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(en) Russia, Moscow, interview with the Bolt Throwers Firm

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2002 14:24:07 -0500 (EST)

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This materials will be published in Kind Fists - bulletin, appendix of
Avtonom #19 for red and anarchist skinheads.
Avtonom is journal of Autonomous Action, Libertarian Communist federation
active in the former Soviet Union.
To contact Avtonom, write to
fak-kr@mail.ru If you need
a P. O. Box contact, write to us.
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Interview with the Bolt Throwers Firm

In this issue of Kind Fists we decided to publish an interview with the
leader of Bolt Throwers Firm. BTW is a
hooligan group associated with second league team FC MosEnergo. FC MosEnergo
is now one of the most popular Moscovite teams of the second league (which
is third in order after premier league and first league), some 40 persons
are regularly travelling to guest games, and for sure much more people come
to home games. BTF is about first firm of football hooligans in Russia,
which has strictly declared it's anti-fascist positions.

One should note that by far not all anti-fascist hooligans of Moscow support
MosEnergo. BTF is not associated to RASH, but we have good relations. This
group could be an excellent example for others to follow.

Kind Fists: Could you tell us a little bit about Bolt Throwers Firm?

BTF: Bolt Throwers Firm appeared some two years ago as hardcore of the fans
of FC MosEnergo fans, since
older generation of the fans was just boozing that time and passive. About
one year ago some people in BTF simultaneously approached anti-fascism and a
decision was made that whole firm should adopt such a position. In the
middle of this year we began to gather people ready to stand by their
coinscience. Our activity is not limited to football, we cooperate with
SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudices), RASH (Red and Anarchist
Skinheads) and other positive initiatives. We already succesfully made
ourselves known - we are already joined by new people attracted to rumours
about an anti-fascist football brigade.

Fight which took place in Vladimir this September reached a large resonance
among football clubs of the second league. In a guest game of MosEnergo with
local Torpedo, we just kicked the asses of fascist supporters of our club
right on the terrace. Thanks to BTF, MosEnergo is already developing a
reputation of "antifa-club" in the same spirit as German St. Pauli or Polish

Right now BTF is something like ten persons. For sure in comparison with the
premier league such a number may seem like a small one, many people might
say that with such a scale we will not reach anything. That is not what we

Kind Fists: You were many years supporting a premier league team, why are
you now interested about second league?

BTF: Talking about why second league and why MosEnergo, important point is
that I happen to live in the area
of the MosEnergo. Many fans of MosEnergo live in Tekstilschiky, where our
stadion is located. Every skinhead has
a certain kind of "regional patriotism". For me that is important, it is a
part of myself. It is a completely different feeling than when you are
travelling from some Medvedkovo to Luzhniki to support your team.

One reason is also that majority of the players of the MosEnergo are
immigrants from the Caucasus area. I think you may support such a team just
to piss off some fash! Talking about pure hooligan interests, more and more
people from higher leagues are floating to second league due to very serious
police repressions against hooligans of famous clubs. Bosses of popular
clubs are also running a very unjust policy in regards to simple fans,
pumping the prices up.
For someone studying in a trade school, it is just not real to pay 150
roubles (5$/euro) for a ticket.

Kind Fists: Let us talk a little bit about fascism among Russian hools of

BTF: Right now degree of fascistization is very high among Russian
hooligans. I would say 9 of ten supports ultra-right. I think that this is
mainly due to fashion. In the middle 90's, football hooliganism was climbing
up from the decline resulting from the collapse of the USSR, a crisis where
only a few thousand people came to games of Spartak and travel of 38 fans
from Spartak to Samara was just about a record. In those times, main people
football-related activities of Spartak, Dynamo and TsSKA became influenced
by fascism. It was those days when celtic crosses and other such shit

An important factor in the success of the fascism was just an elementary
lack of information about Western football hooligans. Because after all,
even among fans of Chelsea or Lazzio, which Russian nazis declare as being
"theirs", there are not really that much fascists. For example (music group)
Brigada Flores Magon, in a record with same name published by Insurgence
Records, thanks football hooligans from Fossa dei Leoni. Need I say more?
Right now the situation with fascism in Russian football is getting a little
bit better. Right now almost all known football clubs have groups of
hooligans who do not like presence of fascists in the movement. Even when
most are not yet in a position to show their positions.

Kind Fists: Is BTF doing any propaganda?

BTF: There is no any special need for that. Actually in the there are
already quite enough propaganda for us to use
printed by other initiatives. One concrete idea is to open a website for
football hooligans against fascism. But this would not be site of BTF, nor
site of MosEnergo, but a general site where it is no matter will you support
Lokomotiv or whatever.

 Kind Fists: Your greetings to readers of the Avtonom?

BTF: For all those who have no relation to football: Understand, that
football is a field of opportunities where you may realize many positive
projects. For those who have relation to football: try to fight against
fascism there. The beginning is not easy, but one should not give up. The
main thing is to accurately make oneself known, and then things will already
get more easier.

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