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(en) Daybreak #3 - REVIEWS of Zines and Newspapers

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(http://free.freespeech.org/mn/daybreak!/article13.html)
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2002 04:36:38 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Slug & Lettuce
send a 55cent stamp C/o Christine PO Box 26632 Richmond VA
S&L is one of the best newspapers in the country. Covering punk
and the Do It Yourself scene itıs packed with music zine and book
reviews, as well as inspiring columns dealing with everything from
politics to how it feels to grow older and still be active. If youıre
interested in any of the above subjects youıll find something
worthwhile in this zine.

2$ Onward PO Box 2671 Gainesville FL 32602-2671
Onward is a quarterly anarchist newspaper from Florida
containing news, theory, opinion and strategy. While it leans quite
heavily on the theoretical side of anarchism, it manages to do this
without being too dry or withdrawn from physical life. Another
plus is that the editors donıt get tangled up in the debate between
red and green anarchists, instead opting for the more tolerant
anarchism that most anarchists (including Daybreak!) subscribe

Arise! Journal
Send a stamp and theyıll send you a paper. Arise 2441 Lyndale ave
Mpls MN 55405
This 32-page paper comes out of the Arise bookstore at 2441
Lyndale in Minneapolis. It contains big range of radical articles
from diverse perspectives. The issue has interviews with Rich
Mackin and Noam Chomsky, and analysis of local and
international issues like corporate accountability and police abuse
(as well as some almost unreadable Marxist infighting stuffed in
the back). The fact that Arise! is distributed for free all over the
Twin Cities, and that we have 2 other local radical papers (the
Free Press from indymedia and of course, Daybreak!) really
makes me feel that something good is coming together, that our
scene is really blossoming.

Green Anarchy #10
$2 Green Anarchy PO Box 11331 Eugene OR 97440
I had high hopes for this paper a couple issues back when they
made a statement condemning dogmatic anarchism but it looks
like theyıve slipped back into creating an ideology of green
anarchism, with orthodoxies that are starting to rival the most
dogmatic of red anarchists. That said, thereıs still tons of great
stuff in this huge 32 page paper; prisoner resources, news of direct
actions and resistance, and environmentalist theory.

Clamor #16
Clamor is the best radical magazine currently publishing. It
compiles articles from all over the independent press that deal
with all sorts of important issues. Itıs so good that I read every
issue from back to front. Plus, itıs distributed all over; even
corporate bookstores so people who have no idea where the local
infoshop is can read something different then the normal
corporate crap.

Resist #44
$2 Bicycle Lane Industries PO Box 582345 Mpls MN 55458
This is a locally published zine and one of my favorites. Matte
talks about bikes and gardens and raising kids. Itıs refreshing to
see his enthusiasm for these subjects. The down to earth way he
approaches everything makes Resist an easy and enjoyable read.


Against Me- Reinventing Axle Rose
Ok, it might be cliché for us to review this album, it being punk
rock and all, and we being anarchists. But itıs impossible to resist
the opportunity to introduce this great anarchist band to new
people. It might be punk but it manages to kick the hell out of
stereotypes about what punk is supposed to sound like, creating
an awesome blend of acoustic-folk-punkrock-battle hymns. The
albums highlight is definitely ?Baby, Iım an anarchistı a satire of
liberals and how they manipulate and betray radical movements. If
you like them also check out their earlier EP ?Crimes as forgiven

Amparanoia- Somos Viento
Amparanoia is a woman from Southern Spain who makes music
that incorporates radical ideas with a quilt of styles from all over
the world in a style often referred to as Mestizo (or mixed race).
This album is her best yet, including a song based on a statement
by an indigenous woman Zapatista, ?Somos el Vientoı. We are
the wind. So much radical music explores our anger and rage so
itıs really inspiring to hear the hope and passion side of things that
Amp delves into so beautifully.

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