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(en) Ireland, LAN Press release: Anti-racist No campaigners outraged by media smears

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2002 07:56:06 -0400 (EDT)

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> From: "Andrew" <andy@dojo.tao.ca>
LAN Press release: Anti-racist No campaigners outraged by media

Press Release - Oct/11/2002
Libertarians against Nice
Anti-racist No campaigners outraged by media smears

Over the last days a lot of attention has been 
focused on Justin Barrett's links with "an 
extreme right-wing party in Germany which the 
authorities there believe has "Nazi 
characteristics" (Irish Times).  The media have 
attempted to use this story to imply all No 
campaigners are racists with the RTE Radio 1 
morning news show going so far as to describe 
Barretts 'No to Nice' group as an umbrella group 
for all anti-Nice campaigns.

This quite simply is a lie.  In fact the 
majority of anti-Nice activists want nothing to 
do with Barretts organisation.  As the media is 
well aware several other alliances exist 
including Libertarians Against Nice and the 
Alliance Against Nice both of which make anti-
racism part of their platform of opposition to 
Nice.  No coverage has been given to this side 
of the debate.

Andrew Flood for Libertarians Against Nice said

"Opposition to the racist immigration politics 
of Fortress Europe is one of the four planks of 
Libertarians Against Nice's opposition to the 
Nice treaty.  Many of our members have been 
active in anti-racist campaigns over the last 
decade.  We are outraged that the media is 
attempting to paint all no campaigners as 
racists while ignoring the racist aspects of the 
EU's immigration policies.  We are doubly 
outraged because the pro-Nice parties of Fianna 
Fail and the Progressive Democrats are in a 
government currently carrying out racist 

"EU states, particularly Britain and France, the 
ex-colonial powers, are crucial for maintaining 
some of the most repressive regimes in the 
world. The brutal regimes of Algeria, Nigeria, 
Kenya and Burundi rely heavily upon EU aid for 
their survival. Through such support, the EU 
helps keep millions impoverished and thus likely 
to seek a better life within the E.U. The EU 
commission can now levy sanctions against any 
country that does not co-operate on migration 
controls - a sure way to encourage ever more 
repression in the third world. 

The EU's repressive anti-immigrant policies 
claimed the lives of at least 2,000 people 
between '93 and 2000, people drowned in the 
Mediterranean, electrocuted at the Channel 
Tunnel or suffocated in Wexford. This is 8 times 
as many as were killed at the Berlin Wall during 
its entire 30 year history. These policies are 
designed to make immigrants illegal and force 
them to survive in a precarious, hunted 
position, or live on short-term visas, dependant 
on work permits held by their employers. In both 
cases they are vulnerable and open to extreme 
exploitation as cheap labour.

The expansion of European police powers has gone 
hand in hand with the criminalisation of 
refugees. The EU has established a massive 
database to track refugees and allow "discreet 
surveillance" of citizens. In 1998 the European 
police force Europol was launched and its 
officers are immune from prosecution by national 
police forces.

The Nice Treaty brings us another step towards a 
Europe whose borders are closed to the global 
poor, a Europe where powerful trans-national 
police have enormous power to spy on anyone they 
deem a threat. Is this the Europe we want?"

Deirdre Hogan of Libertarians Against Nice said

"One of the provisions the Nice treaty will 
change from unanimity to qualified-majority 
voting, and which is relevant to Fortress Europe 
is the provision on the "economic, financial and 
technical cooperation with third countries" 
(Article 181a). If the Nice treaty is passed, 
decisions to, for example, impose sanctions on 
third world countries if they refused to 
cooperate with "migrant management", would have 
to be accepted by all member states if the 
qualified-majority of the European Council 
agreed on it. Visitors to our web site at 
http://more.at/stopnice will find detailed 
documentation of the racist consequences of 
Fortress Europe."

-- ends -- 

More information on Fortress Europe and the 
effects of the Nice Treaty at 

Libertarians against Nice

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