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(en) Daybreak #3 - Hope. Reclaiming it and revitalizing our movement

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(http://free.freespeech.org/mn/daybreak!/article4.html)
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2002 05:51:12 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

In these desperate and cynical times itıs easy to for hope to
become something irrational and worthy of disdain. We ridicule
the naivety of those who desire a positive change in the world
around us as idealists. The entire world seems to revolve around
breaking our spirits, destroying our faith in people around us, and
casting us off bitterly alone, whether into the moralizing arrogance
of activism or the apathy of American consumer culture. Both of
these lifestyles are unfulfilling and stagnant. The role of activist is
a self-perpetuating scam that convinces us that the way to be
happy is to be righteous just as capitalist consumerism tells us
that buying will dull the desperate pain and sadness we feel.

We all realize there is something wrong in this world of constant
warfare, despair or even worse, void of tangible feeling. People
donıt need self-righteous activists informing us that weıre not
happy and that our lives are fucked up. We know that. Evidence
against the system, against authority, is easy to encounter. The
main problem isn't the lack of information, but that people arenıt
convinced that we can do anything about it. It's obvious that
demonstrations and electoral pandering aren't actually changing
anything. People, self-righteous activists included, donıt have
enough hope to inspire them to fight back. We go through our
cynical demonstrations and routines more as a way to cope, to fool
us into feeling like weıre making progress rather than actually
changing anything. Itıs the psychological equivalent of pretending
that weıre bailing out a sinking boat with an imaginary bucket.

So what can a radical, even more, an anarchist paper, contribute
to the people who are reading it? Of course we gotta have some
mindless slogans, some obligatory skewing of cops and capitalists,
something to stir up the outrage and the anger. But more
importantly, we feel itıs necessary to start rekindling that hope, to
take anarchism out of the purely intellectual realm that breeds so
much petty infighting over purity and correctness, and make it
relevant to our lives again by suggesting ways to step out of this
despair. Revolutionary therapy. Daybreak! wants to suggest little
and big ways that we can, piece by piece, begin to reclaim our
lives, and eventually, our hope.

The ?self-describedı realists might ask how we hope to do this.
Our answer doesnıt differ much from old-school anarchism but
we want to apply it to all the shit we live with and hate, everything
that makes us powerless and miserable and desperate and sad.
Weıd a million times prefer to make a dedicated commitment to
creating a joyful and passionate resistance rather than to see more
desperate and cynical revolutions. We want people to explore
organizing ourselves, because thatıs what anarchism essentially,
self-organization rather than having someone else control your
life. We can do that with hundreds of different collective projects
from growing our own food to sabotaging the factory we work at
in order to have a picnic to making a fucking revolution. We want
people to be able to take direct action on the world around us,
exploring our own power rather than relying on corrupt politicians
and leaders to benevolently change the world around us. We want
to begin to assert our individual and community autonomy,
including women, queers, people of color, carnies, men, monkeys
or whatever the fuck you wanna be. We look at the revolution
weıre building as an adventure in progress- we donıt have exact
plans because you canıt force exact plans on reality. Instead we
build according to our our beliefs that no one should ever rule
another person and that weıd all like to be as equal and free to
decide our own happiness as possible while living in a healthy,
sustainable world. In a true democracy weıd all live together and
make relevant choices together, so this is how we try to live now,
even while weıre exploring fantastic new designs and shapes,
chipping away at the decaying logical foundation of authoritarian
Viva la Resistencia! Viva la Esperanza!

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