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(en) Poland, warhead17

From soja2@poczta.onet.pl
Date Tue, 8 Oct 2002 16:23:12 -0400 (EDT)

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September 2002 issue #17
Seems that WARHEAD was asleep for a few months, but at this time I was really busy with activity, travelling and other stuff. Eventually I produced next issue. As always I
would like to stress that this is by no mean complete list of events from last months. 
Anti Border Camp in Wizajny
This year anti border camp took part in Wizajny, on the border with Lithuania. From the beginning cops and border guards reacted with panic on our arrival. Despite all of
their efforts to harass people and threaten local people not to help us, finally we got a place to stay on a big, private field.  During all camp, which lasted 5 days,
about 200 people appeared, some just for one or two days, some for more. There were people from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, France, Spain, Germany and some
other countries. There were many workshops and meetings, but in my opinion priority was given to less relevant subjects for this camp like sexism instead of more focusing
on increase of EU. Seems that many people still don’t think it is a problem and soon it can be too late, when European mega-state will grow more. Anyway, there were
not too many confrontations with cops, as people decided to ignore most of the very obvious police provocation. Only minor confrontation took pa...
Anti-NATO action in Warsaw
During NATO conference in Warsaw at the end of September about 100 anarchists demonstrated against this event. There was also bit bigger demonstration of trots and
socialists in other point of the city. Action was supposed to be kind of joke, with demonstrators collecting money from passing people for new F-16 aeroplanes for Polish
army, voicing support for bombings all over the world etc. Apart from that there was Food Not Bombs action and people tried to march in direction of the congress, but were
stopped by cops after some minutes of pushing. In general many people are disappointed from that action as there was enough time to prepare it a lot better and decisions
from organising crew were changing all the time, leaving most of people confused and limiting protest to anarchists from Warsaw and few guests from other cities. Anyway,
this was kind of prelude for November actions in Prague and already some groups are preparing for this mobilisation. 
Anti-Fascist news from Bialystok
In Bialystok struggle against fascism continues. As a matter of court trials against antifas, Rufik, whose case was described in previous issues many times, finally was
sentenced  for 2 years in 5 years probation.  This was very high sentence as for person without criminal record and without any proof of his guilt. Rufik unfortunately
didn’t have money to appeal this decision so this is final verdict.  There was also first trial of Lapa, anarchist endangered with very high prison sentence. About 15
nazis came for this trial along with similar number of anti-fascists and two times both groups almost started fighting, but antifa people didn’t want to make
situation of Lapa worse, so they limited themselves only to making photos of nazis. 
There were few skirmishes between anti-fascist patrols and nazis recently. Unfortunately, police increased its presence on the streets of Bialystok and each action is even
more risky than before. In recent case, all anti-fascist patrol and few nazis were arrested in the centre of the city by vans of cops with loaded shot-guns (something, what
almost never happens here) and one van of anti-terrorist brigade with submachine guns. What is worth noting that there was no fight and anti-fascist were only harassing
nazis verbally as all event took part very close to police station. All arrested were later released without any charges, after their weapon was confiscated. In similar
case ambush of anti-fascists on one well known nazi outside a building of a court ended in a big chase with civil clothes cops and two people were temporarily detained. All
of this shows that Bialystok cops are more and more repressive against anarchist and anti-fascists, giving nazis green light for their activit.
Current legal situation of anarchist community in Bialystok
Few activists having already sentence in probation. 5 cases of assault. One case of assault and robbery. One case of weapon possession. One case of grievous body harm. Two
cases of attempt to break into police radio transmitter. One case of violent resistance and insulting a police officer. One case of threatening behaviour. 5 people
investigated for criminal damage. This is together 10 people charged for 7 cases and more people investigated. Additionally there are still about 10 misdemeanour trials for
failure to disperse on police request, not giving ID card and similar offences. We spent about 800 $ on legal work and we need more funds. Local ABC team is totally
overloaded with financial needs so if any of you can help, drop us mail . ABC Bialystok would like to thank comrades from ABC groups in Spain, UK (Bristol, Brighton),
France (Dijon), Belgium (Gent), Czech Republic (ABC-CSAF) and also Freedom/London, NOVOST/France and ARA Defence Fund for financial help. Without you it woul
Action of anarchists in Lodz
On 31st of August in Lodz, when there is an anniversary of agreement between “opposition” and government of communist Poland, anarchists in Lodz reminded former
“opposition” leaders and now top politicians, that they betrayed ideals of workers revolt. Anarchists whistled and shouted on politicians and also distributed
leaflets and carried banners. Politicians, to whom message was addressed quickly run away and didn’t want to discuss these matter with gathered people. 
Solidarity actions with Belarusian anarchist Stas Poczobut
There were solidarity actions in Bialystok and Warsaw outside Belarusian embassies and consulates as a sign of solidarity with Stas Poczobut, Belarusian anarchist brutally
beaten by fascists cops in Grodno/Belarus. Belarusian government tries to make this case silent, Stas just left hospital with broken face bones and damaged sight. In Warsaw
Belarusian embassy was also paintbombed and posters were stuck to its gates during separate, night time action of anarchists. 
Situation of Squats
DeCentrum manages pretty well, with liberated zone around the squat, where nazis are afraid to come anymore. In one month there will be 2nd anniversary of this squat. Just
some metres near ,young kids from neighbourhood squatted another building and called it DeCentrum Juniors. They renovated the building, built rooms and meet there every day
while DeCentrum squatters help them to do homework and to do renovations. Co-operation goes very good! Czarna Zaba in Warsaw, after some problems with cops and electricity
company, now faces problem of eviction. Owner of this area, BP, tries to build there a petrol station ,but they don’t have all permissions so this squat will be there
for some time still. In a meantime there were some concerts and meetings. Krzyk in Gliwice is celebrating its 4th anniversary, but very soon it will be evicted, although
squatters will get new, legal building from city council. 
Tomasz Wilkoszewski still fights for his freedom!
Tomasz Wilkoszewski, anti-fascist prisoner who spent longest time in prison from Polish activist, is still fighting for his freedom. After international day of solidarity
for him, seems that its not enough for president to grant him clemency. People from his solidarity group are continuing their work and campaign to make him free.

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