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(en) Czech, Eastern Bloc in Prague - anti-nato

From Laure <cube@zigzag.pl>
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 03:57:04 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Hi friends and comrades !
We write you as we would like to propose you a common organizing of
an action for N21 in Prague. On the day of our loudest protest, day of
action, day of our radical resistance during the NATO summit in
Prague - we would like to invite you to join us in idea of common
march of East Eauropean anarchist groups. The idea is to organize a
march which would simbolise a kick out from EE such institutions of
capitalist terror as NATO and EU, but at the same time it should
remark that our dream is not a come back of communism. For today a
totally draft proposal for motto of that march is "No to the NATO, No
to the War â?? Eastern Europe says: Capitalism â?? No !" (the future
motto of that march as well as many other details of that action could
be discuss with all of you together during meetings in Prague in last
days before the protest). Our vision of this march for now is following:

   march would start in any place any time at 21.11 afternoon;
   it would go possibly across the center of Prague and join
   "Svejk-Namiesti Miru" protest at punkt X;
   various anarchist groups/organisations/individuals from eastern
   europe would take a part in that march;
   in front of the march we would like to see three wheel-barrows
   pushed by activists and on each one would placed "ugly elegant
   person" (could be puppets) with adequate requsits which would
   simbolise in turn: NATO, EU and "real socialism" (idea with
   wheel-barrows comes from famoust tradition of (only ?) polish
   workers which goes: take your boss on the dirty wheel-barrow
   and drive him behind the gate of your factory. This should
   symbolize rejecting of this three "institutions" in Eastern Europe.
   behind the wheel-barrows there should be a huge banner with
   main motto of the march followed by anarchist-revolutionary
   samba band (we hope there would be one ready to join that
   it would be good to have hundreds copies of leaflet/flayer with
   statement made specialy for that march (in czech lenguage !!!)
   it would be great if the all banners of various groups would
   include both: slogan in native language and a translation into
   Czech-language (that way our message would be understable for
   citizens of Prague on the one side, and would demonstrate the
   inter/anti-national character of that action, on the other side.

We would like to reach through this action quite a few goals:

   to show the resistance against NATO and militarisation in
   to show radical resistance to escalation of NATO in the region
   and re-militarisation of EE especialy,
   to make it clear that our protest doesnâ?~t concern only
   to make it clear that in spite of we reject capitalism we donâ?~t
   dream about come back of communism;
   to clear present our alternatives, visions and ideas of anarchist
   organized communities;
   to consolidate east european anarchist movement (through
   marching all together hand in hand, through possibility of
   working together during process of preparation to this march ...
   and hopefully afterwards);

Of course all activists "not from EE" would be invited to join that
march although ... we would have nothing against if they would prepare
their own actions/marches at that day (which all could meet in any
point anyway).

So we are sending right now this proposal to different groups in EE to
check it out if there is an interest of joining that kind of action.
Depends of reaction in next 5-10 days we will see if there is a enough
entusiasm and the will to follow that idea (if we will have a feeling that
on N21 there will be just a handfull people marching behind the
wheel-barrows â?? we will probably change that concept for the one of
more happening character).

So please discuss as soon as possible that proposal with your comrades
and let as know how is the feeling about it in your group/organisation.
If the reaction would be positive we will try in next days to develope a
bit project of action and up from 17.11 to start in Prague with everyday
preparation meetings, with all these which are interesting in
organizing of that march.

We donâ?~t want to discuss to deeply this project on internet and not
advice about it so far on any flayers and websites (as we believe that
there will be enough time for that in Prague ... 17-20.11 and it will be
more save too !). So please send on our adress just your general feeling,
will of joining, and critisism. In the case that you like it, just appear on
the first meeting on 17.11. with head full of ideas, motivation and
inspiration. The exactly time and place of (eventual) meetings you will
find in Prague info-shop.

So far the action has not a really name. Just to help us communicate on
that topic, lets use for that a term "wheel-barrows parade".

With the warmest anarchist wheel-barrow greetings ... wishing lot of
luck on the borders ... see you in Prague ...

anarchist collective Abolishing the Borders from Below.

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