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(en) Ireland: Shannon refuelling reveals Seville declaration to be worthless

From "Andrew" <andy@dojo.tao.ca>
Date Tue, 1 Oct 2002 08:28:18 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Press Release - Sept/31/2002
From: Libertarians Against Nice
Shannon refuelling reveals Seville declaration to be worthless

Today's poll in the Irish Times shows Irish 
people are against war on Iraq by a margin of 2 
to 12.  So why are US warplanes being refuelled 
at Shannon airport and allowed to use Irish 
airspace?  Libertarians Against Nice, which will 
take part in the protests at Shannon airport on 
12th October, point out that this is an example 
of why the Seville declaration on Irish 
neutrality is not worth the paper it is written 

Speaking for LAN Andrew Flood said

"Nearly 60% of Irish people do not want a US war 
against Iraq.  Yet our government is allowing US 
military planes to refuel and train at Shannon 
airport and to use Irish airspace.  US military 
planes are already involved in bombing attacks 
on Iraq.  Planes of the same type landing and 
training out of Shannon (the Hercules C130) were 
used in Afghanistan to drop 15,000lb 'Daisy 
Cutter' bombs.  During the Afghan war protesters 
at Shannon saw planes full of US marines in 
desert combat uniforms land at Shannon.

Libertarians Against Nice will be taking part in 
the October 12th protest at Shannon because we 
believe the refuelling that is going on there 
exposes the fiction of Irish neutrality.  The 
Irish government have tried to remove the issue 
of militarisation from the Nice referendum by 
way of the Seville declaration on "military 
neutrality".  But Irish refuelling of over 500 
war planes since the start of the Afghan war 
reveals just how meaningless this declaration 
is.  This is not a neutral act, if we were 
refuelling Iraqi war planes on a daily basis no 
one would pretend it was."

Speaking for LAN Chekov Feeney said  

"Just as the internal policy of the European 
Union is geared towards satisfying the interests 
of Big Business irrespective of social cost, so 
too are its global actions. The Common Foreign 
and Security Policy (CFSP - a common front on 
world affairs from all EU governments) and the 
Rapid Reaction Force (the European Army) are the 
EU's tools to promote the interests of European 
Multinationals across the world. The Nice Treaty 
will bring Ireland into Europe's major military 
alliance, since the EU will directly take over 
responsibility for European military matters 
from the WEU (NATO's alliance of EU states of 
which Ireland is not a member).

"If Nice passes, the EU will become responsible 
for 'crisis-management'. Columbia is an example 
of what this is likely to mean. The Columbian 
Government has liberalised it's economy, reduced 
trade taxes, sold off state owned companies, 
made contracts especially beneficial to foreign 
investment. British Petroleum, the Smurfit 
Group, and French supermarket chain Casino all 
have extensive interests there, to name but 
three. To push these plans through, the 
government has waged a civil war against the 
rural poor. Meanwhile, through the CFSP, E.U. 
governments contributed 200 million U.S. dollars 
to the Columbian Government's war funds. 

"According to the Columbian police's own 
figures, over 80% of all the massacres there 
have been carried out by right wing 
paramilitaries, closely linked to state forces. 
The CFSP has nothing to do with humanitarianism. 
It is designed to ensure the flow of profits to 
EU multinationals like BP and Smurfit. 

--- ends --

More information on Ireland, the EU and 
militarism at

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