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(en) Greece, Follo-up - "Committee in Solidarity with Yannis Serifis and against State Terrorism" <yserifis@mutualaid.org>

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Date Sun, 17 Nov 2002 09:38:54 -0500 (EST)

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> http://www.yserifis.org/solidarity.php
> http://www.ainfos.ca/02/nov/ainfos00346.html

The signatures will be used in the campaign for Serifis?s release and for
the abolition of the terrorlaw, which gives the power to the authorities
to carry out such inhuman actions.




According to the Greek authorities Yannis Serifis is one of the most
important pieces of the puzzle called ?the breaking up of ?17N??, and ?the
breaking up of
terrorism in Greece?. But, even according to Greek law, the accusations
against Serifis are not sufficient to justify his arrest. ?Anything that a
co-defendant confesses
in relation to another co-defendant, doesn?t infer guilt upon him. That is
what the law says?, is the clear statement of Yannis Stamoulis, the
advocate of Paulos Serifis!
(Paulos is Yannis?s cousin, and is one of the 17 people arrested and being
held in Korydallos prison, the main accusation against them being that
they are members
of ?17N?.) The testimony of Paulos Serifis is, actually, the principal
?evidence? connecting Yannis with ?17N? which is being used by the state
as an excuse for this
unfair arrest. We will explain below why what Paulos Serifis is said to
have testified in relation to Yannis is a tissue of lies and nothing more.

It should be made clear that, under the Greek constitution, someone?s
confession alone cannot be used as evidence with which to accuse and
convict another
person. Furthermore, as Yannis Serifis has said, he does not know if what
was allegedly testified against him (by those already arrested as members
of ?17N?) was
really said. And, even if it was said, we do not know the circumstances
and conditions under which this ?testimonies? were given.

Indeed the evidence of the persons arrested as members of ?17N? have
unaccountable contradictions and gaps. All the testimonies were taken the
first week of the
arrests when the persons arrested were at the mercy of the
?anti?-terrorist police interrogators. The prisoners were denied access to
lawyers, and some of them
announced later that there was use of physical and psychological violence,
even use of of drugs, so as to force them testify. Later, most of the
testimonies were
withdrawn, and recomposed by the accused. Here are some characteristic
examples from the testimonies of the accused where they refer to Yannis
Serifis. Please
pay attention to the bold letters and to the dates so as to note the

     1. Christodoulos Xiros says in his testimony to the police: ?In such
a meeting in ?the Chemistry? [the student population in Greece has
always been
     politically active and thus areas and parts of universities, like the
Chemistry lecture room, are used for meetings and gatherings in order
to discuss
     political and social issues] at the end of 1983, I met the known
syndicalist Yannis Serifis and we talked for first time specifically
about the
     possibility of armed struggle?. Yannis Serifis introduced me to the
person that today - after the publication of the photographs on the
mass media -
     I recognise as Dimitris Koufontinas. He introduced this person as

     2. Savvas Xiros says in his testimony to the police: ?I met Yannis
Serifis several years ago, before I was even involved with the
organisation, in a
     restaurant which he had opened, I think with my uncle Argiris
Tsakalias and with Kanellos who has since died. The only thing my
uncle ever told me
     about Y. Serifis was that he has abandoned his family and he runs
from place to place. My brother Christodoulos told me, if I remember
     correctly, that it is five years since in a lecture room, after a
speech, Yannis Serifis approached him and he made him a direct
proposal to
     become a member of ?17 November?. Then there was a panic in the
organisation as he had made a proposal to a complete stranger, my
     So Lampros [a pseudonym for the so-called political leader of the
?organisation?] protested at the behaviour of Yannis Serifis and told
him ?why did
     you propose that he become a member? Do you know him?? and Yannis
Serifis answered him ?I know his uncle Tsakalias?. From stories that
     told between members, I had heard that Yannis Serifis took part in
the first action of the organisation against Welsh [the CIA chief in
Greece]. Yannis
     Serifis in a brief period after the recruitment of Christodoulos
argued with the organisation and left. I am certain that after the
recruitment of
     Christodoulos, Yannis Serifis left the organisation forever, as no
one would have anything to do with him, and neither he with us ever

     3. Paulos Serifis was more ?specific? in his testimony: ??Previously
from the surveillance [he means the surveillance of Welsh by members
of ?17th
     November?] which continued for a month, and was undertaken by all
four of us who comprised the initial group. The four were Lampros; a
girl named
     Anna - I don?t know if this was her real name or not - who was 30
years old, blonde, tall (1.70cm approximately), with attractive
features, educated;
     my cousin Yannis? [he means Yannis Serifis] - I can?t remember him
with any kind of pseudonym [according to all the testimonies everyone
else had a
     pseudonym in the ?organisation?!]; and myself?. When we finally
approached Welsh?s car, Lampros got out of the car he was driving,
and he fired
     from a distance of 2 to 3 meters?. After the shots - 3 to 4 if I
remember correctly - Lampros took the driver?s position again, and
myself and Yannis
     Serifis sat at the back of the car and we left?. In 1979, I finished
the army and I didn?t know anything more about the group. Then I met
     Lampros accidentally, and he said to me, ?What can we do?? - meaning
some kind of a new attack to be undertaken by the group. I asked him,
     ?Alone?? And he said to me that we would find more to take part.
Yannis Serifis had already left the group, because he had just been
     from a trial, and he had argued with Lampros about the relevance of
armed struggle. So I understood that Yannis Serifis had no relation
     with the group and with Lampros?.?


>From a document, The bosses and the state are continuously working on the
elimination of the worker/social fighter Yannis Serifis, published on
1977, it
can be seen that this is not the first time that the state has tried to
repress Yannis Serifis and get him out of the way. This document stated:-

??On Tuesday 18 October [1977] a huge wave of state repression and
terrorism was launched in Greece. This followed the actions of the social
democratic government in Germany, which, on that day, in a military
operation, eliminated 3 Palestinian fighters and murdered the German
revolutionaries of the Red Army Faction within the ?white-cells? of
Stamheim prison.

In the already rich-in-brutality file of oppressive ?democracy? in the
Greece of recent times, tens of arrests were made without a reason. They
followed by the torture of those arrested, by trials based on
prefabricated evidence, by raids on homes and offices, by the arrest of
publishers of
revolutionary writings, by imprisonments with or without trials, by
deportations of foreign social fighters ... and - most shocking of all -
by the murder of
the revolutionary Christos Kasimis and the framing of the worker and
fighter for working-class autonomy, Yannis Serifis.

But what is the reality of the events that led to the murder of Ch.
Kasimis and in the constructed accusations against Y. Serifis for being
the killer of Ch.
Kasimis? What are the motives of the police in fabricating evidence, and
of the newspapers and TV in rushing to judgement even before the legal
had made any investigation?

The night of Wednesday 19/ Thursday 20 October last, the revolutionary
group "For Internationalist Action", tried to protest the deaths of the
revolutionaries by taking direct action. They attacked the German company,
AEG, by burning the warehouses and blowing up a part of the factory.
Christos Kasimis, a member of the group, was arrested by two police
officers and in his attempt to escape he was murdered in cold blood. What
was a gunfight between the police and the group, and they managed to escape.

As the police couldn't find out the real members of the group, and wanted
to wash their hands of the murder of Ch. Kasimis - acting on the basis of
well-thought-out plan aimed at getting social fighters out of the way -
they created a prime suspect: the worker/social fighter Yannis Serifis.

The police officers - who are the only "witnesses" against him, and are
themselves accused of murder after Kasimis' family brought a court action
them - are telling obvious lies when they insist that Kasimis was shot in
the head at point-blank range by his comrades, when the officers had him
in a
headlock. And they are saying all this so as to prove that they indeed saw
Y. Serifis in the dead of night, where visibility was poor. The coroner's
did not mention the fact that Kasimis was shot "at point-blank or from
close or from mid range", but stated that he was shot "at LONG RANGE".

They are lying when they insist that there was a struggle between them and
Kasimis. Except for the bullet in the head ?no other kind of bruise or
on the body was found?.

They are lying when they insist that the police officer was holding the
head of Kasimis on his chest when Kasimis was shot. The bullet passed
from the other side -  so, either the officer would have been injured, or
the officer?s uniform would have been stained with blood.

Finally, they are lying in saying that they recognised Serifis from the
photographs which were shown to them by the two officers of 401 Military
of Athens the next morning, as they were on duty in the area of Pireas
during that period. The police officer who was responsible for the
interrogations of
the case said in court that he began looking for Serifis?s photos on the
afternoon of the same day.

Already, and having the above fake evidence to hand (as well as other
similar such ?evidence?), the defence of Serifis has taken a court action
against the
two police officers and against ?all those responsible? for the fiasco.
But Yannis Serifis is still imprisoned with the threat that he will get a

?I ?m neither the first nor the last person accused with fabricated
evidence?, writes Y. Serifis from the prison of Korydallos.

?It?s not the first time that reaction makes such plots against fighters
for social justice. In this way, and with such filthy and devious means,
they attempt
to terrorise and divert the attention of the working class, making all the
fighting workers and syndicalists look like monsters, terrorists and
extremists. They try with their terrorism to bend the working class,
stating that the class struggles are equivalent to terrorism.?

But what are the reasons for choosing him as a prime suspect? Serifis
explains this himself by writing:

?A) Because of my specific actions in the workplace and specifically in
AEG, where I worked for 1 year here and 10 years in Germany. During the 70
days of our strike I was among the first ones to strike and a member of
the ?Committee of Struggle?.

?I was one of the first of the 42 to be sacked by the company, and I was
one of the last three who didn?t compromise with compensation. We demanded
our reinstatement after a court action. My case was seen separately by the
company, and its representative answered clearly, in my presence to the
supervisor, that ?we won?t rehire Serifis under any power because he was
agitating our workers into a strike. But we can refund him WELL?. All my
co-workers in AEG, as many other co-workers from other unions, know very
well that even if lightning was going to strike AEG, again I would be the
one to blame!

So, using me as an example, the bosses and the police - in perfect
co-operation - attack every effort of workers for self-organisation and
political practice. They try to terrorise all the workers by implying?
look what happened to Serifis, the same could happen to each one of you if
you don?t

?B) Because of my specific involvement in the resistance (against the
Junta) as a member of the organisation ?Movement of 20th October?.

?Some years ago Karathanasis was one of those, who, together with
Hatzizisis, were trying to arrest me by using any kind of devious means.
Today, the
same man, in the same powerful position, is still leading this fiasco
against me. But it is not simply a fiasco. Now we are dealing with a well
political plan that aims, on the one hand, to get a militant worker out of
the way, and, on the other, to take revenge for the resistance against the
?Junta?. In other words the same men are hunting the same social fighters,
as it was in the 7 years of the ?Junta?.

                                                      To all the workers.
                                                     To all the free persons.

The imprisonment of Yannis Serifis is a part of the state?s plans to drown
every voice of freedom, to repress every action that doesn?t respect the
rules of
the bosses? game, to foil every action of class autonomy by the workers,
to get rid of every human being who thinks independently. The resistance
the plans of the bosses is a matter for everyone, for every human being,
who does not accept subordination, destruction of human values, and the
The continuing terrorism of the capital system rests on, and perpetuates
the acquiescence of its waged slaves. To overcome that acquiescence is to
remove the only barrier in the way of the practical  demand of freedom.??

Group Vironioton in solidarity with YANNIS SERIFIS [1977]

Following the events described in the document, in November 1977 and in
the aftermath of the launching of the Yannis Serifis prosecution, there
initiative was taken
by autonomous social fighters and organisations from the
extra-parliamentary left to create the ?Committee for the liberation of
Yannis Serifis?.

Hundreds of thousands of declarations, posters, stickers and every kind of
printed material was circulated in a huge campaign to inform the public
about the
fabrications against Yannis Serifis.

Until the time of the trial, which was postponed twice, many indoor and
outdoor demonstrations and other gatherings took place. There were efforts
to generate
international activity. In Italy, France, Germany and Sweden, protests and
demonstrations took place in solidarity with Serifis by social fighters of
extra-parliamentary left and anarchists. Funds were gathered and many
representatives came to Greece, among them Professor Durante, the
philosopher Jean Paul
Sartre and many other intellectuals, who testified as witnesses for the
defence at the trial. In Greece big demonstrations took place at Yannena,
Thessaloniki, Patra,
Iraklio and Athens.

After he had been detained for 15 months, on 3 January 1979, the criminal
court of Pireas found Yannis Serifis innocent on all charges.


     The term ?terrorism? started being used at the end of 18th century
and it referred mainly to the violent activities of states with the
aim of enforcing the
     subordination of the masses. It is obvious that this meaning is
useless for those who control the state machine, and the ideological
system, which governs
     thought and expression. So the initial meaning of the term is not
used any more, and the term ?terrorism? is mainly used for the
?terrorism? which is
     performed by isolated individuals or groups. Once the term was used
for emperors who were abusing their citizens, today its use is
limited for the
     bandits who abuse the powerful of the world.
                                                      Noam Chomsky,
Pirates & Emperors -
Terrorism in the
Real World

Writing in November 2002, we can say that it is now more than a year since
the western democracies began their holy war against the "barbarians"...
the terrorists....
This term with its new context was initially used by President Nixon and
over the last ten years has been used by the global rulers for a variety
of people.

?Terrorists? are the indigenous people of Chiapas, Latin America and the
Pacific Rim - the ?terrorists? who struggle for the self-management of
their lives and land!

?Terrorists? are the whole populations of Iraq, Chechnya, Yugoslavia, and
Afghanistan, just because in 90% of the cases the Western democracies are
either trying
to get rid of a crazy dictator, whom they installed, or to get rid of a
"rebel" army, which they armed!

?Terrorists? are the ones who struggle for the safeguarding of our planet
and ?terrorist? their actions against the parasites who plunder our earth!

And finally ?terrorists? are all the activists who protest against the
rich and the powerful, and the fighters for social justice who struggle to
throw off the bonds of
economic and political slavery, which were imposed on us from birth by the
self-declared global bosses!

Central to George W. Bush?s declaration of the ?anti-terrorist crusade?
after the attack on the Twin Towers was the statement: ?Either you are
with us or against us?.
So anyone who does not follow blindly the state or anyone who struggles
for human rights is on the other side ? on the side of terrorism.

In reality the fight against Al Qaeda is a fight against the monstrosity
the western powers created and armed years ago - in order to serve their
interests and get rid of
the Soviet regime in Afghanistan.

As they fight each other for profit, what the global bosses really want is
to radically increase the ability of national and international
authorities to repress people and
extend the power of western states and multinational corporations across
the world by:

     1 Extending police powers of arrest and surveillance
     2 Increasing military and police spending
     3 Increase the influence and the power of intelligence services (such
as CIA, Scotland Yard, Mossad etc) on an international basis
     4 Building a US-led global military force against ?terrorism?

The commands and threats of the US-led global bosses are so strict that
not a single state dared to make a stand. Even if some governments had
some minor
objections, they objected only to save their democratic and socialist
public image.


Greece belongs in the above category of states that are lackeys of the US.
The socialist government and some MPs in the Greek parliament have some
about the so-called ?war against terrorism? but that?s only for their
public image on the mass media. What?s happening in reality?

This summer the Greek ?anti-terrorist? police force received the direct
?help? of the CIA and Scotland Yard agents in arresting some persons with
the accusation of
being members of the ?17N? organisation.

?17N? is responsible for a series of actions over the last 27 years, which
include attacks and killings of Greek and foreign politicians, attacks and
killings of torturers,
judges, cops and owners of big Greek corporations, and bomb or rocket
attacks against material targets (banks, embassies etc) especially targets
linked with the US
state. Furthermore, they have been accused of many bank robberies. Their
first targets were individuals who were responsible for maintaining the
?Junta?, torturers,
and Welsh, the chief of CIA in Greece. ?17N? had the support of a
substantial part of Greek society, a support which has been lost over the
past few years,
because some of their actions were considered ?unfair? by the public
(among them the death of a young student by mistake).

-- At this point, we have to make clear that social fighters are the ones
who declare in public their beliefs for freedom as they have a clear
conscience about what
they are doing. The revolutionary left, the anti-authoritarian and the
anarchist movements never recruit people and they should never have
leaders and followers! We
are fighting for freedom and social justice and we don?t need ?protector?
armed groups the same way as we don?t  need the police and court
authorities! --

After the first arrests, the situation in Greece got out of control. The
mainstream media began a big campaign of lies with the aim of rewriting
Greek history!
?Experts? on terrorism popped out from everywhere: journalists, reporters,
politicians, cops, judges, ex-intelligence agents, fascists and
?intellectuals? became
prominent in the mass media on an everyday basis, trying to brainwash the
public and to compromise the few humanitarian ethics in our society! And
suddenly, after
a month, the torturers and criminals of the ?Junta?, the same ones who
tortured and murdered students, workers and every kind of social fighter
and repressed the
whole Greek society, became the poor victims of vicious and ?evil
terrorist? groups as ?17N?, ?ELA?, ?1st May?, etc. (The details of the
actions and history of the
armed-struggle groups is complicated, and each group has its own unique
characteristics in ideology and actions.) The rewriting of history had

The campaign against ?17N? was just the moment awaited by the national
bosses to make a full-scale attack on society! Suddenly all of those
?experts? who were
appearing on the news were self-declared crusaders for democracy?s holy
war against terrorism and all of those who struggle for the principles of
freedom became
terrorists! The parasites of society who live from human suffering made a
full attack on all the active parts of society where there is a struggle
for freedom!
Libertarian, autonomous, anti-authoritarian, left, communist (with the
exception of the formal Greek Communist Party) and anarchist, individuals,
groups and
organisations were attacked with extreme vengeance by the state machine.
People were followed on an every day basis by both police and reporters ?
people were stopped and arrested for no reason ? phone lines were tapped ?
social centres and homes were put under surveillance ? road blocks
everywhere ? and generally the police presence in the cities (especially
Athens and Thessaloniki) became extremely big. In Thessaloniki and other
cities they even
transferred lots of ?border police?!

And as the media focus only on the ?17N? situation, serious social
problems and the ongoing criminal activity of the state was suddenly
disappeared completely from
the mainstream media. For example, in Greece, during the last two years,
190 workers died on ?working accidents? as the state calls them (a big
percentage of them
on construction sites for the Olympic Games) - and those are just the
official numbers?. As to how many are crippled, the number beggars the

So think about this for a moment. Let us accept the fact that ?17N? is
indeed a terrorist organisation because they have killed approximately 30
people in 27 years.
What terminology, then, should we use for the state and the corporations
for murdering more than 190 workers in a period of 2 years?! And we could
give many
more, similar, examples of state barbarism?.

All of these things are happening with the blessings of the Greek
parliament and of US and UK officials. The message they want to pass on is
that only those who
kneel and are obedient will survive. The rest will perish or rot in jail.
They want to crush any kind of free initiative and resistance!

Let us also not forget that in June 2003 the EU summit is taking place in
Thessaloniki (probably the last time an EU summit will take place outside
Brussels); and that
in the summer of 2004 the Olympic games are to take place in Athens. They
want these two grand events to take place without anyone to oppose the
misery that
they will bring to the common people of Greece, without hearing any voices
of freedom against the exploitation of Greek society that these two events
will involve.


What we have written above is only a very brief description of what?s
happening in Greece. Maybe it is not enough to make you understand the
importance of the
situation. But one thing is certain. The national bosses - both because
they have been ordered to, and because they have unfinished business with
the whole
libertarian movement - are using their state machine in its full capacity
in order to uproot and destroy the few rights and freedoms we gained
through the centuries.
Their ultimate goal is a society composed of obedient and brainwashed
subjects, a society in which the only acceptable principles and ethics
will be those of Capital.

The first victims of this modern witch-hunt are people known for their
participation in social struggles; people who fought against the ?Junta?;
people who have
struggled for better and more humane working conditions; people who
struggle in their everyday life for the principles of freedom (for
dignity, for self-management,
for freedom of speech etc); and people who fight against state terrorism
(against racism and xenophobia, against wage slavery, against wars and
brutality, against
fascism and dictatorship, against the destruction of the environment etc).
So the ?experts on terrorism? put in the same bracket the members of ?17N?
and these
social fighters?. and by doing so they attach the taint of ?terrorist? to
all those who struggle for freedom.

Such people fight with whatever means they have. But, in our fight, we
don?t use guns in judgement against, or to take the lives of, our
oppressors - who, quite
legally, can use guns and torture against us. That is their justice! Their
representative democracy may have a liberal mask, but behind that mask is
hidden the true face
of authority, slavery and misery. And today, this democracy is doing much
more even than the ?Junta?, and the right-wing government which came after
the fall of the
?Junta?, were able to do!


As we have said above, over the last four months, the state machine - and
especially the mainstream media - have targeted, with lies and false
accusations, many
groups and individuals. There is a concerted effort to distort and rewrite
history and to make the whole left and anarchist movement to appear as
though they were
terrorists. The names of many innocent people have been in the news every
day; and some have been threatened, arrested and even abused. Such is the
case of
some social fighters who are well known for their role in workplace
struggles and against state terrorism. They are known because previous
governments imprisoned
them and tried to accuse them of terrorism - using set-up trials based on
fabricated evidence. In the past, however, the truth was exposed as a
result of big solidarity
movements and through continuous struggle. The point is that NEVER in the
past has the state launched such a full-scale attack as now. And NEVER in
the past has
the media and the propaganda-machine been so obedient to the orders coming
from the bosses!

This attack begun with the recently approved ?anti-terrorist? bill, which
is an offence against human rights and dignity! Just some of the basic
points of this law are as

     · suspected ?terrorists? will go to trials without public juries;
     · on the pretext of good relations with other states, foreign
intelligence agencies will be able to do as they please in Greece;
     · people can be held in captivity for long periods, even years,
before they are tried
     · informants will have the full protection of the state, and
?terrorists? who regret their actions will be tried on reduced
charges if they give information
     about their former comrades;
     · the police will be able to use inhuman tactics to prevent
?terrorist? acts;

We will not go into further details about the potentially catastrophic
consequences of this unjust law - which are already becoming obvious - as
we believe that the reader will be able to judge for him or herself what
is humane and just, and what is genuinely terrorist and authoritarian.

Our struggle for a world without terror and oppression, and for a world
without walls and prisons, will never stop. Even if, today, state
terrorism is wearing the mask of socialism and democracy, its tactics were
never so harsh and dangerous as they are now! Our weapons in this fight



The main aim of this article is the restoration of truth and justice in
Greek society? a truth that was distorted and twisted in less than four
months, and a justice that was blind and has now became crippled as well!

When history is twisted and rewritten so as to fit with the interests of
those in power, society can lose the track of events and find that
eventually its collective memory is manipulated. This is the road to
slavery ? to slavery of every kind: economical, intellectual, educational,
political etc. And slavery results in the extermination of the free
spirit, which is the most important thing that our race (the human race)
has to be proud of.

This article is for all of you who still believe in freedom! For all of
you who refuse to kneel in front of the modern holy inquisition! For all
of you who have the dignity and the courage to declare openly that ?the
earth is round and moves around the sun? ? even if you know that they will
try to ?burn you at the stake? for saying the truth!

In other words this article is a desperate cry trying to reach those ears
eager to defend the principles of freedom ? freedom that neither belongs
to anyone nor is merely an abstract idea!

Right now this freedom is being brutally attacked, raped, by the
?civilised? and democratic Greek state. An attack whose aim is to rewrite
modern Greek history, and once and for all to isolate and eliminate those
parts of society which struggle for freedom and equality! It seems that
where the military coup of the army generals (known as the ?Junta?)
failed, today the ?civilised? coup of the democrats is succeeding!

We ask you to read this article patiently. Some of it may be completely
new for someone who has not followed Greek history over the last 30 years
or so. If you understand the seriousness of, the dangers inherent in, the
events described here - events, which are epitomised by the arrest of
Yannis Serifis - we ask you to take action! However small it might be, it
will surely help us?

What action exactly is for you to decide. We ask that you sign the
petition in solidarity with Yannis Serifis and against the the Greek
terror-law. Please contact us if you are interested in a co-ordinated
action. But whatever size and kind of action you decide to take, one thing
is certain. It is time to take a stand and say clearly: ?NO MORE!? -  ?YA
BASTA? - ?FTANI PIA? - No more injustice, no more slavery, no more

And even if today we fall without compromising, we can be sure of victory
tomorrow?. In the coming struggle what we really need is solidarity!


Committee in Solidarity with Yannis Serifis and against State Terrorism

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