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(en) Call for support of publication of anarchist-feminist classic in Czech language

From "PW" <jaime1936@volny.cz>
Date Wed, 6 Nov 2002 16:28:06 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

"Free Women of Spain" by Martha A. Ackelsberg
were made ready for print by Czech Anarchist
Library (AL), a pivotal project of anarchist
education in Czech language. The book is a fresh
new original Czech translation. Despite most of
things ready for the release of this important title,
funds are running low. AL Editor managed to
collect only a half of what is necessary.

After a very succesfull summer 2002, which saw
three new books, released by AL, making
substantical contribution to anarchist education,
economical problems are again here. During June
and July we have published "Kronstadt 1921" by
Paul Avrich, "Cuban Revolution - A Critical
Perspective" by Sam Dolgoff (with special
introduction for Czech readers, written by Frank
Fernandez from MLCE) and "Anarchism and
Ecological Survival" by Graham Purchase (this
book has been a common venture with Slovak
comrades from Breaking Point anarchist
publishing house, who made the translation - we
provided pre-press and funds). This had
practically exhausted our funds.

All translation, computer and pre-press work is
done on voluntary basis. Books are sold for low
price (usually 3.5 USD), enabling almost
everybody to acquire them. Books are making
almost no profit and sometimes hardly pay back
the expenses. What we get from distribution, is
immediately put into publication of another title. 

Input of 1000 USD is needed to publish the "Free
Women of Spain". In this moment we have got
only half of it at our disposal. We deem
publication of this book to be very necessary,
especially regarding to situation in 

Czech anarchist community, which saw recent
increase of anarchist-feminist activity and

Therefore we kindly ask you, friends and
comrades, to consider supporting this project.
Every little bit helps.

You can contact us at ak-fsa@anarchismus.org or
visit our website at http://fsa.anarchismus.org.
You can also contact the AK Editor at *420 601
307 393. 

If you would like to contribute, we will provide
you with details of our bank account.

Appendix - Books and booklets, published by
Anarchist Library (1998-2002)

Note: Anarchist Library is the intergral workgroup
of Federation of Social Anarchists (FSA), Czech
section of International Workers Association

Note: except AK 5 and 7, all titles are premier
and original Czech translations, made by AL
collective. AL13 was translated by Slovak
comrades from Breaking Point anarchist
publishing house.

AL1 - Vernon Richards: Lessons of the Spanish
Revolution __ 1998, reprints 2000, 2002

AL2 - Agustin Guillamón: Friends of Durruti
Group 1937-1939 __ 1999, reprint 2001

AL3 - Nestor Makhno: The Struggle Against the
State and Other Essays __ 1999, reprints 2000,

AL4 - Ida Mett: The Kronstadt Uprising __ 1999,
reprints 2001, 2002

AL5 - Mikhail Bakunin: The God and the State
__ 1999

AL6 - Peter Arshinov: The History of the
Makhnovist Movement __ 2000

AL7 - Our authors: Globalisation - A Critical
Perspective __ 2000, reprint 2002

AL8 - Des Patchrider: Couriers are Revolting __
2001, reprint 2002

AL9 - K. Bullstreet: Bash the Fash (1) __ 2001,
reprint 2002

AL10 - Georges Fontenis: Revolutionary
Message of Friends of Durruti __ 2001
unpublished due to lack of funds

AL11 - Gilles Dauvé: When Insurrections Die __
2001 unpubilshed due to lack of funds

AL12 - Paul Avrich: Kronstadt 1921 __ 2002

AL13 - Graham Purchase: Anarchism and
Ecology __ 2002

AL14 - Sam Dolgoff: Cuban Revolution - A
Critical Perspective __ 2002

We are preparing for winter 2002 / spring 2003:

AL15 - Martha A. Ackelsberg: Free Women of

AL 16 - Graham Purchase: Evolution and
Revolution - The Life and Ideas of Peter

AL17 - Antonio Tellez: Sabate - Guerilla

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