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(en) Daybreak #3 - We Don't Need the Police

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(http://free.freespeech.org/mn/daybreak!/article10.html)
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 05:05:01 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Anarchists by nature are anti-authoritarians, this means that we
don't think it's necessary for anyone to force us to do what they
think is best for us (or more often then not, what's best for them).
We believe that authority functions only to serve itself and merely
gives the illusion of serving society when in reality it¹s leaching off
it. It's pretty obvious why we don't like police, the military,
prisons, etc. These are institutions whose sole purpose is to
control and dominate the people around them. They spread
violence and terror in our neighborhoods, abusing and kidnapping
people, forcing us to live by their rules and under their thumb.

Anarchists don't buy the argument that cops protect us from
crime. It's a fact that most crime is a result of the fucked up
society that police and their masters impose on us. 2/3 of crime is
economic. Is this surprising in a world where many people must
starve so that a small elite can have a little more? Some steal for
fun, most steal to eat.

Another primary reason for crime is the anti-social values of
violence, competition, dominance, and slavery that the authorities
preach to us every day from birth to death. As Emma Goldman
said, "a society gets all the crime it deserves."

Those in power stoke the public¹s fear of crime in order to extend
their own power. By putting more ?undesirable¹ people in prison
or more police on the streets they make our society easier to
control and dominate.

The real reason for the existence of police is to make sure only the
right people can steal (like the corporate execs and corrupt
politicians and of course the biggest thieves and drug dealers in
the world, the cops). They use violence to enforce the rules that
their powerful masters created to make sure they always win. It's
obvious that cops are here to protect something, but it isn't us. It's
to protect the rich and powerful and this miserable world they've
built, from us.

In place of violent bands of heavily armed cops, we anarchists
suggest that we start getting more involved with the people around
us. The anti-social values of the authorities will never do anything
but create more anti-social crime. Peace will not come from more
police, from more laws, from more restrictions on what we can
say and do. It will take a society based on positive values like
cooperation and liberty, ideals that nourish the growth of healthy
and happy people, in order to get rid of 'crime'. It will take the
destruction of this economic system that with the gun and baton,
police impose on us, with the only decision being to slave or
starve, but never to live free.

To accomplish this, we need to start building this vision now, to
begin to struggle against the need for groups like cops and replace
it with sane intelligent community-controlled policies that
emphasize healing and actually fixing the problem, rather then
mindless punishment by professional armies. We do not want our
neighbors or friends beaten, murdered, or imprisoned anymore.
We want a world where we can walk down the street without fear
of harassment, arrest, or worse. We want to live as we choose,
without being threatened or assaulted in order to keep us in our
place. Most of all we want to be happy, to control our lives and
destinies, and to live free of the violence and brutality that police
enact in the name of ?order.¹ As another person gets sent to
prison, another kid gets shot in the back by cops, or another
demonstration is tear gassed and beaten, it becomes more
obvious, exactly whose ?order¹ it is they are protecting.

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