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(en) new updates to the All People Equal site.

From "Hutchings, James" <James.Hutchings@ato.gov.au>
Date Fri, 4 Oct 2002 05:39:24 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

   The All People Equal site (www.angry.at/racists) now has some new music
in the folk, punk/metal/noise, and 'other styles' sections.

There's also a short new news item about Julian Knight, who carried out the
Hoddle Street massacre, having links to Nazi groups.

All People Equal
'anarchy against bigotry'.

ANARCHY AGAINST BIGOTRY http://www.angry.at/racists

PO Box 1191
Richmond North VIC 3121

 Phone (03) 9513 0533 
    (message bank - call any time)
  Email allpeopleequal@hotmail.com
Hi and welcome to our website.  We are All People Equal, a
small group based in Melbourne .  Our aim is to spread
information against all kinds of discrimination - like for
example racism, sexism, hatred of gay people, adults looking
down on teenagers, and so on.  We believe in the ideas of
anarchism (complete equal rights for everyone).   We have
more information about this in the ?community? section of the

The site has five main sections:

The ?community? section has a guestbook, where you can
leave comments or messages.  We?d particularly like it if
people used this to get in touch with people in their own areas. 
It doesn?t seem to be being used that much so far
unfortunately?This section also has information on us, and on
the ideas of anarchism.

The ?music? section is a collection of anarchist or other
anti-system music for people to download.  All of it is free. 
It?s divided into five types of music - punk/metal/noise, hip
hop, electronic (techno and dance music), folk (including
country), and other styles (like for example reggae, soul, and
ska).  There are some bands that are in both the
punk/metal/noise and electronic sections.

The ?free stuff? section is for free stuff other than the mp3s
and videos in the music section. We have Win MX, which is a
program which lets you download music, pictures or software
for free, and Activate, who have free condoms and a CD, as
well as a free magazine. We should have more CDs available

The ?issues? section has information on things like sex, war,
unemployment, child abuse and so on.  The information on
anarchism in this section is the same as in the ?community?

The ?martyrs? section has information on people that have
died for the cause - in one case they were killed by the police,
in the other they were killed by Nazi skinheads.  Sometimes
people think that this stuff isn?t very serious - they think that
Nazis put on uniforms and march around, but don?t really hurt
anyone.  Sometimes this is true, but sometimes it?s very

That?s about all you need to know.  If you?re interested in the
site or in what we do, please feel free to get in touch with us or
leave a message in the guestbook.


for All People Equal.

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