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(en) Argentina: piquetera victory (ca)

From worker-a-infos-en@ainfos.ca (Lists Flow)
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 14:18:23 -0500 (EST)

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After 7 hours on Pueyrredon Bridge, the Movimiento de
Trabajadores Desocupados Aníbal Verón, Bloque Piquetero, Barrios
de Pie, Movimiento Sin Trabajo, Coordinadora de Unidad Barrial
(CUBa) Correpi and the Familiares de Víctimas del Gatillo Fácil
reached  the Plaza de Mayo to commemorate Dario Santillan and
Maximiliano Kosteki, our two comrades assassinated 5 months ago
by the Provincial Police of Buenos Aires. 

Today we set out to march to commemorate our comrades. We were
successful, but we will not let the Government distract public
attention on the question of our rights to demonstrate, when the
basic problem is that they cannot solve the problem of hunger in
our town or the humiliating living conditions that affect a
large part of the people. 

We arrived at the Plaza without being subjected to the police
searches that the National Government tried to impose on us.
After 7 hours of tension generated by the huge numbers of
mounted police placed at Pueyrredon Bridge, the unemployed
workers firmly insisted that we would not accept, nor will ever
accept, being frisked: 

* Because we set out to mobilize peacefully in memory of our
comrades and to demand our rights

* Because it is a deliberate violation of our democratic freedom

* Because we want the freedom to mobilize like any Argentine
citizen who can freely protest 

* Because the frisking is a provocation and serves to
discriminate against the poor people of Buenos Aires 

* Because we are not going to accept to be handled, controlled
and interrogated by the punitive forces that killed our comrades
and that have brutally repressed us 

* Because we are responsible for the self-management of our
mobilized ranks

* Because we will fight against any attempt to continue
criminalizing and repressing the popular protest that demands
its rights and that day after day undergoes unacceptable
humiliation at hands of an unpunished government. 

In spite of negotiations in the Casa Rosada, the Home Office had
to recognize that the intention behind the frisking
was based on a presumption of guilt that we will never accept
because it moreover signifies a regression in the democratic
rights of all our society. 

On this 5th march to commemorate our comrades the press was able
to verify the authoritarian behaviour of the police troops who
tried to prevent entrance to the "Madres de Plaza de Mayo",
the Interior Home Office Security Secretary busied himself
during the afternoon with trying to provoke a state of panic
over the
imminent possibility of repression. 

We could see that while operatives finished completing the
blocking of the Bridge, operators of the Interior Home Office
Security Secretary began to spread words of imminent repression
of the demonstrators. This is the same strategy that was used on
June, Eduardo Duhalde and Juan José Álvarez (present Minister of
Justice and National Security) being responsible. 

While these operations continued, we could see that in all the
areas surrounding Pueyrredon Bridge and the Avellaneda Station,
an impressive display of police was gathering. There were troops
in each street of the Avellaneda area and the ranks that were
returning to their districts found themselves in a real rat

In a country where children are dying of hunger as a result of
the State's inaction and the ferocious and unequal accumulation
of capital, our communal food halls feed 12 thousand children
daily thanks to the collective self-organization of workers who
receive 150 "lecop" per month. While the Government gives a
subsidy to the unemployed people who organize themselves, it
pays the "Felices Los Niños" Foundation $14 million to feed

That was money given by the ex-President Carlos Menem, the same
who now demands the presence of the Armed Forces in the streets
to fight delinquency and so that "we do not have hooded figures
in the streets". While the guy from La Rioja tries to win votes
through demagogic speeches where he tries to criminalize us,
President Eduardo Duhalde forgets the unheard-of levels of
mortality and states that he would have no trouble changing the
Interior Security Law to remove the Armed Forces from the

We strongly repudiate this manoeuvre that seeks to drive the
political struggle even more to the right. We will not allow
them to use us as spare change to obtain the favour of that tiny
electorate which listens to them. We will continue to demand our
rights and we will demand that they speak on the matter. 

Movimiento de Trabajadores Desocupados Aníbal Verón, 

The following organizations make up the Movimiento de
Trabajadores Desocupados Aníbal Verón: 

MTD Solano, MTD Lanús, MTD Darío Santillán de Almirante Brown,
MTD Florencio Varela, MTD Guernica, MTD Quilmes, MTD Esteban
Echeverría, MTD Oscar Barrios de José C. Paz, MTD Lugano
(Capital Federal), MTD Berisso, MTD 22 de Julio (of Allén, in
Río Negro), MTD Darío Santillán (of Cipolleti, in Rìo Negro)

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