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(en) November Loombreaker issue #32 NOVEMBER 02

From "Loombreaker" <editorial@loombreaker.org.uk>
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2002 12:44:50 -0500 (EST)

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> Stories for Dec issue #33 please - deadline - 29 Nov
1. Anti war actions in manchester
2. Spliffing HEck!
3. Menwithout Cutting Equipment
4. is it a vegan website?
5. C'est LA Plage
6. A lotto Hysteria
7. Mc Resistance
8.  Don't hate the media- be the media
9. Free rant 
9.  BAku Pipeline
10. Rio Tinto Stink
11. Action Stations
12. Park nook woodland
13. RAdical bookfair in manchester
14. northern anarchist network
15. write to a prisoner
16 party for anarchy
and the 

1.  Whose streets? Our streets! 

Cops lose battle against anti-war protesters as Manchester joins towns and 
cities across the country in a day of direct action and civil disobedience in 
protest over the planned war on Iraq 
The resistance to the planned war on Iraq was stepped up a few levels on the 
Halloween day of action, when a surprisingly militant crowd took over Oxford 
Rd and refused to be pushed back. The road was held despite a brutal 
onslaught from cops on horseback, and the crowd eventually marched to 
The day began with actions, rallies, road-blocks and demonstrations all over 
Greater Manchester. Students occupied the University Maths tower for 
several hours,workers and supporters at a health clinic stopped traffic by 
repeatedly using a zebra crossing. There were noisy protests in Longsight, 
Salford, Stockport, Bury,Buxton, Bolton, over 50 people in Oldham, even a 
rally in Rawtenstall. 

Paint the town... 

Anti-war graffiti is blossoming all over the city and beyond. While most of us 
were getting a good nights sleep before the day of action Todmorden was 
being "redecorated" by nocturnal artists armed with stencils and spray cans. 
(see www.uhc-collective.org for ideas, anti-war posters etc - or design your 
Breaking the chain of war 
A Halloween critical mass bike ride _ `stop the cycle of violence' _ made a 
vivid spectacle with 40 or so ghouls and skeletons riding bikes, chanting 
against war,ringing bicycle bells, blowing whistles. After weaving its way 
through the throngsof people leaving work, slowing traffic to crawling point in 
the city centre, it met up with the group `Out and Proud Against the War' who 
were rallying on Canal St.Together they arrived at the rally at All Saints 
Park.. Having already blocked all the traffic, the people at the rally were 
encouraged to join in, and get off the pavement and into the street. The crowd 
didn't need to be asked twice _ they seem to have taken the idea of civil 
disobedience to heart. It was fantastic to see that one of the first groups of 
people to get into the road was a group of young muslim women, symbolic of 
how diverse the crowd was. The anti-war demos involve young, old, 
christians, muslims, jews, black, white, workers, students, hippies, 
anarchists, socialists. people in suits, people in fancy dress. 
Reclaim the street! 
Having successfully blocked the whole of Oxford Rd, the police decided to 
move in, but not on foot, no warnings or announcements were given _ they 
just sent inthe horses. Huge dangerous animals were being forced into the 
crowd, with no indication of their intent. Someone began a chant `This is a 
peacefuldemonstration', and the crowd stood its ground. Others got past the 
horses and surrounded them, making it impossible for them to control the 
crowd. The Samba band continued playing all the while, keeping people 
moving, dancing, keeping the atmosphere festive. Other cops were literally 
throwing people off the road, trying to get the traffic moving on one side of the 
street (it helped us that the first car in line was driven by a gutsy muslim 
mother who was trying her best to ignore the policeman urging her to drive 
on!). Despite several people being injured and trampled by the horses, and 
the uncalled for chaotic violence displayed by the police, the crowd remained 
peaceful but very militant. Eventually, after a bunch of students marching 
from their Uni occupation to join us helped us surround the horses, they 
withdrew them to the side, and let us have the street.A spontaneous march 
began down Oxford Rd, everyone now empowered and noisy, and when it 
looked like the cops might block us off at Portland St, peoplejust rushed the 
line of horses, broke through and carried on. 
Although the police violence always does a better job of radicalising people 
than any amount of meetings, we shouldn't let them get off lightly. Whoever 
the officer was who made the decision to use horses on a peaceful crowd 
causing one person to have part of their toe ripped off, and others to be hurt, 
needs to be held responsible. Write to GM Police at Bootle St and ask 
questions, make complaints. 
Halloween actions took place all over the country, see www.uk.indymedia.org 
The next anti-war demo will be at the CBI conference at G-mex where Tony 
Blair will be meeting arms traders and business leaders. The exact date of 
Blair'sarrival isn't yet known, but there is a demo outside the conference on 
24 November from 3-5pm. For info on anti-war meetings etc see 
www.gmdcnd.org.uk or call 273 8283 

2.  Spliffing Heck??!! 

"Who is going to take care of the patients?" Colin Davies, on being 
sentenced at Minshull Street court. Cannabis campaigner Colin Davies has 
been found guilty of illegally supplyingcannabis, and sentenced to an 
outrageous and severe three years in prison. 
On the day that sentence was passed, and in a move clearly calculated to 
intimidate, over 50 GM Police raided Stockport's Cannabis Cafe, the Dutch 
Experience, which was opened by Colin and others last year. No warrant was 
shown, and Cafe punters were slammed up against walls, searched and 
names taken. Four arrests were made. Apparently the police claimed they 
were taking the action to protect Colin's property - a blatant lie. The cafe is 
now closed and cafe volunteers are considering their next move. In a later 
related case, Stockport MEP Chris Davies and Italain MEP MarcoPannella 
were given seven days custody and £1000 fine each (plus costs) for pleading 
guilty to possession of cannabis in a protest against drug laws. With 
unintended irony the judge said Chris Davies was highly irresponsible and 
had taken up valuable court and police time. To add insult to injury the 
Stockport Express has labelled Colin a 'dope dealer'. But he's not a dealer, 
he's a healer. Colin has always made clear the point of his actions has been 
to support people who benefit from the medical use of marijuana. He suffers 
severe back pains himself, and his belief in the pain relieving effects of 
marijuana are based on personal experience. So far as we know Colin is still 
being held at Strangeways prison. You canwrite to him at: Colin Davies, 
GP8726, HMP Strangeways, 1 Southall St., M60 9AH 
See www.dutchexperience.org and click on forum for latest news on 

3.  Menwithout Cutting Equipment 

The US Spy Base at Menwith Hill Yorkshire was blockaded on October 24th 
by people concerned that it is being used by the Americans to locate and 
prioritise targets in Iraq. 
Groups of protestors blockaded two entrances into the base from 5am. The 
blockade lasted 4 and a half hours during which there were sceduled to be 
three shift changes (so that's maybe 750-1000 workers prevented from 
working). Staff arriving for work in their US-bought luxury cars were turned 
away. Some essential people were shipped in along a dirt track after they 
managed to jack open the rear access gate. 
The main gate at Menwith Hill is currently undergoing some construction 
work so access is limited to two side gates. These were blockaded by two 
groups of protestors at 5am with an unused alternative rear gate also being 
secured with a lock and superglue. Protestors locked on to the access gates 
with bike D-locks round their necks while others locked to each other with 
handcuffs protected by metal tubing, within 5 minutes the base was secure 
with no traffic able to leave or enter. 
Menwith Hill is a US spy base which monitors communications (personal, 
business and encrypted e-mails, phone calls, text messages etc) in Europe 
and the Middle East. It is a hub of intelligence procurement for the so called 
War against Terror and the planned bombing of Irag. The base is actually US 
territory, US intelligence officers and military work there as well as support 
personel from the UK - in all 3,000 people. Menwith Hill is US territory in the 
middle of our country. It is being used to indentify targets in Iraq and will be 
used to co-ordinate bombings when they start. It's time for us to shut them 
down since our government is not only unwilling to do so but is entirely happy 
to support their efforts. 

4.  Is it a vegan website? 

Want to know if a product is suitable for vegans? www.isitvegan.info is a 
website that aims to be an easy-to-use and up-to-date store of information 
about which products are suitable for vegans. For more information ring: 0845 
458 0146 or email info@isitvegan.info 

5. C'est la Plage!! 

Radical show Under the Pavement is an explosive new programme which 
broadcasts every four weeks on Manchester's ALL FM 96.9 community radio 
station. The show takes its name from a 1968 situationist slogan and reports 
on Manchester's radical and activist communities. It goes out on Tuesdays 
from 10pm until midnight. The show has been broadcasting every four weeks 
since July, and it's already had a diverse range of guests, including Gee 
Vaucher from Crass, a local activist from the Stop Esso campaign and a 
member of the Greater Manchester Coalition Against Sanctions and War on 
Iraq. As well as talk, it plays a wide range of music, including folk, country, 
electronic and indie. It also broadcasts poetry and the spoken word. It's not 
all hardcore anarchist punk but, as Emma Goldman once said, "if I can't 
dance, I don't want to be in your revolution". The last show featured Alice and 
Boff from Chumbawamaba, fresh from their European tour and playing a 
selection of songs that have influenced them. Manchester has a rich heritage 
of radical and progressive activity. Under the Pavement is a way of giving 
voice to this culture of resistance. The next shows are on 19th November and 
7th December. See www.underthepavement.org or email 

6.  A Lotto Hysteria 

The Daily (Hate) Mail has been venting its spleen about lottery money going 
to the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC) lately, 
accusing them, of all things, of supporting terrorism. Yet as NCADC point 
out, the Mail is getting into a frenzy over individuals that "have been allowed 
to stay legally in the UK as a result of decisions by Jack Straw or David 
Blunkett, following campaigns supported and advised by NCADC." So why 
have the Mail got it in for NCADC? Is it 'coz they is helping vulnerable people 
deal with the bureaucratic nightmare dreamed up by the Home Office? Or 
maybe it's their principled oppositon to the Nationality, Immigration and 
Asylum Bill which is presently rumbling through Parliament and which lays 
out plans to 'accomodate' asylum seekers within purpose built detention 
For more on the lottery money and the new asylum bill see 
www.ncadc.org.uk or contact ncadc locally on 0161 740 8206 

7.  McResistance! 

"We can also organise internationally, that we are not powerless in the face 
of this massive multi-national, that the slaves are rebelling! Bugger to the 
burgers, smack the Mac, McWorkers of all lands unite, we have nothing to 
lose but our free uniforms, A las Barricadas 'n all that." - MWR (McDonalds 
Workers Resistance) 
On October 16th some of the McDonalds workforce launched an 
unprecedented counter attack against exploitation and boredom with actions 
of workers resistance from Sweden to Sydney. In one English store workers 
altered all the settings on the food storage Microwave and reset the grill 
timers. In Birmingham there was a go slow day that knocked hundreds of 
pounds off the days sales. The night shift phoned in sick in Nottingham and 
there were reports of several incidents in Northampton, including three hour 
breaks, walk outs, phoney sickness, and drinking on the job. In Adelaide 
they cut open all the milk based mix (there goes the milkshakes!) - while in 
Manchester it's reported some people cemented the toilets. 
See http://mwr.org.uk and www.mcspotlight.org/ or contact Loombreaker for 
local contacts. 

8. Don't hate the media, BE the media! 

Indymedia is a global independent media project spawned from the dismal 
mainstream media coverage of Global Days of Action. A group of media 
volunteers are currently taking on the production of a Manchester section 
with the aim of having a Manchester Indymedia up and running in the near 
future. Anyone can post stories onto the newswire but more people are 
needed to create and maintain this project. Whether it is reporting about local 
actions or campaigns, doing workshops on how to become an audio or video 
activist, screening independent videos, helping administering the website, or 
translating articles into other languages - a lot of skills are needed, and you 
don't have to be a computer geek to get involved. If you are interested there is 
a list which you can sign up to to contribute to planning and editorial 
decisions: imc-manchester@lists.indymedia.org. To join the list or read the 
archives of past discussions log on to https://lists.indymedia.org/imc-
manchester. For the news you won't get on the BBC check out 

8. Freerant 

Land Rover have a Freepost and Freephone customer information service 
until the end of the year. So if you want to know why the company, who are 
subject to a boycott call, are supplying Land Rover Defenders to the Israeli 
army when the same army is shooting children in cold blood, then you can 
ask them for free on 0800 110110. Or alternatively you could send them a gift 
wrapped brick for Xmas, addressed to Land Rover admin, FREEPOST, TK 
494, Twickenham, TW2 5UN 

9. Baku Pipelines 

Plans for the world's largest pipeline system are entering the final 
consultation stages. In spring 2003 international financial institutions will 
decide whether to provide money for the Baku pipelines, which would take oil 
and gas from the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan through Georgia and Turkey to 
European and US markets. Their backing is crucial; after five years failing to 
convince oil companies of the project's economic viability governments 
promised 70% of the cost from free public money. Geopolitics. Both 
consortiums involved are led by BP, whose operations in Columbia foretell 
state-led militarisation of the 1087 mile corridor, landowners cheated of 
compensation, human rights abuses, social conflict, corruption, war. There 
are wider environmental fears as the route passes through both zones of 
frequent major earthquakes and sources of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. 
The pipelines cannot be built if the financial institutions lose their nerve, and if 
the process is delayed the web of contracts will collapse. A group is forming 
in the north west to work towards this: email mattg@bridge-5.org 

10. Rio Tinto Stink 

Anglesey Aluminiums on Holy Island, Anglesey, was blockaded for nearly six 
hours on October 10th by a group of 15 people making novel use of a clapped 
out mini van and a tripod. The action was in solidarity with the OPM - the 
Free West Papua Movement - and the people of West Papua as part of a 
week of action which has included the storming of the Indonesian Embassy 
earlier in the week. The van, laden with two cement filled oil barrels was 
towed in at 8.30am before irrevocably and finally breaking down outside the 
main entrance to the aluminium smelting plant. Someone stuck their hand 
through a hole in the side panel and locked onto one of the barrels. The other 
barrel fell through a hole in the floor of the van, tyres deflated on account of 
their being slashed and another person stuck their arm in and clipped on. So 
that wasn't going anywhere for a while. A long tail back rapidly ensued. 
Anglesey Aluminium are 51% owned by earth raping scum Rio Tinto Zinc, 
who are joint owners of Freeport Mine in West Papua - the world's second 
largest copper mine and the largest proven gold deposit worth $40 billion. 
Indonesia gains 20% royalties from the mine. The local Papuans receive no 
royalties yet their homeland is severely despoiled by the mining operation. 
In related actions the Indonesian embassy in London was forcefully entered 
on Wednesday 9 Oct in a protest against the country's continued occupation 
of West Papua. An estimated 100,000 West Papuans have been murdered 
by Indonesian forces since the Indonesian invasion and annexation of the 
territory in 1963. While on the 11th October, more than fifty people met up to 
take direct action against the New Tribes Mission at their UK Headquarters in 
Grimsby. New Tribes Mission have stated that it is their intent to establish a 
missionary church within every tribe on the planet by 2025. The people of 
West Papua have declared missionaries one of the 4 biggest threats to 
indigenous tribes people. It is reported that essential information and 
equipment was removed from the New Tribes Mission offices. See www.eco-

11. Action Stations 

Saturday 9th November 6pm till midnight   A gathering of people to share, 
inspire and motivate. Marking the 1st anniversary of Barry Horne who died on 
hunger strike against vivsection. From 6-9pm _ talks, videos, debate, 
information and inspiration. Including People's Global Action, Earth First!, 
Palestine Liberation, Anti war campaigns, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, 
Anti- fascist action and MORE?.with John Curtin ex ALF activist and Keith 
Mann (served 11 years for ALF actions). 9-midnight _ some of the finest and 
roughest tunes to be found! Mixed by a collection of DJ's, visuals by Beyond 
Free!!! At Solomon Grundy's (downstairs) Wilmslow Rd, Withington. All 
Welcome. More info 07751 030435 

12.  If you go down to the woods today.... 

You'll find the Park Nook woodland protest site, near Liverpool. The woodland 
has been squatted for the last five months and now has a 24-hour presence. 
An eviction is imminent and people are needed to defend the space! 0780 
360 9721 

13. Forget Waterstones 

The third Manchester Radical Bookfair takes place on Saturday 7th 
December 2002 from 1.00pm until 5.00pm at Bridge 5 Mill, "Manchester's 
Greenest Building", 22A Beswick Street in Ancoats Manchester. At the last 
event there were stalls by AK Press and Distribution, Northern Herald Books, 
IMPress, Repressed Distribution, Class War, Cunningham Amendment, 
Eve's Back , Green Anarchist, Networking Newsletter, Anarchist Federation, 
Earth First, Land and Liberty, Northern Anarchist Network, Solidarity 
Federation, Total Liberty, Erroll McGowan Campaign, Anarchist Arguments, 
TIRE (TelfordInstitutional Racist Exposure) and Radical Routes. If you would 
like a stall, hold a workshop or get involved in the next bookfair please get in 
touch with us as soon as possible. Write to: Manchester Radical Bookfair 
c/o PO Box 29, South West PDO, Manchester, M15 5HW Email: 
info@radicalbookfair.org.uk Log on to the website for latest updates: 

14. Anarchists descend on manchester 

On Saturday November 9th the Northern Anarchist Network are holding a 
gathering for Anarchists from around the North. The event will include 
discussions on various issues and takes place from 10.30am - 5.30pm at 
Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick St., Ancoats 
For more information on th NOrthern Anarchist Network or the Gathering call 
01422 842558 

15. Write to a prisoner, not your MP! 

Please send letters of support to the 5 Stop Huntingdon Life Sciences 
protestors who are on remand and facing charges of "Conspiracy to Harass". 
This raucous, harassing mob include Gavin, who is partially sighted, and 
Rylma, a 70 year old pensioner? 
Gavin Medd-Hall [JK4564], Kevin White [JK4576] and Paul Baker [JK4584], 
HMP Canterbury, 46 Longport, Kent, CT1 1PJ, Robert Lewis [JK4563], HMP 
Elmley, Church Road, Eastchurch, Sheerness, Kent, ME12 4AY, and Rylma 
White [KV4069], HMP Holloway, Parkhurst Road, London, N7 0NU 

16  Party for anarchy! 

9pm wednesday November 20th, Retro Bar on Sackville Street, Manchester. 
Local bands and DJs playing a variety of music including punk and 
electronica A chance to meet other anarchists an people involved in direct 
action while getting drunk, listening to quality music and raising money for 
anarchist actions in manchester. Entrance is £3, all money raised will go to 
Manchester Anarchist Youth. More info www.anarchistyouth.net Local 
contact 07816 420 391 

1      World Vegan Day
1      Hunt Sabbing - Season Starts 
Inbred freaks climb back into the saddle and try to terrorise and torture furry 
little creatures. Contact NW Hunt Sabs
t: 07960 038 230   e: info@nwhsa.org.uk

9 Northern Anarchist Network Gathering for Anarchists from around the 
North. 10.30am - 5.30pm, Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick St., Ancoats t: 01422 

10 Actions against Shell On the 5th Anniversary of the "judicial murder" of 
Ken Saro Wira and 8 other Ogoni activists. e: mosopgb@aol.com w: 

15 Say "No" to Manchester Airport Expansion Cheadle. The Department for 
Transport's roadshow on alternative plans to expand the UK's capacity for air 
travel will be available for viewing. Environmental campaigners are encouraged 
to attend and put the sane viewpoint. See Loombreaker 30. t: 0161 834 8221 
e: transport@manchesterfoe.org.uk 

16 Films for Palestine Manchester PSC presents a half-day of film 
screenings about Palestine. 2.00-7.00pm., Cross Street Chapel, Cross St, 
Manchester. w: www.palestinecampaign.org 

16-24 National Anti-Fur Week Called by Coalition Against the Fur Trade.t: 
07939 264 854 e: caft@caft.demon.co.uk 

20 Benefit gig for Manchester Anarchist Youth at Bar Retro, see article, this 

21 Connectivity - Benefit for Asylum Seekers, with local bands, poets 
including Chloe Poems, and bands formed by the asylum seekers 
themselves. 8pm till late in the Granby, Princess St

23-24 Women Speak Out Gathering in Manchester/Salford. An inspiring and 
exciting weekend of radical workshops for women. 
wsomanchester@bellow.org.uk t: 07753 606723 w: www.bellow.org.uk 

29 Buy Nothing Day A day for alternatives to mass consumption. w: 

December '02

1 Global Day of Action Against HLS w: www.shac.net/ e: info@shac.u-
net.com t: (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) 0845 458 0630, 07899 775 493, 
(Manchester Animal Protection) 07931 586 826 

7 Manchester Radical Bookfair - http://www.radicalbookfair.org.uk

7-9 Twyford+10 Remember, Rejoice, Resist! St. Catherine's Hill, Winchester.

10 International Day for Animal Rights Worldwide events including candle lit 
vigils outside local sites of animal abuse, to campaign for fundamental rights 
to be bestowed upon non-human animals. t: 0114 253 0020 e: 
info@uncaged.co.uk w: www.uncaged.co.uk .

12 Womens Action at Menwith Hill US Spy Base. More info from CND 0161 
273 8283

20-21 Two days of social disobedience in solidarity with the Argentinean 
popular rebellion To join the organising email list send mail to: list@raaf.be 

26th Annual International Pizza Punk Day "Encouraging you to form local 
autonomous vegan pizza-making workshops and cultivate the skills of 
cooperation, mutual aid and free association." w: 

27 Boxing Day Anti-Hunt Demos t: 07960 038 230 e: info@nwhsa.org.uk 

The Loombreakers were Lancashire weavers who, in 1826, smashed the 
machines that were destroying their livelihoods and communities. 
The Loombreaker comes from the Free Information Network tradition, 
spreading news the mainstream media won't print. 
Pick it up FREE from: 
8th Day Cafe, Oxford Road 
Bridge 5 Mill, Beswick St., Ancoats 
Café Pop, Oldham Street, Piccadilly 
Mistys Café, Longsight District Centre, Stockport Road 
Pankhurst Centre, Nelson Road 
Top Cafe, Afflecks Palace, Oldham St 
Vanilla, Sackville St 
Withington Wholefoods, Wilmslow Road 
If you live outside Manchester, send us a stamp for each issue you want. 
Prisoners and local action camps get it free - just send us your address. 
Please send your information for action, contributions, comments cartoons & 
photos, offers of distribution help, or donations (cheques payable to 
Manchester EF!) to: The Loombreaker /o Department 29, 22a, Beswick 
Street, Manchester M4 7HS 
0161-226 6814 loombreaker@nematode.freeserve.co.uk 
SUBSCRIBE TO LOOMBREAKER BY E-MAIL! Send your e-mail address to 
to get the Loombreaker by e-mail.

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