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(en) Czech, Represion in Praha of antiNATO activists

From tine1@volja.net
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2002 04:29:27 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

police raided meeting of international 
activists in one of the pubs in prague
by recistencia 4:40pm Mon Nov 18 '02

This evening at about 6pm, police raided 
the meeting of international activists
in one of the pubs in prague.

This evening at about 6pm, police raided 
the meeting of international activists
in one of the pubs in prague.

The meeting was almost finished, we 
already wanted to get up to go for
other things suddenly
about 10 riotcops came in, in full 
gear to control all the people who were part
of the meeting. Full gear means that they 
were equipped with tonfas police
sticks, pepperspray and probably 
body armor(their bodies looked that way)
and they were filming the whole situation 
all the time; each person´s face got
filmed for about a minute. The cops tried 
to scare one guy because of his tape
(!) after his explaination of it (in need 
for banners) in a strange, provoking

The police showed their racist attitude 
confronted with our demand of
speaking in a language everybody 
could understand(english) in making
chokes about it in czech, laughing 
about their jokes.

One person got arrested or taken to the 
police station to prove his identity
(we´re afraid for him because of the 
tendency of police brutality, which they
showed in psychological ways, making 
people scared).

They people from OPH(the legal observers 
who got built especially for these
protests against the NATO summit) got 
informed about the arrest and the
possibility of violence, all the numbers 
of the policemen were written down
and passed to the OPH as well.

Everyone´s bags were controlled, we 
had to put everything on the pub´s
table and all the things got filmed 
as well.

The „how“ of getting the 
information about our meeting?
The city is filled with police, at each 
corner you can see police in uniforms
and somehow „feel“ the plain 
clothed policeofficers. The streets
in the centerare closely monitored. If 
you build bigger groups(more than let´s say 5
people), then you are under suspicion.
So what should I say about this? This 
information says already more than i
could ever add, I think.

And today I´ve tried to get rid of my 
paranoia to be able to prepare myself for
all the upcoming actions, ha.

Today is Monday N18, one demonstration 
was made yesterday and i´m
thinking about the next days in a scary 
way, it seems that this is the way
police and the authorities are taught 
to scare people, to make us feel paranoid
and to stop us from demonstrating what 
we think of oppressive institutions
like the NATO and their backers and 
officials. No pasaran, pasaremos. We
will not stop to fight for our lives 
because of acts like these today.
People out there, people from foreign 
countries, make actions wherever you
are, put pressure on the czech state to 
show that we are not agreed with an
actions like this. Go to czech 
embassies or consulates to show your
solidarity, we need your help, 
wherever you are!

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