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(en) US, ANTI-WAR CONFERENCE OCT. 25-27 - ** http://www.wearepower.org

From Anti-Racist <smashracism101@yahoo.com>
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 01:49:17 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

"In all wars the object is to protect or to seize 
money, property and power, and there will always be 
wars so long as Capital rules and oppresses people." 
- Ernst Friedrich, War Against War (1924) 

POWER - People Opposing War, Empires & Rulers 
"The Many Faces of War, An Anarchist Perspective on 
WHEN: Friday Oct. 25 - Sunday Oct. 27 
WHERE: Arts in Action 
LOCATION: 4th floor of 1919 7th Street, Los Angeles CA

CALL: 949-436-1188 
EMAIL: Socalpower@wearepower.org 
WEBSITE: http://www.wearepower.org 
Volunteers are needed, Please contact us if you are 
able to help out!! 

FRONT: http://www.wearepower.org/front.pdf 
BACK: http://www.wearepower.org/back.pdf 

"Freedom is what we make of it. If we stand against 
repression, authority and illegitimate structures, we 
are expanding the domain of freedom and that's what 
freedom will be. That's what we create; there is 
nothing to define in words." 
-- Noam Chomsky 

The "Many Faces of War" conference, was created by 
POWER(People Opposing War, Empires and Rulers) and 
many other organizations, as a direct response to 
educate and empower people to make informed decisions 
about the many different war's being waged all over 
the world. The three-day conference is totally FREE of

charge, each night of the conference we will hold a 
variety of musical benefit shows, all $$$ that is made

will go towards groups participating in the 
conference, and Arts In Action. 
The conference is an anarchist/anti-authoritarian 
perspective on war, it will focus on growing political

repression due to war, racism, immigration, 
patriotism, community organizing, anarchist history, 
and the overall effect that war has on regular people,

it will also be a time that we are able to come 
together and speak to one another on what ordinary 
people can do to promote an anti-war and 
anti-authoritarian political movement together, within

their own community. We want a better world, one 
without hierarchy, imperialists, or empires. We want a

new world, and we are hoping that through education 
and action we are able to achieve that common goal 
that binds us all together. 

*Most workshops will be translated into Spanish* 

- ROTC/JROTC Recruitment - Mike Novick Anti-Racist 

- Amerikan history?s B side: White Supremacy, Violence

and Genocide - MCAlienmindcontrol 

- Colonialism & Racism - Mike Novick Anti-Racist 

- Aspects of Environmental destruction due to war - 

- Immigrants Know Your Rights - Los Jovenes 

- U.S Foreign Policy - Frank Dorrel 

- War and its effect on Unions - Jim Smith, LA Labor 

- Tribal History of War - Ben Axiom 

- US Military Intervention in South America - Don 
White from Committee in Solidarity with the People of 
El Salvador (CISPES) 

- War and it's effect on Indigenous people of the 
Americas - Lupe Lopez from Alianza Indigena 

- Iranian Women?s Movement Against War - Chantel, 
Maryam, Yassamin from Iranian Women?s Liberation Party


- The Fight for Palestine - Tamara Rettino & Garrick 
Ruiz from International Solidarity Movement 

- Afghanistan One Year Later - Sonali Kolhatkar from 
Afghan Women?s Mission/RAWA 

- The 2nd Colonialization of The Americas - Comite 
Zapatista De Los Angeles 

- Globalization & War - Hasan Hasan & Beth from POWER 

- Post 9/11 effects on immigrants - Hasan Hasan 

- Anarchist History & War - Panel including Chris 
Crass, Ericka, Matt Hart, Sam 

- September 11 

- Political Prisoners / Prisoners of War - ABCF LA 

- Self Defense - Colin & Gina 

- Direct Action/Civil Disobedience 

- Challenging White Supremacy - Kerry Levenberg, Amie 
Fishman and Chris Crass 

- Indian & Pakistan Conflict - Liberation Alliance 

- Women?s perspective on War - POWER 

- Campus Anti-War organizing - Afghan Students Union 

- Iraqi Sanctions - Voices in the Wilderness & Nuclear

Age Peace Foundation 

- Plan Puebla Panama - Comite Zapatista De Los Angeles

- Border Issues 

- Invest in Caring not Killing - Wages for House Work

- Linkage between the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and

the U.S. reinvasion of Iraq - Women in Black 

- The Theater of Protest, Dissecting Resistances - The

Journal of Aesthetics and Protest 


- Arts in Action 

If you would like to be involved in this conference, 
help give a workshop/suggest a workshop, or help out 
in any way please feel free to get in touch with us. 
Volunteers are needed, Please contact us if you are 
able to help out!! Also if you are in need of housing,

please get in touch with us, and we can help you out. 
Socalpower@wearepower.org or call 949-436-1188 or 
check out http://www.wearepower.org 

Also if you are interested in tabling, or selling 
times (Vendors) at the conference, please email or 
call us 

FRIDAY OCT 25 7:00 - Midnight - Opening Party, Hip 
Hop, Rap, along w/ Spoken Word 

10:00 - 11:30 Workshops 
11:30 - 12:30 Lunch/Plenary 
12:30 - 2:00 Workshops 
2:00 - 2:30 Plenary 
2:30 - 4:00 Workshops 
4:00 - 5:00 Panel Discussion 
7:00-Midnight Rave/Dance Party w/ DJ, Benefit Show 

11:00 - 12:30 Workshops 
12:30 - 1:00 Plenary 
1:00 - 2:30 Workshops 
3:00 - 7:00 Movie showing and outdoor activity at 
MacArthur Park, children?s events, street theater, 
Jazz music 
8:00-Midnight Womyns Bands and eclectic music 
Benefit show 

"...ironically, perhaps, the best organized dissenters

in the world today are anarchists, who are busily 
undermining capitalism while the rest of the left is 
still trying to form committees." 
--Jeremy Hardy, the Guardian (UK) 


** Mission Statement

The September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre 
(WTC) and the Pentagon by suicide bombers, leading to over 
3,000 deaths have grabbed world attention.

We anarchists, and anti-authoritarians condemn the attacks 
and extend our condolences to the families of those injured or 
killed. The death of thousands of ordinary civilians - including 
many ordinary workers - is not acceptable. The use of civilian 
aircraft for such an operation is authoritarian and coercive and 
shows the contempt of terrorists for human life.

It also shows that the terrorists are anti-working class: 
attacking people just because they are "American" regardless 
of their class position is reactionary and xenophobic.

At the same time as we oppose the terrorism of the bombers, 
we oppose equally the terrorism of all states, especially the US 
government. This capitalist military-industrial machine has 
been involved in more than 216 armed interventions against 
other countries and regions. We condemn any and all attempts 
by the Bush regime to use the attacks of 9-11 as an excuse for 
war against Afghanistan or any other country that is deemed to 
be a "terrorist" regime or part of the "axis of evil" by calling 
them that the Bush Administration is clearly trying to gather 
and build public support for a huge military campaign in those 
regions of the world. If those countries cannot be tied to the 
acts of 9-11 in any sort of way, then they are subjected to US 
"rule" that silently threatens that no state, except for the US is 
allowed to buy or construct "weapons of mass destruction. The 
main victims of the type of war the Bush Administration is 
planning will be ordinary people, workers and peasants. It will 
be the millions of children, like those of Iraq, Palestine and 
Afghanistan who are already suffering in the Middle East, it 
will be the the farms, homes, hospitals, and schools that have 
been built and cultivated by families and communities over 
many generations. The ruling elite in those countries will be 
mostly unaffected because they have the money to hide and to 
protect themselves. Bush and the US elite were hardly affected 
by the WTC attacks, equally, the Jihad, Mojaheddin, and 
Taliban groups will also be unaffected.

We oppose, will organize and speak out in clear voice against 
any attempt by the US capitalist class to build a global 
"anti-terror" coalition or to increase their repressive powers. 
We are against the Bush campaigns of:

    * extending police powers of arrest and surveillance
    * Increasing military spending
    * Increasing spending on intelligence services such as the 
    * Building a US-led global military force against "terrorism"

The American people are still rattled by the destruction of the 
World Trade Center towers and part of the Pentagon. They are 
afraid that the U.S. still hasn't found Osama bin Laden. There 
are many in the Bush Administration who are taking advantage 
of this fear and exploiting the tragedy of 9-11, the 
administration want to use this fear to start a war against 
countries all over the world whom they claim are part of the 
"axis of evil". Remember: there is absolutely no connection 
between Any of these countries and the September 11th 
terrorists. But Bush is apparently planning a war anyway. 
Troop buildups are starting and a war could start later this year. 
To do this Bush will have to come up with reasons for a war, 
and so we can expect to see his Administration provoking and 
manipulate the regions he is planning on attacking and use the 
corporate media once again to aide him in this cause. President 
George W. Bush will also need to convince the rest of the 
world that another war is needed, the administration is already 
doing that by spreading propaganda and lies regarding the 
different countries in the region he is planning on attacking. 
We oppose the Rulers and "leaders" in the countries who are 
planning on using the 9-11 horrific incident to bring forth an 
international witch hunt and cause for millions in the world to 
suffer. These leaders, are the leaders in the interests of the 
wealthy, the corporate globalists,the imperialists, the 
nationalist, the racists, and those that pay them. They could 
care less about the poor, the un-influential, the workers, the 
ones suffering the most, the ones who will be directly effected 
by a war.

Let our voices be heard loud and clear together, let us work 
with one another and build with one another a world in which 
our communities stand together in unity and wage 
international empowerment without borders or nationalities 
blinding us. Think globally and act locally.

So Who Are We?

For the most part we are Youth, Students,workers, parents, 
sons and daughters..plain people! from all over the US who 
want to work with one another in this anti-war movement, in 
our communities and schools from an anti-authoritarian 

We believe that the main task as anarchists during this period 
is to speak out, educate ourselves, and organize ourselves in an 
effort to stop the US war drive, growing political repression, 
and to fight racism against ordinary people who are wrongly 
blamed for the attacks. People of color are the ones directly 
affected during this time, and will continue to be attacked even 
when we are told this war is over.

We ALSO call for support for Middle Eastern, North African, 
Central/South Asian and Indonesian workers against the 
fundamentalists. These goals can only be accomplished 
through mass action by the working class itself.

Our Demands:

    * We call on US soldiers - particularly those from the 
oppressed minorities in the US - to refuse to fight Bush's 
imperialist and capitalist war
    * Community based grassroots anti-war organizing and 
    * We call for a campaign of rolling mass action - in both 
East and West -against Bush's war
    * We call for proletarian risings in the Muslim world against 
capitalism, fundamentalism, terrorism and the US attacks
    * Freedom and democracy for Palestine/ Israel and 
withdrawal of all US forces from the Middle East
    * No compromise to our rights as individual human beings. 
We refuse to sit still and live in a police state
    * We call on workers, activist and revolutionaries to mobilize 
against the war, and all consequences and actions that are 
taken by this war working class action and working class 

Our group is a National organization and network of people, 
working towards ending the US War Drive. Our efforts are both 
through local and global communities by education and 
actively promoting and exposing the truth about the injustice 
and oppression causes by US militarism. We are a purely 
grassroots, community based organization. We are open to all 
who are working on peace and justice, we are non sectarian, 
non sectarian, and non hierarchical and work to build a strong 
decentralized national network of people working together who 
oppose the US military war drive and to help empower 
ourselves and each other in doing activism and organizing 
around these issues. We would like to encourage more people 
nationwide to get involved, hold meetings and start organizing.

We are dedicated on working with our Middle Eastern brothers 
and sisters not just by telling them how to organize but actually 
by listening and working along with Middle Eastern cultural 
groups and Islamic centers in educating ourselves and one 
another, and building a strong resistance against the war and 
US military occupation.

We Are Dedicated To:

    * Community empowerment based on grassroots, non 
sectarian, non hierarchical, decentralized education and 
anti-war organizing
    * Solidarity work with targeted organizations and people who 
have been effected by the Patriot Act
    * Community Education on the diverse cultures and 
histories in the Middle East, and the countries who are being 
targeted by the US War Machine
    * Community Education on U.S. militarism and imperialism 
in the Middle East and around the world
    * Community Education on the impact of U.S. militarism on 
life within the U.S.especially for working-class people and 
people of color
    * Solidarity work with immigrants living in the US who are 
being harassed, jailed, or in some cases deported because of 
their race, religion or country of origin
    * Challenge white supremacy and patriarchy inside and 
outside our activist movement
    * Build and support creative non-violent and direct action 
Affinity group projects nationwide
    * Demand diversity and autonomy in organizing
    * Campaign against ROTC centers on campuses, and any 
other War research that goes on our local campuses
    * Mobilize students and youth of all ages to learn more, 
challenge, and confront those that support and direct the US 
War Machine
    * Educate on the practice and benefits of direct democratic 
and anarchistic forms of decision-making

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