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(en) Barricada #20 Out Now, December 2002 (Excerpt)

From "barricadacollective" <barricadacollective@northernhacking.org>
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2002 04:28:50 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

VERY IMPORTANT:  Our email is now barricadacollective@northernhacking.org.  
Please update your contacts.

Barricada: Official Monthly Agitational Magazine of the NorthEastern
Federation of Anarcho-Communists

Available Now in Barricada # 20, December 2002:
Barricada Celebrates 20 Issues Editorial

Barricada is North America&#8217;s only English language revolutionary anarchist 
publication. This issue includes...

Table of Contents:

-Barricada Celebrates 20 Issues

International News Briefs:
-FTAA in Quito, Ecuador
-Founding  Conference of Anarchist Federation in Serbia
-Bloody Nazi of the Month
-Sniper: The Sequel
-Words that Kill:  Argentine ex-Judge Suffers Heart Attack

Northeast News:
-Nazi Concert Cancelled in New York
-Parking Lot 28 Cleared
-Anti-War March in Boston
-The Sniper
-NEFAC Welcomes a New Collective
-Union Sells Out Boston Janitors
-WB/IMF Protest in Washington D.C.
-Amnesty for Algerians Campaign in Montreal
-The Housing Struggle Heats Up in Canada

-Venturing into the Antifa: ARA Conference in Chicago
-Tactics to Fight Fascism, by WSM (Ireland)
-International Organization for Migration (IOM)
-Organizing for Class Struggle at UPS

-Revolutionary Women&#8217;s Portrait: Lucy Parsons, Part 1

Upcoming Events:
-NATO Goes to Prague

Back issues of Barricada are also still available, including the October 
double issue featuring numerous articles as well as a special section on 
Eastern Europe.  Barricada 
can be ordered by writing to...
PO Box 73 Boston,
MA 02133

Or by emailing us at
(Very Important: Please note the change of email address)

We are still very much in need of economic contributions as we have recently 
invested in a copy machine and t-shirts and hoodies for Northeast 
Antifascists.  Hoodies are available for 28$ and t-shirts for 12$ (shipping 
included).  Above all, we are in a constant search for more infoshops, 
bookstores, and distributors to carry the publication.  We offer bulk rates 
as well as discount prices for standing orders.  Please get in touch.

If you wish to make a financial contribution please send either a money
order (Preferred), concealed cash, or a check with "Pay to the order of..." 
blank to our PO Box address.
(VERY IMPORTANT:  Leave the Pay to field BLANK.  Please!  If you just can&#8216;t 
do it, email us and we tell you who to make it out to/)

Subscriptions to Barricada are 15$ for 6 issues (US and Canada), 20$ Western 
Europe, or _$ for a supporters subscription. We strongly encourage supporter 
subscriptions as we barely break even with regular subscriptions given our 
low price.  (For all other countries subscription please enquire by 
mail or email)

Individual copies by mail in the US and Canada are 3$ .

Finally, you may have noticed that the November issue never appeared.  This 
is because we have moved our monthly release date two weeks ahead (i.e 
December appears in mid-November) in order to provide our readers with a more 
relevant and up to date content.

Revolutionary Greetings, The Barricada Collective
Editorial:  Barricada Celebrates 20 Issues

          It is rather difficult to believe, that it has only been two years 
since we began this Barricada project, and that since then we have published 
20 issues (an average of 10 per year).  

          Over this short period of time we have changed members, our 
politics have evolved, and we have participated in numerous other projects.  
Because, while producing this magazine certainly occupies a large portion of 
our time, Barricada is not merely a propaganda group.   It has always been 
our strongly held opinion that the separation between those who propose and 
suggest and those who actually do is a very negative feature of the anarchist 
movement.  More often than not it is an artificial division created by some 
anarchists who insist on marginalizing the actions of others by accusing them 
of being young &#8220;hooligans,&#8221; &#8220;vandals,&#8221; and other such epithets.

          We are anarcho-communists, and as such, we think, we analyze, we 
strategize, and we fight.  Many have in the past insisted on painting us as a 
gang of action crazed hooligans, and point to the more balanced nature of 
more recent issues of Barricada as a sign that we are renouncing the methods 
of struggle of the past.  

     Nothing could be further from the truth.  We have always made clear our 
belief that there is no contradiction between militant tactics and day to day 
struggles.  Furthermore, these tactics can be one of our most valuable tools 
when properly used in combination with serious long term struggles.  We still 
firmly believe in the creation of a resistance culture and the importance of 
taking all opportunities available to expose cracks in the system and force 
the state to take of its complex masks.  We all know ultimately, its only 
argument is the truncheon, the teargas, and the bullet.

        We make no apologies and we have no regrets.  Our track record, and 
that of the federation we are proud members of, speaks for itself.  

           We have routed fascists in our area on numerous occasions (most 
notably in Wallingford, CT and York, PA).  We have launched, helped organize, 
or participated in numerous demonstrations and mobilizations (The 
Presidential Debates in Boston, the Inauguration of President Bush and 
September 29th in DC, solidarity actions with the demonstrators in Genoa, two 
Maydays in Boston, the Festival del Pueblo, the first anti-war march in the 
US after September 11th and numerous subsequent ones,  and the list goes on 
and on).  

       We have participated in and organized numerous other educational 
events, raised money for anarchist political prisoners across the world, and 
so on and so forth.

        We consider our successes in this period to be numerous.  However, we 
have also had our significant failures.  From the overly ambitious flop of 
the Community for Libertarian Socialism to the Festival del Pueblo, and to 
our sometimes overly aggressive conduct when working with others, the 
mistakes have been numerous.  However, we hope to have learned the correct 
lessons from them, and armed with those lessons (and hopefully many other 
less symbolic weapons!) move on to future projects.

       However, we must be honest.  We do not believe these to be the best of 
days for people like us.  Unions sell out their workers, the US war dog 
making plans to invade countries left and right, repression at home, police 
shootings, and yet, where is the outrage?  Where is the fury?  There are some 
signs here and there, but, to borrow a term, when will come the spark that 
starts the prairie fire?

           But, as we have never been the kind to sit and wait around, we 
move on to our future projects, hoping to bring that day a little closer. 
Such as which projects then?   Such as combating, in an organized and 
constant fashion, the rising fascist threat in our region.  Such as co-
ordinating NEFACs International Solidarity Fund (see Barricada #21 for more 
information).  Such as the publication of numerous pamphlets (including a 
first one on the Piqueteros struggle in Argentina coming soon), and many 
others.  However, most importantly, we are now devoting a much larger part of 
our time to concrete struggles around the city of Boston, such as the issue 
of housing (through the Boston Angry Tenants Union) and labor solidarity 
(through the Anarcho-Communist Union of Boston Labor Solidarity working 

        All this said, we do also still have a publication to run, and we 
need your help.  We have recently invested in a copying machine and lots of 
merchandise.  We are over a thousand dollars in debt.  

           If you enjoy and appreciate Barricada, please subscribe.  
Encourage others to subscribe.  While the circulation of Barricada has been 
steadily increasing, we do still feel strongly that it could be significantly 
larger.  If you can help us with that, by ordering a standing order or 
suggesting a bookstore to carry us, please get in touch.  Any and all 
solidarity will be much appreciated.

          With all that said, we hope you enjoy this new issue of Barricada 
which you currently hold in your hands.  As always, we fully encourage and 
would greatly appreciate feedback from our readers.  If you liked what you 
read, tell us.  If you didn&#8217;t, then there is even more reason to tell us.

Love, Rage, Solidarity, 
The Barricada Collective

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