Immigration 
Tel: (613) 954-1064 
E-mail:  raymond.lussier@cic.gc.ca 

Paul Cellucci, United States Ambassador to Canada 
490 Sussex Drive 
Ottawa, Ontario 
Phone: (613) 238-5335

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