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(en) Canada, Turtle Island, URGENT - WOLF SMOKE - Dropped Charges Stand Chance of Reversal - Possible Jail Time

From Mick <mickblack47@yahoo.com>
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 05:39:08 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Dropped Charges Stand Chance of Reversal - Possible Jail Time
Read & Take Action

Wolf Smoke is an Indigenous citizen of Turtle Island - he is a Lakota
National who refuses to allow Canada or America to impose citizenship
upon him. He has been harassed and targeted by both Canadian and
American authorities for his adamant refusal to become a North American
colonial "citizen".

Canadian immigration authorities have consistently harassed Wolf and his
family for over a year now. Every time Wolf & his supporters make vocal
objections to the state harassment, the harassment of both himself & his
family intensifies. Wolf was fired last year from his job as a high
school, science teacher in Regina, Saskatchewan for expressing
pro-indigenous sovereignty views within the classroom.

Shortly after being fired, Canadian immigration authorities demanded a
meeting with Smoke and subsequently filed a deportation order against
him. They tried to deport Wolf to the United States, but because Wolf
also identifies as "pre-American" the US authorities would not go along
with the deportation order. Today it is unclear as to what the
authorities will do, but it is clear that the deportation order still

Wolf was also charged for using his wife's Social Insurance Number. He
used this number to gain employment as a Science teacher, and Human
Resources Development Canada (HRDC) was made well aware this fact, by
Wolf, long before the charge was laid. In fact HRDC was in the process
of attempting to issue Wolf a Social Insurance Number, despite Wolf's
refusal of Canadian "citizenship". HRDC only pursued the charge of
Social Insurance Number fraud after Canadian Immigration Authorities
ordered Wolf deported and began their harassment.

Recently Wolf stood trial for the charge intent "to deceive", using a
Social Insurance Number which was not his own. The charges were dropped
by HRDC this last October, due in part to the growing support for Wolf
throughout Turtle Island to maintain his Pre-Canadian identity.

In solidarity with Wolf's tireless determination in fighting the state's
harassment, people from throughout the country have been taking action.
Prior to Wolf's recent HRDC court date in Regina, a delegation of over a
dozen activists visited the Montreal offices of HRDC to demand that
Wolf's HRDC charges be dropped. In Ottawa a similar delegation visited
the Department of Justice. Wolf's HRDC charges were dropped on October
31, in a Regina court room filled with supporters.

Yesterday, November 18th, Wolf was visited by Canadian authorities who
were delivering a "Notice of Appeal", issued by Judge Douglas g.
Curliss.  The attorney general's office is seeking to either reverse the
decision rendered  on Wolf's HRDC charges, or to go to retrial. The
November 18th, Notice of Appeal puts Wolf & his family in immediate
danger of increased harassment, and a reversal of the court's ruling
could mean serious jail time for Wolf Smoke. On top of this "Notice of
Appeal", the threat of deportation from Immigration still looms over
Wolf's head.

Despite all this, Wolf continues to reject the illegal "authority" which
Canada tries to claim over him. He stands, with much support, for the
sovereignty of himself, his family and all Indigenous peoples of Turtle

No One is Illegal Campaign - Montreal
nooneisillegal@tao.ca - 514.409.2049



Contact Human Resources Development Canada, the Department of Justice &
the lawyer who is attempting to take Wolf's HRDC charges to retrial.

Insist on Wolf's right to define his own identity & reject the state's
attempt to reverse the dropping of Wolf's HRDC charges and/or to bring
the case to retrial. Wolf's exact charges are "intent to deceive, use of
a Social Insurance Number contrary to  paragraph 141 (1) (b) of the
Employment Insurance Act, 1996" & "failure without lawful excuse to
attend court, contrary to section 145 (2) (B) of the Criminal Code".


Lawyer State Lawyer
Douglas G. Curliss
Telephone: (306) 975-4763

Department of Justice
Saskatchewan Regional Office
10th floor, 123 2nd avenue south
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7K 7E6
Tel. (306) 787-5444Ê
Fax: (306) 787-8168

Martin Cauchon
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1A 0H8
Tel. (613)992-4621
Fax. (613) 996-4516

Department of Justice Canada
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1A 0H8
Tel: (613) 957-4222
Fax: (613) 954-0811

Contact Jane Stewart Minister of Human Resources Development Canada

Constituency Office:
98 Paris Road
Unit 3
Brantford, ON
N3R 1H9
Tel: (519) 751-2566
Fax: (519) 751-2177

Hill Office:
Room 103 S
Centre Block
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
Tel: (613) 992-3118
Fax: (613) 992-6382

Saskatchewan Regional Office of Human Resources & Development Canada
2045 Broad Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 2N6
Phone: (306) 780-5557
Fax: (306) 780-7568

Jean Chretien,

Prime Minister
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON




We are sending this letter to protest the Canadian government's continued 
harassment of Sunkmanitu tanka Isnala Najin or Charlie 'Wolf' Smoke as you

address him.

As you are well aware, Mr. Smoke is an Indigenous person of Mohawk, Lakota

and Seneca heritage and as such does not need the Canadian government's 
permission to be living and/or working in what is now called 'Canada'.

Mr. Smoke recently stood trial in Regina, Saskatchewan and charges of 
?attempt to deceive? against him were dropped. Despite this, on November 
18th, Wolf was visited by Canadian authorities delivering a "Notice of 
Appeal", issued by Judge Douglas Curliss.  The attorney general's office
is seeking to either reverse the decision rendered  on Wolf's HRDC
charges, or to go to retrial. We protest any attempt to take such an

The charges which Mr. Smoke is facing, are a consistent effort of the 
Canadian Authorities, to silence and harass Mr. Smoke and to govern a man 
who is "pre Canadian". It is completely unacceptable that the Department
of Justice Canada, a department of the colonial state of Canada, demands
from any Indigenous person 'proof' that they have the authority to be on
their traditional lands. It is even more scandalous for the Canadian
government to attempt to deport Mr. Smoke across the colonial boundaries
between the 'USA' and 'Canada' as was done earlier this year and may be
attempted again.

The Canadian government's harassment of Mr. Smoke is a continuation of 
colonial practices that have robbed Indigenous people's of their 
self-determination by usurping the land of diverse Indigenous peoples, 
destroying Indigenous people's livelihoods and denying Indigenous peoples 
their self-identity.

Canada has been found guilty of all of these practices by Indigenous 
peoples, historians, social scientists and even by many legal bodies both 
nationally and internationally. Indeed, the Canadian government's own
recent report from the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples found all of
this to be true. In that voluminous report, the Canadian government was
pressed to recognize that diverse Indigenous peoples have their own,
self-determined forms of recognizingand maintaining community membership
and that the Canadian government cannot simply make these invalid because
it suits its purposes.

By demanding that Mr. Smoke 'prove' to the Canadian government his right
to be in Canada, by demanding that Mr. Smoke provide the government with a

Canadian passport and other forms of Canadian government issued
identification, Canada is again imposing the government's oppressive and 
colonial views of membership upon Indigenous peoples.

We demand that the charges "intent to deceive, use a Social Insurance
Number contrary to paragraph 141 (1) (b) of the Employment Insurance Act,
1996" against Mr. Smoke remain dropped. We demand that you immediately
stop your harassment of Mr. Smoke. We also demand that you recognize that
the Canadian government has no authority to govern over his life or the
lives of any Indigenous person.


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