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(en) Incident with bolseviks on antiNATO demonstration in Prague, 21. 11. 2002

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(http://www.csaf.cz/english.php)
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2002 08:11:00 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Czech trockist are organised in small organisations, which are
parts of bigger international organisations. There are three:
Socialisticka alternativa Budoucnost (Socialist alternative - The
Future), member section of Committee for Workers International,
Socialisticka Solidarita (Socialist Solidarity), member section of
International Socialist, and Socialisticka organizace pracujicich
(Socialist organization of labour), member section of League fo
Revolutionary Communist International. Their ideology is not
attractive in Czech republic with experience of Bolshevik
dictatorship, so they create front organisation for their agitprop
work in ranks of young angry people. It was Campaign for rights
of youth, Initiative against racism, and now it is Initiative against

Members of Bolshevik organisations (and some sympathizers of
Initiative against war) made block, which came on
demonstrations against NATO, which was organised by
anti-authoritarian platform AntiNATO (it includes Czechoslovak
anarchist federation, Feminist group of 8. 3. and many of
individuals). Anarchists have big political problems with Bolsheviks
parasitizing on anarchist demonstrations and in many times we
said it in many times hem, that they are not welcome. Now they
promised, that they will not propagate their Bolshevik ideas and
organisations, but that they will propagate only their anti-war
campaign. It was compromise and we let them on our
demonstration 20. 11.

But at 21. 11. there were also Rifondazione Comunista next to
block of Initiative against war (this block had 40-90 members on
demonstration). As we traced latter, they were not informed
about promise of Czech trots. They had on anarchist
demonstration banner with big sickle and hammer. We really do
not want to have on anarchist demonstration symbols of
Bolshevik dictatorships, which liquidated many of anarchists in
Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Spain and Bulgaria and also for many
years suppressed peoples of coun tries in eastern Europe.

One organiser (member of Feminist group of 8. 3.) therefore
came to them and asked them to furl their banner or leave
demonstration. She even proposed them to go on route, where
we had possibility to have legal march, but which we did not
want to go. When they did not reflect, she attacked their banner,
but she was attacked from members of RifCom, which beat and
bitted her. Some Czech trots said that this was revenge for Zdenek
Zewel, Czech Trot, who was brutally attacked in summer 2001 by
some Czech militant anarchists from circles near to Federation of
Social Anarchists (member section of IWA). Circa one hour after it
there were Bolsheviks, namely members of RifCom, attacked by
some masked people from Czech militant anarchist/antifascist
circles (Czech trots said, that their number was twenty). They
broke to one member of RifCom his nose.

Organisers did not want tolerate block, which included people,
who attacked our comrade. So, in the time, when anarchist
procession stood in Belehradska street and waited on procession
of eastern European anarchists, went one member of CSAF and
some masked antifascists to block of Initiative against war, where
also some members of RifCom were. Member of CSAF called to
Bolsheviks to go off and masked antifascists attacked them. One
of Bolsheviks called to retreat, there was liquidated one banner of
Initiative against war. In a moment the police arrived and divided
Bolsheviks from angry antifascists. Some of them started to
scream "Bolshevik cunts!" (!!!) and other slogans.

I think, that we cannot tolerate on our actions Bolshevik
propaganda. We also cannot tolerate attacks of our comrades. I
think, that it was not good to attack them so rashly, without to give
them any time to go off. I was also disgusted from political level of
slogans, which were cried against them. But RifCom should
understand, that to bring banner with big sickle and hammer on
anarchist demonstration in Eastern Europe is not good idea.

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