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Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 04:37:59 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

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 CONTRIBUTIONS: Sparks welcomes contributions in the
 shape of poems, cartoons, songs, articles by transport
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 Please send your sub to: SPARKS, PO Box 92, Broadway
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  >                  What is Democratic Unionism?

 Democratic unionism means grass roots controlled unionism.
This is as opposed to trade unionism. We advocate all workers
 in one industry be in one union so as to remove artificial
divisions amongst workers. Such a union must be fully organised
 and controlled by the membership. To achieve this we want
a union organised along the following lines:-

 1. That no person employed by the union can earn more than
the average income of the membership;
 2. That spokespeople have no executive power - all decisions
are made by the membership affected;
 3. Spokespeople are only to act as delegates elected. The
membership to carry out decisions made by the membership;
 4. That a mechanism be instituted for the instant recall of
spokespeople /delegates who break the above rules.
 5. That all positions within the union be held as a limited
tenure, ie. two years (unless no one else stands).
 6. There is no body of full time paid officials. All loss of earnings
are to be paid by the union to the extent of the lost wages.
 7. That a programme of decentralised decision making be
implemented within the union structure, so that we won't need full
time paid positions.

 Only in this way can we see a democratic united, fighting
organisation be created which will stand up for the rights of workers
 and their families against all governments, political parties and all

    SPARKS: Latest edition


Welcome to another edition of Sparks.
A Vote For Your Job As this issue of Sparks goes to print members
of the RTBU are fast approaching the most fundamental union
election in over fifty years. Not since the Christian churches split the
trade union movement into right and left wing factions, in an effort to
keep the communists out of Australia, has the union movement been
so corrupted and its membership so misled. Wages and conditions
were stolen from workers and handed back to the bosses as the
union leaders played politics with each other inside the ALP in the
1960's. The Menzies 'Liberal' government that sent hundreds of
Australians to their deaths in the American war against Vietnam sat
back and laughed as the trade union leadership turned its back on
workers and gave the 'Liberal' government open slather to do as they
wanted. Now fifty years later with communism destroyed we are
being shafted again ,only this time not for any philosophical or
ideological reason but for the egos and personal greed of those in
control of the trade unions. The union bosses have spent the last ten
years furiously robbing us of our entitlements and bending over for
the ALP, whilst their wages and conditions keep going up. Bus
drivers have had enough, after voting down the bosses enterprise
agreement three times. Trevor Avery finally forced it through. We
can now prepare ourselves for a fully fledged attempt to privatise
public transport just like Jeff Kennett did in Victoria and John
Bannon did in South Australia. If Trevor Avery and Pat Ryan are
re-elected later this year we can not only, kiss our jobs good bye, but
also forget about the big redundancies, drivers in almost every other
state received thanks to the EBA Trevor sold us. I urge every RTBU
member to read the interview with Laurie Cunjak a driver of thirty
years from Burwood. Laurie is getting off his arse because he cares
about his job and he cares about the people who have no choice but
to use public transport. With public sector unions in Victoria and
Queensland now standing up for themselves after years of neglect it
is time we did the same. Now is the time for us to stand up for
ourselves and bounce Trevor Avery out after thirty years of selling us
down the drain. Now is the time to put a busie back in charge of the
busies Union.

CUNJAK MOB. PH 0409 566341
Sparks: Why are you going public, Laurie?
LC: Simple! I want members to realise how serious the situation is,
we're in, and that members should start helping themselves.
Sparks: What do you mean by a situation?
LC: For example: We, the members of the R.T.B.U. (Rail Tram &
Bus Union) don't have union leaders to support us and to protect
members' interests and to be on our side. On the contrary, they side
with State Transit Management and enforce E.B.A proposal ballots,
that members didn't want because they already rejected it, three
times in a row! In relationship to the up coming elections for
R.T.B.U. Secretary and President for the Bus Division, we had better
be ready to elect from the rank and file, people with a backbone that
will stand by the members' side, against State Transit Management
and Senior Union Politicians.
Sparks: How long have you been active in the union?
LC: Not for very long, but after a very embarrassing moment, I had
one of my bus runs, I decided it is time to wake up and start
thinking, how can I help as an individual? Going public, to appeal to
all members for solidarity to achieve the victory in the up coming
Election, is my first Step in union activity.
Sparks: Do want to talk about your embarrassing moment?
LC: Well, I had a passenger ask me when we're going on 48 hour
Industrial Action. He knew it should happen because, it was on the
news and papers. I told him there wouldn't be any industrial action
because our union leaders and State Transit management, enforced
one more Ballot and members were sick and tired of the whole thing
and some didn't even know what they were voting for so they
allowed the ballot to go through, to be done with it. The passenger
just laughs and says, "You are paying your membership and you've
got those "Union Screwers" for Leaders. You are better off to join the
Wharfies' Union. You would get value for your money." I simply
didn't know how to react or what to say, but he did get me thinking.
Sparks: What do you say about your Union Leaders?
LC: Looking back, and how they handled the EBA Proposals, I must
admit they failed us totally in a big way and they earned the
appropriate name of "Union Screwers".
Sparks: What in your opinion should the Union Leaders have done?
LC: Union Leaders' duty should be to explain to the rank and file and
explain each Clause and Paragraph of the proposal, so members can
understand, what's for them or against them. Instead they have come
with State Transit Management's proposals, claiming it as their own,
and urging members to accept it because there is no better deal.
They really are "Union Screwers", over ruling , the members'
decision on the 48 hour Industrial Action and not calling stop work
meetings. They deprived us of completing our Enterprise Bargaining
in OUR favour! I believe this is as low as they can go. We have the
right to get rid of those "union screwers" for the sake of our union
itself, if not for everything else.
Sparks: How do you intend to do that?
LC: I hope this interview will reach every member, in every bus
depot, including Newcastle and my strong belief is they should get
ready for the election. Our intention is no secret. We want "Union
Leaders", Not "Union Screwers". Positions are open for any member
to apply, preferably with some knowledge of industrial relations, but
not essential What's really essential is Honesty and a backbone to
stand against any elements, not in the favour of the members. Work
closely with the rank and file to achieve better decisions, in the future
for Enterprise Bargains or whatever it may be. I am urging any
member that wishes to apply, not to be fearful. You will have the
support from the Rank & File. Please send your name and contact
number, to Burwood Bus Depot Union Office or call on 958 244 20.
Remember, we need to organise meetings with all candidates, so
they can pick two candidates with some in reserve. We don't want to
weaken our chances by having too many candidates on election day.


RANDWICK DEPOT NEWS Sparks: What's been happening on the
Randwick Busie: One of the most annoying things lately must be the
ridiculous radio announcements by one of those in the radio room,
whom I've heard a whisper about is a favourite of John Stott, the
CEO . We constantly, hear such announcements as "put your hand
brake on when stopping the bus" and "put 000 when running
specials". Despite the fact, we are surrounded whilst driving by
signage with such instructions.These repetitive announcements
certainly give the impression we don't know elementary aspects of
our jobs and embarrasses us before passengers. The announcer
seems to lack an understanding of bus drivers' on the job problems.
As a result of the traffic grid lock in the city, we are facing serious
problems finding spots to park buses at the terminuses such as at
Loftus Street. Drivers have little time to go to the toilet and have a
break. This situation can cause drivers much stress. As they
hurriedly leave the bus, they may not apply the hand brake properly,
causing runaway buses.
Sparks: What's happening with the buses?
RB: At Randwick, the bosses are generally allowing the running
down of many aspects of the buses, making our job more difficult.
All the bus destros are faded and combined with the bosses lack of
interest in ensuring the cleaning of the bus windows, it means older
people having difficulty seeing the destinations/routes. Confusion
amongst passengers is also caused with inadequate destination
descriptions. In the case of the 371 which goes to the spot, there is
only signage for 15 buses out of the fleet of the older Mercedes at
Randwick. In the office at Randwick, the general attitude of the
bosses is that they'll jump at suggestions by drivers which are
beneficial to them. If these suggestions help us out, nothing
happens. The STA causes the problems and the STA has the cheek
to discipline us over their foul ups.
Sparks: What are your thoughts on "Better Buses"?
RB: It seems to me to be essentially a cost cutting exercise, with the
chopping back of many services. I have also noticed gross
deficiencies with the scheduling of bus services. I've observed at
Railway Square, numerous Eastern Suburbs services coming in 2
minutes at off peak periods and then nothing for 25 minutes. Little
thought seems to have been into spacing out the services. With such
a slogan as "Better Buses", you would think, the buses would be
made more comfortable for passengers. However, at Randwick, the
air conditioning on buses is poor. Whilst, you really sweep out the
dirt when cleaning the bus back at the depot.
Sparks: What's happening with the union rep?
RB: Currently we don't have an elected union rep. Boris, who was a
CSC (Customer Service Coordinator) and obviously had a conflict of
interest, has left the position. Without any election, he was replaced
in the job by Barry Moore. He's a nice bloke but gives the impression
to me of being little use in fighting the bosses. An issue which
certainly needs some dynamic union action relates to a notice put up
in the depot on Friday 9th August. It stated that the police would be
using radar monitoring of buses going down the bus way. It's on the
bus way where we can catch up with our unrealistic tight running
times. It seems the bosses in the interest of making our job that
much more difficult have requested this police action. Otherwise I
can't see any reason for police to hang around bus ways. If they
didn't have any thing better to do. Drivers have reacted with anger to
this police monitoring and are demanding that the bus way be black
Sparks: What do think of the union officials?
RB: At the mass meetings during the recent EBA campaign I had
close look at activity which could give the appearance of dirty tricks. I
noticed Pat Ryan gave the impression of spreading confusion
regarding the voting on the EBA, with her request at the Harold Park
meeting for those voting "yes" and "no" to go to different sides of the
oval. Whilst the mike had a habit of dropping out in the case of the
address of the meeting by militant drivers. A rumour circulating at
Randwick is the likelihood that our fat cats will be rewarded with
luscious saucers of cream for selling the EBA.
Sparks: What are your thoughts on the global privatisation surge?
Waverley Busie: There is an interesting programme on Radio
National called Background Briefing between 9am and 10am on
Sundays which focuses on exploring the background of public
affairs. About 4 weeks ago there was a programme in the series
which threw quite a bit of light on Global Privatisation. It focused on
GATS (Global Agreement on Trade in Services), which is to be
finalised in November 2002 . The WTO (World Trade Organisation),
the most important forum for the discussion of the global economy,
is likely to agree to its implementation by its member States. One of
whom is Australia. Transnational companies particularly based in
such European countries as France and the UK are likely to use this
agreement to acquire Government owned services and assets
throughout the world. Govts. will have a choice. Either to go along
with it or resist, and face global corporate pressures. Generally
however, such schemes as GATS are used as an excuse by Govt's to
go along with Global Big Business demands, though they don't have
to, resulting in Govt's flogging off public owned infrastructure and
services. The French based multi-national company Conex has been
particularly engaging in acquiring control of water supply in Australia
such as in South Australia. Through GATS, the very scary situation
can happen whereby a transnational company can take a country to
court, for refusing to allow the selloff of its assets and authorities, on
the basis that it is maintaining state monopolies. Could the long
shadow cast by GATS explain the "Transmission of Business
Clause" which out of the blue, suddenly appeared in the last EBA
and gives the green light to privatisation? The appearance of this
nefarious clause seems symptomatic of a hidden agenda of which
ever Govt. is in power - ALP or Liberals to selloff the buses to satisfy
multinational company business mates. The question now has
become not if, but when this selloff will occur.

The Riddle of "Better Buses"
Sparks: What do you think of the bosses' "Better Buses" policy?
WB: One thing is for sure, its not generally producing better bus
services. It's really just moving problems from one area to another. In
fact, it has glaringly worsened services in certain areas. In the case of
the L82 leaving Bondi Junction, a stop has been removed, so that the
next stop is at Wellington Street. 1 km away from the Bondi Junction
Interchange! In making this change the bosses have brazenly
disregarded the rule which I believe is that the distance between
stops can't be greater than roughly 500 meters. This route change
will seriously disadvantage, for example, the old, frail and the less
well off, who lack cars. The implementation of "Better Buses" has
also resulted in a reduction in the number of buses for services. At
Port Botany a driver has noticed a lot more buses in the depot yard in
the mid mornings, than has been observed previously. The bosses
seem to have been too successful in stream lining services. It seems
the bosses had already drawn up the new timetables associated with
the new policy and just gave the impression of engaging in
community consultation. Since the big changes I have seen quite a
few inspectors around taking notes about bus services. Whilst I have
heard that the route changes associated with "Better Buses" will be
reviewed in 6 months. Will the bosses keep their word about the
review? Exactly for whom are these changes better for? The removal
of bus stops and the reduction in the number of buses for services as
part of the changes certainly seems in line with making the routes
more lucrative. Attracting the prying eyes of the Govt's multinational
business mates!
Sparks: What do you think of the new gas fuelled buses?
WB: They are proving much more exhausting, stressful to drive, and
taking a lot of energy although environmentally more friendly. The
Mercedes was like a car to drive. These gas buses are more like a 4
wheel drive. You just can't easily manoeuvre them around, like the
diesel Mercedes. They are quite cumbersome, due to such factors as
their weight, length and wheel base. There are particular problems
with the gas buses when kneeling them at the curb. I consider the
old Mercedes, a much smoother and more fun bus to drive. It was
very much a city bus.

Management Criminology
Sparks: What are your thoughts on the origins of the duplicity and
under handedness which characterises much of the STA
management style?
WB: As a bus operator I have developed an insight regarding the
origins of this criminal psychology. In fact, its causes may in part lie
with STA management practice regarding school kids. Initially the
STA had the policy of allowing free travel for school kids.
Subsequently, with the introduction of school passes, this policy was
changed so that school kids had to pay their fare within 2kms of the
school. School kids are allowed to get free trips, if they lose their
passes and have no money to pay their fare. As a result, school kids
are being encouraged to tell lies so as to get free trips. Whilst other
kids who live within 2kms of their schools have to pay.. Later on
some of these kids may become STA managers and even the CEO,
as well as auditors, causing real mayhem. Engineering savage EBA's
and cuts to bus services which they craftily camouflage as
improvements, and engaging in risque accounting practices which
result in the collapse of major companies. I recently did a little field
research, as I went along in the bus, to investigate the problem. I
approached a number of school kids who claimed, they had no
money to pay their fares, to pay 70c at least. I spoke nicely to them,
and surprisingly, 11 out of the 12 school kids, paid the 70c. By
paying this modest sum, they were able to relieve themselves of
much guilt and anxiety. In the Eastern Suburbs a lot of the school
kids come from well off families and have got the cash. Also by this
simple measure, I was able to increase the revenue of the run by
between $7 -$8. If this was done on all runs, the bosses would have
plenty of money to finance a proper pay rise for us.
Sparks: What's happening with the RTBU's journal Rail , Tram &
Bus Worker?
WB: I was startled to read a decent article by the State Secretary,
Nick Lewocki criticising the Howard Govt's tough stance on Asylum
Seekers. It just goes to show that the Rightwing ALP machine
officials which currently run the RTBU can do socially useful things
if they are not focusing on the union question and the importance of
kicking them out of office at the upcoming elections in October of
this year!
Sparks: What other magazines have you found interesting lately?
WB: In the next edition of Sparks, I'll be reporting on a new
magazine about Chinese Health, which is in its 3rd edition. It
provides a cross section of valuable information. It touches on such
topics as various aspects of sleep, how Chinese Philosophy provides
insights into improving your health.


* For STA Boss, Bruce Eldridge & John Stott, STA CEO for slimy
tactics during the EBA campaign 3 years in a Communist
re-education camp in Red China.
* For Trevor Avery, RTBU boss for caving into the bosses' demands
during the EBA campaign, 20 years as a monk, with all his hair
shaved off, suit and tie replaced by thread bare sack cloth and locked
up in a Buddhist Temple. With plenty of time to meditate, whilst
lying on his bed of nails about the nefarious meanings of the
"Transmission of Business" clause .
* For Patricia Ryan, RTBU boss for disregarding the demands of the
grass roots during the EBA campaign 20 years sealed up in a
Carmelite Convent living a frugal life style, as she is so proud of
achieving a very frugal payrise for us with our EBA.
* For Bob Carr, ALP NSW Premier for resisting a decent pay rise
during the EBA campaign 20 years with pick and shovel on 12 hour
shifts, in a Siberian salt mine on a very low wage, so as to learn about
things from a worker's point of view.
* For Carl Scully, Carr Govt. Transport Minister for slimy behaviour
above and beyond the call of duty to the Rightwing ALP machine
during the EBA campaign promotion to George Bush's right hand
man - his spokesman on the "War on Terrorism", in the Pentagon.

Sparks: What are your thoughts on self improvement?
WB: How much of our wages per year do we spend on self
improvement? We spend a lot on cars, overseas trips and trips to
theme parks. However, many spend as little as $20 per year on self
improvement. I have recently attended a course which focused on
self improvement. I found it very rewarding. It encouraged you to put
the past in the past, and to reinvent your attitude toward life.
Dropping the scams, we engage in with each other and seeing your
weaknesses and rewarding yourself by asking close relatives to
reconnect. Advanced courses you can attend, put more emphasis on
expanding your horizons by a group networking and helping each
other out. In this way developing inner resources.
Sparks: What are your thoughts on the upcoming RTBU elections?
Leichhardt Busie: To kick out Ryan and Avery and the Rightwing
ALP machine which has run the union decades , its essential that
militant drivers must form a united front and cooperate together,
despite differences in the organising their campaign. Drivers need to
be aware of a common nefarious tactic of the Rightwing union
officials. They often get a phoney candidate or candidates to stand in
the election to split, the militant vote. A crafty tactic like this was
used in the depot elections last year at Leichhardt. It appears a
certain "Mr Gummy" got a surprising mate of his to run in the
elections for the depot rep to create a bit of divide and conquer
mischief. Consequently, drivers must thoroughly check into
candidates in the up coming elections to determine whether they are
genuine militants and their policies to ensure grass roots control of
the union and a militant direction.
Sparks: What's happening with the bosses?
LB: They are going on the rampage targeting certain drivers. Another
driver Sam, Tekin was driven off the job, by the bosses using similar
tactics used against Michael, the shed driver whose job was suddenly
put under the microscope, which caused him great stress. Resulting
in his ending up in the hospital.
Sparks: What's been happening lately?
Leichhardt Busie: For some strange reason Brewer, the union rep
has suddenly moved from driving his "private" gas bus and has
returned to the Mercedes. Whilst. Many drivers are screaming about
the new rosters

The Navigators Directed by Ken Loach By Sandra Hall
(This new film on the British Railways is certainly worth bringing the
family along to enlighten them about similar processes on the job
here in NSW.Ed) Loach is concentrating on a team of Yorkshire
railwaymen and, once again, he's gone to the source, working from a
script distilled from first-hand experience. Its author, Rob Dawber,
spent 15 years on the railways, living through British Rail's radical
makeover into a collection of competing regional companies. The rail
workers in the film, are typical Loach heroes - funny, irreverent and
potentially bolshie, but hard-working and expert at what they do.
Now, however, their species of railwayman is about to become
extinct. First their maintenance depot is downgraded. Then it's shut
down and, with the rest of their workmates, they're forced out on to
the market as rival freelances contracted through agencies. The
works meeting at the depot sets the scene. The men are being briefed
by Harpic (Sean Glenn), their much-mocked supervisor, who at first
tries to make a show of understanding the geography of the brave
new industrial world they're about to navigate.

Extracted from the SMH

Sparks: What's happening at Central?
Station Assistant: The Rail Tram & Bus Union meetings at Central
continue to be a joke. They are very much staff meetings as they are
addressed by our Fuehrer about management's concerns. The RTBU
officials are showing no responsibility to workers, and just allow the
bosses to do what they want.
Sparks: What's happening with the staff review and the upcoming
SA: I've heard its been recently signed off and a draft copy has been
dumped at workplaces for voting upon. The union executive has
made no demands on the bosses for improved conditions. The EBA
process fits into a common pattern of many public sector
bureaucratic unions today. It involves back room deals between the
union hierarchy and management and the union officials going
through the motions of seeking membership approval. In the case of
the City Rail Station Review, a backroom deal between management
and senior union bosses would have occurred regarding station jobs
to be cut. The actual activity of the Staff Review Committees was
just a formality. We will soon hear, the wheels moving of the EBA's
railroading. It has been held off so far due to the RTBU and
management's difficulties in implementing the City Rail Station
Review due to grass roots resistance. Many white collar jobs will be
cut from stations with the Staff Review. However, the RTBU officials
and management have devised a new scam to act as a band aid and
avoid outright chaos. They intend setting up a "response team". It
will consist of a pool 30 to 40 low paid workers who are trained in
various station jobs. They will be called in to handle vacant jobs.
Given the current high level of unemployment, there is likely to be a
market for these low paid jobs. This pool of workers is similar to the
pool which was established during the Olympics. However, the
Olympics pool was composed of workers who were much less
qualified in various jobs.
Sparks: What were your impressions of the beanie dispute?
SA: The union hierarchy presented the action over the wearing of
beanies as some big campaign resulting in an important victory.
However, it was just a case of the union bosses inflating fake
industrial muscles. Due to prior negotiations, agreement for wearing
beanies by staff was just a formality. In the case of much more
serious issues such the safety crisis of which the derailment at
Hexham is an example, the union officials take no decisive action. In
contrast to other unions such as the CFMEU which recently banned
work at Bondi Juction over safety concerns. In the case of the RTBU
organisation, it has no officials focusing on safety issues except in
the case of train drivers.
Sparks: What else is happening?
SA: Bizarrely, we are again being menaced with the bosses' scam of
overpayments associated with discrepancies in the "Job Redesign"
back pay. The bosses are hassling workers over the issue despite the
bosses failure to provide any evidence of the alleged overpayments.
Without consultation with the "union" or workers, Human
Resources has also recently issued a document which states that all
overpayments since 2001 have to be paid back. It seems senior
management are pushing lower level management to put the jack
boot in to resolve the matter. A likely trick of the bosses is to con
workers who are about to retire to pay back thousands of their final
payout due to the pay discrepancy scam. Despite the discrepancies
going back to the 1998 with Job Redesign.
Sparks: What's happening with the SRA Drugs policy?
SA: Like the SRA policies on swapping shifts and overpayments,
there has been no consultation by the bosses with the "union" or
workers on Drugs Policy released by the HR section . The bosses are
using this policy to harass workers. Workers are being interrogated
over drug usage and are being pressured to sign statements which
put them on the Drug Rehabilitation Programme. As a result, they
are denied overtime and penalties and are put on a flat rate of pay,
and can drug tested with 48 hours notice. They also face a lot more
monitoring in their jobs by the bosses. The question is also how can
the bosses tell whether the drugs consumed which show up in a test
occurred on or off the job? In the case of those who take a week or so
sick leave, they can face referral to an SRA medical examination and
also can be put on the Rehab Programme. There seems to be no
confidentiality regarding he the medical records of workers who face
these examinations and rehab programmes. Rafferty's Rules seem to
Sparks: What's the latest with Rail Estate?
SA: The Carr Govt. is using this body to flog off most SRA assets to
pay for expenditure on rail infrastructure improvements. Latest news
is that the SRA. is so desperate to raise money that, Rail Estate is
demanding levies from Councils and Shires for bridge usage. Sparks:
What's happening with the bosses?
SA: Gail Gregory, one time official of the NSW Labor Council was
given a job in the SRA as train crewing manager. Apparently she had
fallen out with some senior bosses. Latest news is that she has been
shunted off to that siding for ALP bosses the Premiers Department
or Surplus Boss Department. The Director General of DOCs (Dept of
Community Services) who has been scapegoated over scandals in
that Dept. has also turned up there.
Sparks: What's happening with the upcoming RTBU elections?
SA: The elections will be held in October. A team of militants will be
running on a ticket to throw out the existing Rightwing ALP
machine which runs the union and assist grass roots control..

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