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(en) Solidarious #17 Sep. 2002 - Cyprus: 7 months prison sentence for anarchist Giorgos Karakasian, convicted for his solidarity with the palestinian people

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 8 Oct 2002 02:23:24 -0400 (EDT)

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In a concentration of solidarity with palestinian revolt, on April
18 in Egomi, Cyprus, there were clashes between police and
demonstrators outside the house of the israeli ambassador.
Three policemen were injured and 5 demonstrators arrested,
among them G. Karakasian and S. Maragos.
[Previous call for solidarity - April 2002 ]

On August 27, during his trial in Leukosia, G. Karakasian
stated that he doesn't intend to ask for any clemency or
forgiveness from the court and in front of a surprised and
embarrassed judge he admitted all "charges", explaining the
reasons he doesn't regret for any of them. Because of his
positions the court decided to put him in prison until the
announcement of the sentence, on September 4. His comrades
published the following leaflet:


Our comrade G. Karakasian has been a hostage of the state of
Cyprus since 27 August; of a state that calls itself democratic,
while trying with all means to repress and manipulate any form
of social struggle and anyone who actively contests it. The only
"crime" our comrade committed is that he contested the state
and the rationales originating from it. Rationales such as
apathy, squealing, servility, ... are necessary for the survival not
only of the state of Cyprus, but of every state, of every form of

Last April, in a period of massive and continuous slaughter of
the palestinian people by the zionist killers, G. Karakasian
could not be indifferent. Scorning this model of life that wants
people trapped in personal dead-ends and scraping along
(school, military service, work, retirement, death), he chose
the daily and uncompromising struggle as an attitude of life but
also as an attitude of personal dignity.

The provocation of the israeli ambassador, who decided that it
was ok to celebrate the establishment of his bloody state in the
middle of slaughtering children, was not left without an
answer. This time neither the forces of repression nor the
demonstration's "guards of order" managed to defuse the
people's rage. Of course the cops were present, dogs ready to
protect their bosses, all those scums that live as parasites
exploiting workers who try to survive under conditions that are
getting more difficult everyday.

Our imprisoned comrade G. Karakasian appeared in the court
having to face 8 charges, the three of them considered very
serious. We will say some things about them not because we
have anything to "justify" - besides, social struggle can in no
way be "judged" by the so-called "bourgeois legality". We will
talk about these accusations because we want to show the
hypocrisy and dirt of all those who have the word "justice" as a
lollipop in their mouth. To end with the illusions about who is
the Law serving.

1st ACCUSATION: "Causing severe injury to police officer". If
symbolically clutching the helmet of a cop, who few minutes
later was giving an interview in front of cameras, can be
considered as "causing severe injury", then how can we call
the arrest of our comrade by gorilla-cops who threw him in the
yard of the israeli scum's house and hit him in all parts of his
body, screaming "We fuck your anarchy" and pulling his ring
from his nose, causing him bleeding?? And the democratic
procedures didn't stop there. When G. Karakasian went back
to hospital the next day to take the file of his case, he was told
that the papers had accidentally disappeared...

2nd ACCUSATION: "causing damage to a car belonging to
one of the persons invited to the party". This specific
"gentleman" who happens to be the manager of a
multinational company and was invited to the slaughter party,
was warned by Karakasian to leave the place. But he didn't. On
the contrary he tried to drive through the demonstrators! We
think that the only reason that nothing worst happened to him
is only because social fighters are neither murderers nor
accomplices in murders like his acquaintances! The scums
talk about material damages, we talk about human lives.

3d ACCUSATION: "Possession of explosive device". This is
the ridiculous charge for possessing a bullet. It is an accusation
not worth of any comment, it just shows how vengeful is the
"civilized" and europeanized state of Cyprus, when it comes to
judge social fighters.


As comrades of G. Karakasian, we are certainly sad that he is
now hostage in the prisons of the state of Cyprus. But at the
same time we are happy to know that our comrade remains
strong and aware of the influence of this actions and positions
in the revolutionary scene of the island and generally in the
future social struggles.

Our solidarity will be present until the day they will announce
the sentence (4 September), so that the supporters of
authoritarian misery will understand that their attack against
anarchists and other people who struggle will not be without
cost. For a life of freedom, a life where everyone will be free to
enjoy everything through equality, solidarity and mutual aid.



Anarchist Group of Cyprus"

 One day before the announcement of the court's decision,
comrades from the Anarchist group of Cyprus made an
intervention in Larnaka Airport, sharing leaflets and placing a
banner writing in english "Destroying poverty you destroy
capitalism - Revolt Now! - Free anarchist Giorgos
Karakasian". They spray-painted the streets around the airport
while the cops were "discreet".

Giorgos Karakasian was convicted to 7 months imprisonment
and a 100 Cyprus liras fine. In a supplementary statement
before the verdict, he said "I did what I did in full
consciousness of my responsibility, I don't regret anything, I
consider myself a political prisoner and I fight for a society
without nations and classes, without state and authority, where
all people will live according to the values of equality and
solidarity". The judge said that the only punishment he can
give him is freedom deprivation, and that the gravity of the
sentence has a dissuasive meaning, because, as he said, he
doesn' t think there's a chance that G. Karakasian will be
"corrected" or change attitude. Karakasian was taken to the
prison of Leukosia.

For communication with Anarchist Group of Cyprus:

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