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(en) SchNEWS 376, Friday 11th October, 2002

From Jo Makepeace <webmaster@schnews.org.uk>
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2002 03:06:08 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E




"This is a time of opportunity for America. We will work to translate
this moment of influence into decades of peace, prosperity, and liberty...
We will actively work to bring the hope of democracy, development, free
markets, and free trade to every corner of the world." From the recently
published National Security Strategy of the USA.

We couldn't make it up if we tried, ladies and gentlemen. Last month,
the Bush Administration released its new National Security Strategy of
the United States of America. A document whose contents list included
agenda items such as the obviously ironic, "Champion Aspirations for
Human Dignity," the arrogant, "Ignite a New Era of Global Economic
Growth through Free Markets and Free Trade," and the downright scary
"Develop Agendas for Cooperative Action with the Other Main Centers of
Global Power." The document also contained gems such as:

"Today, the United States enjoys a position of unparalleled military
strength and great economic and political influence" (and we will kill
anyone and everyone who threatens this position).

"We seek to create a balance of power that favours human freedom" (and

"We will defend the peace by fighting terrorists and tyrants" (i.e.
anyone who has the slightest criticism of America).

"Free trade and free markets have proven their ability to lift whole
societies out of poverty" (and into our clutches)

"The United States will work with individual nations, entire regions,
and the entire global trading community to build a world that trades in
freedom and therefore grows in prosperity" (too much bullshit to even

"Freedom is...the birthright of every person-in every civilisation" (as
long as we get to dictate 'freedom to do what?').

"Today, humanity holds in its hands the opportunity to further freedom's
triumph over all its foes. The United States welcomes our responsibility
to lead in this great mission" (and to cash in on all the profits that
come with it).

The Bush Doctrine

This idiotic new document is already being hailed as the new Bush
Doctrine. But the idiocy contains an evil little twist. Included in the
paper is a section titled 'Prevent Our Enemies from Threatening Us, Our
Allies, and Our Friends with Weapons of Mass Destruction'. The section
basically says that the cold war strategies of 'containment' (preventing
the spread of communism) and 'deterrence' (being so incredibly tough
that no enemy could attack you without guaranteeing their own
destruction) are no longer sufficient to guarantee US security. The US
government now thinks it must reserve the right to use its overwhelming
military might pre-emptively to attack and overthrow governments that it
suspects of attempting to acquire WMDs, harbour terrorists, or contain
any ill-will whatsoever towards the good ol' US of A. SchNEWS reckons
that pre-emptivity (read: kicking the shit out of everyone before they
can make a peep) has always been America's policy (Vietnam anyone?).
It's just that now, they've put it down in black and white.

And what's the justification for this newly publicised strategy? That
the terrorists and rogue states that threaten America aren't motivated
by a rational power-lust like the USSR was, oh no. Instead they are of
course driven by an irrational hatred of justice, liberty, and freedom.
According to the Bush Doctrine, because the new enemies of the US are
not just evil, but also mental, it can't be assumed that they will act
as 'responsibly' as previous forces of darkness have. And this,
supposedly, is what justifies the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive
strikes-rogue states' sheer insanity.

On this basis, the Bush administration reckons that they can justify
upsetting the UN by officially tearing up the rulebook on when it's
acceptable to bomb the shit out of people in other countries. The
problem is that no one, not the US's allies, 'citizens' or even their
secret service is ready to buy the argument. According to the director
of the CIA, George Tenet, there is no evidence that the rogue state
currently in Bush's sights (Iraq) has any immediate desire to attack
Western populations. He argues, however, that the kind of pre-emptive
attack that Bush and his cronies are pushing for "could trigger the very
things [Bush] has said he's trying to prevent-the use of chemical or
biological weapons". The Bush government might think they're powerful
enough to re-write the rules to justify their ambitions, but there's one
rule that they would do well not to forget: playing with explosives
makes you look hard, but if you don't know how they work, they just
might blow up in your face. Tick, tick, tick...

For more ridiculous reading, see the full document at


Crap Arrest of the Week

For being Palestinian...

Last Friday nearly a hundred soldiers surrounded Iraq Burin - a small
village near Nablus city. They were 'looking for terrorists' and
'suspicious Palestinian men.' For five hours 3 houses were repeatedly
hit with rockets and bullets, families were evicted from their homes,
belongings were smashed, and 16 men were arrested, tied up, driven 25 km
to Huwara military base, interrogated, and then released. "Sorry," said
the Israeli Defence Force. "We made a mistake."



   * Last week 160 people shut down the gates of US Air Base Lakenheath
     in Suffolk where about 30 US nuclear war heads are kept.
   * Some Americans don't agree with Bush!! Last weekend 87,000
     protestors took to the streets across America to protest against
     war on Iraq. www.indymedia.org
   * An anti-war group has squatted the former Brighton Peace Centre in
     Gardner St. Open day Saturday 12th, check it out!
   * Demo outside Menwith Hill Spy Base. Sat 12th, 12 - 4 pm, 01943
     466405 www.caab.org.uk
   * Whose Terror? Speakers from three countries facing "War on Terror"
     state terror--Palestine, Iraq, and Columbia. Sat 12th 2pm Friends
     Meeting House, Ship St, Brighton.
   * Films against economic sanctions and war on Iraq. Sat 12th from
     2.30pm, Rio Cinema, Kingsland High St., Dalston, London. £4/£2.50
     0845 458 2564 voices@viwuk.freeserve.co.uk
   * Threat of War and Future of the Kurds public meeting. Tue 15th 7pm,
     Committee Room 10, House of Commons, Westminster, SW1. 020 7435
     4547 Liberation@btinternet.com
   * Why is the Anti-War movement ignoring Saddam's crimes? With Peter
     Tatchell. Tue 15th 7:30pm, Upstairs Bar, Rugby Tavern, 19 Great
     James Street, London. www.newhumanist.org.uk
   * Don't Attack Iraq March & Rally, Sat 19th 11.30am George Square,
     Glasgow. 0141 423 1222 scnd@banthebomb.org
   * One SchNEWS reader has been getting their anti-war message across
     by adorning bank notes with anti war messages - not a bad idea.
   * National day of action against the war, 31st October, see
     www.stopwar.org.uk 020 7053 2155. In Brighton, a critical mass is
     planned, meet 3pm, University of Sussex. At 5:30pm there's an
     action planned, meet at the War Memorial, Old Steine.
   * Stop the War, Stop the City. Meet on the day after war is announced
     against Iraq. 5:30pm in Churchill Square, Brighton. Bring pots and



Yer on-the-ball SchNEWS is in downtown Sao Paulo this week to give you
the lowdown on the man they call Lula ("The Squid" in English, it's
short for Luiz Inacio da Silva).

This week, Brazil's Workers Party (PT), led by Lula, won an
unprecedented 4-2 victory against the US-backed government team in the
first round of the Massively Important Presidential Championships of
Latin America. The PT almost doubled their seats in the Senate, and at
the final whistle, with 46.4 percent of the vote to his nearest rival
Jose Serra's 23.2 percent, Lula was just short of outright victory. In
the second and final leg, to be played on October 27th, the scores are
back to 0-0 with everything to play for.

In Brazil, Lula is as recognisable a name as Pele or Ronaldo. He became
famous as the leader of illegal metalworker strikes that helped bring an
end to the military dictatorship in the mid-1970s. He has run for
president and lost three times since becoming co-founder, in 1980, of
the Workers Party.

GOOOOAAAAL!!! Lula opposes the Free Trade Area of the Americas, which he
calls Bush's 'Annexation of Latin America.' He opposes Plan Columbia. He
opposes sanctions on Cuba. He has the support of the landless movement
in Brazil, Movimento Sem Terra He promises to end endemic corruption by
getting people not aligned to politics or business in on the
budget-making decisions.

There's talk of an axis between Lula, Castro and Hugo Chavez in
Venezula, who foiled another attempted coup this week, timed to coincide
with the Brazilian elections. With strong left gains in neighbouring
Bolivia and Paraguay and elections in Argentina next March, Latin
America's face could be unrecognisable from just 12 months ago, a
complete rejection of the US-led free market reforms.

But however good all this may sound, Lula still may be foul. Because of
his previous campaign defeats, Lula has changed much of his lefty tune
this time around and many in the Workers Party are angry but, for the
moment, are keeping schtum.

DODGY KEEPER!!! Despite being locked-up and having his 1970s rallies
buzzed by army choppers, Lula has made friends with the military,
suggesting the signing of nuclear non-proliferation treaties was wrong.
He is also supporting a move by Embraer, Brazil's massive aircraft
maker, to develop a serious fighter jet and missile programme.

OVER THE BAR!! Despite previously fighting on a platform of defaulting
on Brazil's crippling $260bn debt ­- more than half of what the country
produces in a year ­- he now says they'll pay up. (But some people think
he'll still default) Lula also says he'll work with the IMF and honour
the new record-breaking $30bn loan. Lula has also attracted a few dodgy
new geezers including his vice president and running mate, Jose Alencar,
a textile baron worth $500M, from the centre-right Liberal Party. Seeing
which way the wind is blowing, other business leaders have also backed

SchNEWS fought through the crowds last week at Lula's final emotional
rally at the metalworkers union in the industrial suburbs of Sao Paulo,
where he worked as a lathe operator and transformed the 100,000-strong
union. "Everything that we have done until now hasn't been done to gain
the Presidency, that is just a consequence," he told the crowds. "The
most symbolic thing about me winning is that we will prove to anybody
the truth of something that I said in 1979, which is that nobody will
ever again be able to doubt the working classes." Does Lula deserve a
Red Card? You make the call!



We thought that full-scale global war and U.S.-instigated regime changes
the world over would be enough to keep George Dub'ya busy, but no. Now
Georgie has to take aim at unions as well. For the past two weeks, in 29
major docks up and down the American west coast, the International
Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) has been locked out by their bosses
over contract disputes that have been raging since last June. The meanie
bosses, the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), want to sack a large
number of dockers and attack workers' rights. Understandably, the ILWU
have been threatening to strike and recently did a work "slowdown",
which lead to the lockout.

Enter our old friend George. Deciding that the union shouldn't be
allowed to use the lockout time to work out a better contract with PMA,
as the whole dispute was costing the US economy billions of dollars,
Bush decided to call in the draconian Taft-Hartley Act. The Daft Act was
passed in 1947 as an anti-union law. It commands both the employers and
the union to return back to work under the conditions of the old
contract for 80 days. The act goes on to call for fines and prison
sentences for those violating the terms of the contract (i.e. striking
or engaging in slow-downs). This part of the bill is aimed at workers
and effectively breaks the back of the union for the 80-day period,
leaving them open to whatever the abusive bosses can come up with, with
no real way to fight back. The 80 days of the Taft-Hartley injunction
also gets PMA through the peak shipping season and to the slowest time
of the year, thus relieving them of any urgency to bargain once the 80
days are over. PMA loved the government intervention, but labour unions
were furious that the president had once again acted in the interests of
big business. "PMA will start alleging supposed slowdowns straightaway.
Taft-Hartley gives them 80 days of free shots at the union and we expect
the employers will be dragging us to court daily, trying to bankrupt the
union and throw our leaders in jail," said ILWU president James Spinosa.
"No one should be surprised by the turn of these events," Spinosa said.
"Bush has always actively sided with employers against workers. This
collusion between the government and the employers was planned well in
advance." www.labournet.net or http://sf.indymedia.org


Inside SchNEWS

A new Zine is now avaliable to support Jeff 'Free' Luers, the US
anarchist prisoner serving an amazing 22 years for burning a few cars.
The zine called 'Let's Get Free'- includes writings for, by and about
'Free'. It's available for a donation of $5. Proceeds of the sale will
(after paying copy costs) go to Jeff Luers directly. From NA-ELPSN, POB
50082, Eugene, OR 97405 USA. naelpsn@tao.ca


Positive SchNEWS

Radical Routes is a network of over 50 small co-operatives who work
together to support collective ownership of houses and buildings for
groups working for radical social change. It also aids small worker
controlled businesses involved in socially useful work, supports and
promotes de-schooling and home education, and helps facilitate the
development of radical clubs and social centres. Radical Routes members
meet four times a year. The next gathering is Manchester 26th-27th
October. On the 26th there's an afternoon of discussions open to
non-members who want to find out more about co-ops and the work of
Radical Routes. Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick St., Ancoats, Manchester
www.radicalroutes.org.uk info@radicalroutes.org.uk 0161 224 4846


SchNEWS in brief

   * SchNEWS nearly 8th Birthday Party, with LSDS, Miss C MC & Mama,
     Harry Diezel, Judge Trev and Jelly, 7-11pm, 14th, Albert Pub,
   * SchNEWS exculsive: we're the first to announce that Noam Chomsky
     speaks at St.Pauls Cathedral, 9th December as a benefit for the
     Kurdish Human Rights Project. Tickets £15/£8 will be snapped up
     quick, get yours from Hannah 020 7287 2772
   * Gianfranco Fini, the Italian Foreign Minister, well known fascist,
     and director of police operations at last years Genoa protests, is
     speaking in London on the 22nd. He'd love to see you!! Meet 8am
     onwards outside Claridge's Hotel, 53 Brook Street, London, W1
   * The offices of SHAC (Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty) were raided
     again by police last Friday. Five computers were confiscated and
     two people nicked. SHAC desperately need donations to replace the
     stolen property. Four other SHAC protestors, including a
     70-year-old woman, have also been arrested in Kent and are on
     remand. SHAC, c/o Lynn Sawyer, 6 Boat Lane, Evesham,
     Worcestershire, WR11 4BP. 0845 458 0630 www.shac.net/resources.html
   * Sat 12th is a silent demo in Cambridge against the University's
     proposed primate research lab. Noon, Guildhall, Market Square 01223
     311828 info@x-cape.org.uk
   * 1000 students are expected for next months Shared Planet
     Conference, speakers including Mark Thomas and George Monbiot are
     hoping to inspire students to start campaigning for a better world.
     2-3 Nov. Warwick University Arts Centre. £16 (incl. accommodation)
   * There's a European Social Consulta which aims to build activist
     networks across Europe in Barcelona, 19th-20th October. Info
     www.europeanconsulta.org encuentro@consultaeuropea.org
   * 18th October is Media Democracy Day, a day dedicated to the
     promotion of independent media. Events in London see
   * Special Screening of McLibel Two Worlds Collide film, 8pm 16th
     October, Cinematheque, Middle Street, Brighton.


...and finally...

What would you do if you'd got yourself a nice countryside pad with a
sea view, but your neighbours, whose land your house is built on, keep
making extensions that are reducing the price of your property? You
could maybe move house, become more tolerant, or maybe even kill your

This last option may seem extreme, but for a family of badgers in
Saltdean, East Sussex this is exactly what's going to happen. Residents
in houses that were built on top of a badger sett have complained that
the badgers subterranean extensions are undermining their foundations.
And rather than look for alternative ways to cope with this problem, the
Animal Welfare Minister, Elliot Morley, has granted a licence for the
family of badgers to be killed under the 1992 Protection of Badger Act
(Ummm). SchNEWS would like to suggest that a load of property developers
out there be culled instead.

This Saturday there's a demonstration against the slaughter of the
badgers at Saxon Close, Saltdean 10am- noon.

* The culling of badgers by the government in their long drawn out
attempt to prove a link between badgers and the spread of TB in cattle
is restarting in two areas of the UK. To get involved in stopping the
culls contact 07773 572970 (Devon) or 07811 629846 (Derbyshire)


The SchNEWS Doctrine warns all readers that we reserve the right to
pre-emptively use our weapon of mass distraction against any bush-shit.


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