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(en) Fight The Bosses, Not Their Wars!! -AF (Ireland)

From Al <klasbatalemo@yahoo.ie>
Date Thu, 7 Nov 2002 19:22:48 +0000 (GMT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

THE BUILD UP to a war against Iraq intensifies every
day, regardless of the debate around UN resolutions
and the stalling tactics of the Iraqi regime. American
imperialist interests demand decapitation of the Iraqi
ruling clique in their terrorist ?War on Terror?,
regardless of evidence. But the question is why?


First of all, let?s get one thing straight.
Saddam Hussain, has been ?Our Man? in the middle east
for a long time. In the years running up to the 1991
Gulf War Saddam and his Baathist Party enjoyed the
full support of the US, regardless of their human
rights record. In the 1980?s the US encouraged (and
armed!) Iraq to attack it?s neighbour Iran, at that
time in the grip of a disruptive Islamic revolution.
Saddam had been promised the Shatt Al Arab waterway
and the Khuzestan oilfields in a strategy to weaken
Iran and its Islamic rulers. But the client of
Imperialist forces had imperialist plans of his own
and when Iraq invaded Kuwait (having actually been
given a green light by the US) his former friends were
handed the opportunity to strengthen further their
influence in the region by permanently stationing
their military forces there. 

Even after the victory of Desert Storm the US
understood  that Saddam remained the best bet for
short term stability and stood by as the regime
butchered its internal enemies and, indeed, got
actively involved by slaughtering thousands of
deserting Iraqi conscripts on the road to Basra. Since
then the US has employed a policy of containment.
This containment, through sanctions and bombings has
resulted in countless Iraqi civilian deaths. 
A war by other means, and as in all wars, it is the
poor who have suffered most.

September 11th

The murderous attacks in New York and the subsequent
crusade have given the US and its British ally the
pretext for declaring war on Iraq but these events
have been a long time coming. Saddam has for some time
been trying to sell himself to the US?s rivals,
including co-operation with Russia regarding oil
extraction. Syria reopened its oil pipe line with Iraq
and oil is being exported to Turkey, Jordan and even
the old enemy, Iran. 

US Imperialist interests are not being served well and
a reassertion of its political-military power is a
warning shot to its rivals such as the EU and
Russia.The present imperialist adventure, despite all
the talk of human rights, has no interest in
?liberating? Iraqis from Saddam, but of liberating
itself from a non-compliant former ally. 

Any US sponsored regime change would have to retain
the oppressive apparatus, which it helped build, in
order to maintain stability. The decapitation would in
fact be the first stage of a head transplant, the new
head nodding better for the US!

War against War!

So what of the opposition to this potential bloodbath?
How can we practically stop the war machine? Given the
level of passive opposition to a war against Iraq, the
active opponents are in a good position to start with.

The massive demonstrations worldwide against the war 
are a start, but marches alone, even giant ones, don?t
stop wars. Our weapons in the war against war are:

1) Our ability to undermine support through
counter-information stressing the real motivations
behind the militarists and the fact that the mass
murder of Iraqi civilians and conscripts is part of a
larger war against the working class internationally.

2) Our commitment to actively 		      sabotaging the
war through direct action.

3) Our creation of a crisis for the state 	     here
through a class war on the ?home front?. 

The keys will be to keep one step ahead of the state
using methods of getting our message across to people
in imaginative ways and of using direct action which
actually stops ?business as usual?. 


>From the pages of Resistance#17, regular monthly
bulletin of the Anarchist Federation (Ireland).



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