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(en) Cyprus anarchist group for George Karakasian

From Katerina Tzavara <exegersi2002@yahoo.com>
Date Mon, 25 Nov 2002 15:41:51 -0500 (EST)

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This letter from George Karakasian reached us clandestinely
from prison.
(All his books and letters have been confiscated, and mail
with comrades has been stopped.)

16 November 2002

I have been a hostage in the prisons of the Cypriot State since
August 27 2002. The court convicted me with a seven months
sentence because I rebelled, offering my solidarity to the
fighting people of Palestine, but also, and mainly, because I
didn?t regret hitting a cop, my class enemy. I admitted all the
charges that the protectors and accomplices of the zionist
murderers accused me of. In my ?defence? I said that the
charges against me were questionable and completely
ridiculous. The attempt to knock off a cop?s hat had been
interpreted by the media as ?continuous punching? using
artificial video repetition and false testimonies of the police. 

Of course the attempt to slander, twisting and
misrepresenting the events that took place on the 18 April
outside the blood-drenched villa of the zionist scum, does not
end here. During a period of social unrest marked by
international mobilization against the baneful slaughter by the
dominators which is continually intensifying (Afghanistan,
Middle East and Iraq), the TV and radio represented the
actions of anarchists and other fighting people as ?shameful

As well as persecuting rebels the Cypriot State imports Israeli
systems of surveillance and has even provided a stadium for
the Israeli team to play football in so as to maintain perfect
diplomatic relations with the bloodthirsty State of Israel. 

In my ?defence? in court (27/08/02) I said the following: ?The
police concocted this machination, adding maximum charges
against me in order to vilify me as much as possible. The cops
are the henchmen of the State, authority and zionism. I
declare with full responsibility that I am against the State and
every kind of authority. Concerning the ?beating ? of the
police chief, I do not see that I acted wrongly nor do I ask for
the leniency of the court?.

The judge executioner, surprised at first, mentioned that this
could not be called an ?defence? or was a defence in quotation
marks. Then, furious, he had me remanded in custody until
the day of the verdict (September 4) bearing in mind the
report of the social welfare office. 

4/09/02. Before pronouncing sentence the judge, on reading
the interview that I gave to the social worker, said: ?In his
interview the accused expresses his ideology since he stated
that he struggles for a society with equality and solidarity,
without nations or classes.? Before the judge could finish his
sentence I raised my fist towards his hated bench, then
towards the public to face my comrades who had fought with
me, intending in this way to assure everyone in the
courtroom, and also all those who every day sink further into
the swamp of apathy and illusions, THAT CONSENSUS

Finally I would like to give my solidarity to comrade Sotiris
Marangos who is being tried for the same events and to all
those who rebel everywhere in the world.

George Karaksaian

Central Prison of Cyprus, 

Wing 2B 6523, Nicosia, Cyprus.

George?s imprisonment is a consequence of events that
occurred at a demonstration outside the home of the Israeli
ambassador in Nicosia, Cyprus. The occasion was a party the
latter had decided to throw for local politicians and
businessmen to celebrate the anniversary of the bloodthirsty
State of Israel. Many people, including anarchists, were angry
about this celebration of the genocide of the Palestinian

A number of arrests were made and particular repression was
meted out to the anarchists as they did not attempt to defend
their actions, underlining their solidarity with the people of
Palestine in their struggle against the Israeli project of
annihilation. George was severely beaten that night and taken
to hospital. The next day his file was nowhere to be found. He
was later sentenced to 7 month?s prison during which time
his mail has been censured and all his personal belongings
(books, letters, etc) have been confiscated. 

Repression against anarchists and sympathisers in Cyprus
does not stop here. Following a flyposting expedition a
comrade was dragged away handcuffed from outside the
anarchist meeting place, taken to the cop station and
repeatedly beaten to the extent that the cops themselves took
him to hospital. This however did not prevent them from
recommencing the beating upon their return. He was
released, bruised and bleeding next day.

Anarchist comrade Sotiris Marangos is currently on trial in
Nicosia court, under the same judge Papamichael who
sentenced George - for which he received instant promotion -
with similar charges. The next hearing has been set for
December 5th.

Here is the text of a poster that has been flyposted in various
towns of Cyprus.


Who was arrested following a demonstration outside the
Israeli ambassador?s home on 18/04/02 where he gave his
unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian people and is
presently on trial, the next hearing being set for 5/12/02. 

The crime is the distortion of the facts that night by the

The crime was the brutal beating of demonstrators by the

The crime is the racist court and distribution of justice that
could be the envy of any junta.

The crime is the existence of prisons which confirms
enforced terrorism by the State. 




Anarchist group of Cyprus



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