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(sup) anarchist game?

From "Hutchings, James" <James.Hutchings@ato.gov.au>
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2002 06:38:42 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

   I'm wondering if there is anyone who is experienced in computer
programming who might be able to help with an idea that I've had for a

The idea is for a game based around the anarchist movement.  The basic model
for it is like 'Civilisation' - you build different units which have various
powers.  The different units are different kinds of anarchist groups.  To
some extent their behaviour is stereotyped for the purposes of having a
workable game (you'll notice that the different groups are equally

I've included a written model of how the game could work below.

This game could be given out as freeware, as a way of promoting anarchist
ideas.  It could have information on the different kinds of units (similar
to the information on different advances in 'Civilisation'), as well as
links to the websites of the various groups represented.

If anyone wants to help program it, please contact me:
james.hutchings@ato.gov.au.  Also any ideas for the game would be useful as


Each city has a number of units which are diff't types -

the basic units are -

Food Not Bombs
Anarchist Press
Green Anarchist
Internet collective
Anarcho punks
Anarcha feminists
Black Autonomy

Start with, for example, 10 units which can be spread across cities in any

There are also some units which have special pre-requisites:

Copwatch - can't set up unless you have an ARA in the city.
Unemployed Workers' Union - need IWW plus (Food Not Bombs or Anarchopunks).
Record Shop - need Infoshop + Anarchopunks
Animal Liberation Front - need two of Green Anarchist, Anarchopunks, or Food
Not Bombs.
Anarchist FAQ - need an internet collective, plus IWW or Anarchist Press.
You can only build one Anarchist FAQ in one city (it works similarly to a
'wonder' in Civilisation).

If all internet collectives 'die', then the anarchist FAQ dies as well.

There is a special 'unit', a conference, which doesn't continue (see below).

There is another special unit, a 'squatted social centre', which you can't
build - you have to build squatters and then they (may) build it (see

At the start you choose which country to play in (which have a different
number of cities).

Each city has a project (kind of like civilisation building units) - which
has a future date - usually will be 8-12 weeks.  If it's in a new city, add
3 weeks.  If it's a unit which doesn't exist in the source city, add 2
weeks.  If it's a unit which doesn't exist anywhere, add another 2 weeks.

You can always change what the project is, which puts it back some weeks
(4-6 eg?).

Each city has a variable 'funding'.  Always starts at a moderate level.
If 'funding' is bad, it can either put the city's project back (1-4 weeks
say), or destroy a random unit.  If it's good, can have the option of
donating money (which decreases funding and brings the project forward). CD
shops tend to increase funding, anarcho punks do too to a lesser extent
(fundraisers).  Internet collectives tend to decrease funding (unusual
amount of expenses).

Infoshops can bring projects forward.

Too many infoshops in proportion to other units can decrease funding.
Infoshops with a large number of other units proportionally can increase

If something morale-boosting (ie brings projects forward), or sectarianism
or macho bullshit - decreasing happens in a city which has an internet
collective, there is a chance that there will be a lesser effect in each
city which also has an internet collective.

Each city has two variables, sectarianism and macho bullshit.

"Sectarianism" can increase randomly but especially if you have Green
Anarchist and any other unit in the same city.  High sectarianism in a given
city puts projects back.  Sectarianism decreases if you have an intergroup
conference (which needs at least 3 units representing at least 2 different

"Macho bullshit" tends to increase if you have anarcho punks or Green
Anarchist, and is reduced if you have anarcha feminists.

Macho bullshit + sectarianism can cause fights which destroy units or put
projects back.

Sec. and MB are generated randomly for all cities at the start - it
represents the attitudes of the dissident mileu in general (which is why a
city can have a rating even when there's no units there.  It means that the
sort of people who are likely to form anarchist groups have a particular
attitude which they will carry into the group).

Each city has a rating representing the level of activity of cops, Nazis,
Maoists and Trotskyists.  These ratings start at a random level and go up
over time, whether or not there are any units in the city.  If they're high
enough they start destroying units.  If they're high enough and there are no
units in the city they move to other cities where there are units - 
This is slightly different if there is high Maoist or Trotskyist activity,
and the other faction is present.  One faction having a high level vs the
other having a low level may mean that one absorbs the other.  Both factions
having a high level may mean that they concentrate on fighting each other,
reducing both. 

ARA and Black Autonomy tend to reduce Nazi activity.

Copwatch tend to reduce police activity.

Trotskyists and Maoists decrease depending on the number of different types
of units, not the number of units (ie a small scene which nonetheless has
different types of activity is more likely to attract people than a larger
scene which only does one thing and therefore appeals to less people).

Anarchist Press units make it much less likely that Trotskyists or Maoists
will be able to destroy any units (including Press units themselves).  They
do not reduce the level of Trotskyist or Maoist activity, only 'protect' the
anarchist scene.

The Anarchist FAQ works in the same way, but protects any city which has an
internet collective.

Any decrease in activity from any of these groups can flow on from internet
collective to internet collective, 'increasing morale' (=bringing projects

Social centres are very vulnerable to Trotskyists and Maoists, who will go
for them before any other unit.

The IWW are more likely than other units (except for social centres) to be
destroyed by Trotskyists or Maoists.

ARA are more likely than other units (except for social centres) to be
destroyed by Maoists.

Food Not Bombs are more likely than other units to be destroyed by cops or

Police w try to get rid of the A.L.F. first, or if no ALF, squatters, social
centres, or Food Not Bombs units.  Only then will they go for other units.

If one city has more ALF units than another, police will tend to be moved to
the city with more (ie reduce in one and corresponding increase in other)

Squatters may convert to the special 'squatted social centre' unit, which is
very difficult to get rid of and which:
* Makes internet collectives less expensive (can offer them a space)
* Makes fundraisers more beneficial (for the same reason)
* Reduces the effect of infoshops with too few other units.

Squatters are unsually vulnerable to the police (like F.N.B.)

Animal Liberation Front  units are less likely to be destroyed by the cops
than any other unit.

Anarcho punks and to a far greater extent Green Anarchist are moderately
good at dealing with all four (by biffo).  If this happens this is likely to
slightly increase MB, and Sec. if there is a Food Not Bombs in the city.

Occassionally Maoists will try to recruit in the black community (stopped by
Black Autonomy), Trotskyists will try to recruit feminists (stopped by
anarcha feminists), Nazis will try to recruit the unemployed (stopped by
Unemployed Workers' Union).  Stopping them doesn't increase morale but
success can be fairly disastorous.

Occassionally there will be strikes.  You need an IWW unit to link with it
at all.  Sometimes the workforce will be predominantly female (will fail if
Mac. is too high) and/or black (also need Black Autonomy).  Linking
increases morale, failing to do so decreases morale.  
Having a Food Not Bombs means that they can provide strike support which
increases the chances of a victory (provided the other requirements are
Having high funding gives the option of donating money which also increases
the chances of a victory (provided the other requirements are met).

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