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(en) <alter-ee> New from Macedonia: COLLECTIVE FOR LIBERTARIAN IDEA (K.S.I.)

From ivo banac <f_ferrer1909@yahoo.com>
Date Mon, 7 Oct 2002 09:08:51 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

KOLEKTIV ZA SLOBODARSKA IDEJA is the first anarchist
collective in Macedonia. We are responsible for the
first published anarchist pamflet in macedonian language since our
beginnings at december18-th, 1999. We have so far manage to make 4
pamphlets with different topics concerning anarchist views on the
various themes who have been sold (or mainly given for free) in
approximately 600 copies. We strongly believe in the idea of anarchist
society based on workers self-management (which is the base of the
libertarian socialism), solidarity, mutual aid and direct
democracy. Our main interests are publishing anarchist/libertarian
literature that doesn?t exist in macedonian language (we have
translated the Angel J. Cappelletti book ?La theoria anarquista? and
very soon we will publish the first anarchist book in macedonian
language ever!!!) and making a counterculture radical anarchist
propaganda with posters, stickers against the state, state
militarisation and the state centralization, against elections,
sexism, racism, fascism, capitalism, economical 
globalization, state socialism and reformism!

We think that all the state-political and economical systems
cannot augment human freedom and cannot decrease human

We don?t believe that any kind of statist, institutional,
hierarchical and repressional power forced from the
top of a state based society can make any kind of progress 
that will stop the destructive exploitation of the nature, 
humans and animals.

Individual responsibility and direct actions are our ideological
means. Thus, from psychological point of view we strongly believe
that any authoritarian relations are indicating the human artificial
need for power and leadership which leads to final catastrophe of the
normal natural order and cannot ameliorate the social development.
The hierarchical and authoritarian relations are implemented in every
segment of the society beginning from the educational process. These
essential(educational)processes are determinated of the state
politics and they are creating the hierarchical characteristics of
the human relations in every segment of the society.

The examples are visible. Political and economical orientations of the
government strongly determinate the educational process, the
producing process and they create an insane society. We would like to
see all the people aware and united against all of this.

Also, we would like to cooperate with all ACTIVE
anarchist/libertarian groups and individuals on affinity level. We
have also been one of the few active members of the G.A.M.A. (Group
for antimilitarist action) since it is very beginnings, but now we
have our own independent antimilitarist initiative and we are open
for collaboration with them and we hope that they will
accept it.

Concerning antimilitarism, we?ve made the first ever anarchist
and at the same time antimilitarist counterpropaganda
stickers and poster. 

Their appearance depends of financial support of various
groups and individuals (maybe even G.A.M.A., but we
are still waiting for their realization).

Furthermore, starting in summer of 1999 till now we have
released 8 issues of our anarchist paper which at first was
international newsletter written in 3 languages, but now it is local
and written in macedonian language(the first anarchist paper in
Macedonia ever!). The last issue was dedicated to anti-globalist
movements and anti-globalist manifestations with big explanations on
the politics of WB and IMF and their devastating interference in our
domestic economy. From this point of view, our forthcoming activities
are and will be strongly concentrated against the neoliberal
imperialism that must be destroyed by the leading social power, the 
working class. This disease must be replaced with the
self-management principles of the liberal socialism and
anarcho-syndicalist practical
experiences or any other practical methods that will
lead us to free and equal society. Segments of our struggle and our
goals strongly determinate the means that we are using. That means
that we are not closed by the various methods of anarchist ideas, au
contraire, we are inspirated and stimulated by theirs and ours
theoretical and practical experiences.









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