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(en) UK, Bristol ABC News update 25/11/02

From Bristol ABC <bristol_abc@yahoo.co.uk>
Date Mon, 25 Nov 2002 06:27:51 -0500 (EST)

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New Prison for Bradley Stoke

Reliant Security, who currently have the contract for
escorting prisoners to court from Horrified Prison,
are in the running for the building a new jail in the
Aztec West/Bradley Stoke area of Bristol in a project
dubed 'AZTECTRAZ', this expansion of private security
comes despite the harassment and violence in another
local private prison; Ashfield Young Offenders
Institution. (From 'The Bristolian')

Turkish Anarchist's Jail Defiance

Mehmet Bal is a conscientious objector who is being
kept in Adana Military Prison. He has faced torture
since 25 of October-starting from the first moment
that he was put in jail. Despite the repression,
Mehmet is clear in this reason for resistance;
"Exactly at this point, I as an individual wish to
make clear that, under no conditions will I ever
submit to rules or values put forth by any system,
ideology or religion, and shall live in accordance
with my own conscience and will. I refuse to take
place in any kind of system that bears inhuman
tendencies, whatever the consequences may be." For
now, it is very important to write to the prison
authorities in Adana, to prevent further torture. You
can write protest letters demanding an end of the
practice of chaining Mehmet Bal's arms and legs; to
protest the arrest of Mehmet Bal: Adana 6. Kolordu
Askeri Cezaevi, Adana, Turkey or fax: +90-322-322 8136
For more info contact; Anarchist Black Crescent-Ankara

Cops Beat Cops 

In a change from beating up protesters, German police
officers mistook undercover colleagues for rioters as
they tried to evict them from a Hamburg squat recently
and hit them with truncheons, it was reported
yesterday. A local news agency said the victims
planned to sue their truncheon-happy colleagues, and
internal inquiries had begun. Doh! (From 'The

Joint Terrorism Task Force Told Where to Go

US Eco-defender Craig "critter" Marshall who is
currently on a 5 and a 1/2 year sentence for a 1999
arson of 3 trucks, has been under further pressure
from the cop-quango known as the 'Joint Terrorism Task
Force' (JTTF) to name names. His response to the
authorities is inspiring; "I got secretly whisked away
from the prison to the state police station and no one
but the transport cops and the 2 pigs from the JTTF
knew where I was really going..The short of it is that
they offered me a get out of jail free card then tried
to get me to roll over on everyone I've had a falling
out with by trying to push my buttons. They'd really
done their homework, but regardless of how pissed I am
at anyone, I ain't gonna rat anyone off. I told the
pigs to swallow my unborn children, go fuck
themselves, and other assorted nicities. The pigs then
threatened to wait until I'm walking out the gate here
to snatch me up and hit me with federal charges for
the shit I'm in here for now (which technically they
can do). I told them to 'bring it, I'll have more time
in, sitting on the toilet jacking off than they'll be
able to get me with'. I stood up and asked if they
were done wasting both of our time yet, they ordered
me to sit down. I just about nutted up saying, 'Fuck
you pig, what are ya gonna do arrest me? Are you gonna
put me in prison if I don't? You forgot something
punk, I'm already in prison." It felt good to release
a bit of pent up anger, I was feeling pretty offended
that those fuckers thought maybe for even a half a
second that it was worth driving the 7 hours out here
to ask me to rat out anyone. Needless to say they went
home very unsatisfied." Way to go Critter! Write to
him at; Craig Marshall #13797662, 777 Stanton Blvd.
Ontario, OR 97914.

Support Anti-Capitalist Comrade 

Activist Jaggi Singh is facing jail for trumped-up
charges relating to; anti-G20 protests in Montreal in
October 2000, anti-FTAA protests in Quebec City in
April 2001 and an anti-war demonstration in Montreal
in September 2001. He will be defending himself at the
trial but needs cash support to help pay for various
costs in the preparation of my legal defense
(photocopying, long distance phone calls, court
motions) as well as travel expenses to and from Quebec
City. To help, contact: jaggi@tao.ca 

T-shirts! Bristol ABC t-shirts are now aviaible! (see
design below). 

To order one, send well-concealed cash or (safer!)
hand deliver £11 (inc. P&P) to: PS Bristol ABC, Box
42, 82 Colston St, Bristol BS1 5BB specifying Small,
Medium or Large size!

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