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(en) Daybreak #3 - What is anarchy?

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(http://free.freespeech.org/mn/daybreak!/article11.html)
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2002 06:54:00 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Most people have probably only heard the word anarchy used as a
replacement for chaos or violence. The corporate media loves to
tell people this, partly because theyıre ignorant pricks but mostly
because they canıt imagine a world where theyıre not controlling
us and telling what to do and how to live. The real meaning of
anarchy is inconceivable to them because they canıt imagine a
world where we control ourselves, make our own decisions, and
live as we choose.

An anarchist world is a world based on equality, cooperation,
direct democracy, autonomy, and of course dancin'! An anarchist
world is a world without prisons, without governments, without
authorities, without war, without borders, without rich or poor or
masters or slaves.

Our vision might seem Utopian at first, even impossible, but
thatıs only because youıre comparing it to the ragged landscape
youıre living in that dominates everything in sight, even visions of
a better life. But in fact anarchist societies have always existed in
all different types of conditions and times. Humans have spent the
majority of our time as a species living in anarchist communities
as hunter-gatherers, and since then the anarchist spirit has
reasserted itself continuously from Anabaptist Christians in
Europe to the Spanish Revolution of the 1930ıs.

Anarchist theories arenıt dogmatic and idealogical, there are tons
of different types of anarchists from insurrectionists to
Green-anarchists to Christian-anarchists to whatever else. Itıs not
an idealogy telling everyone to be the same but instead an ethical
guide for getting free without fucking other people over in the
process. Start investigating anarchist stuff from your library to the
internet, make up your own mind. Then start to put the ideals into
action, and into reality.

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