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(en) Praha - Infocafe Krtkova Kolona (new: mission statement)

From infocafe <infocafe@ziplip.com>
Date Mon, 4 Nov 2002 14:41:03 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

 ** Many thanks to those who responded to our recent appeal, especially WOMBLES and West London Anarchists and Radicals in the UK. Thanks also to individual comrades in
Austria and England who contributed. Our financial situation is no longer disastrous! However, it is still not completely stable, so the funds we have been pledged from
groups in France and the UK would be more than welcome.  ** For anybody who is interested in contributing to the project, our bank details are below:

  Name of Account Holder: Spolecnost 2000
  Address of Account Holder: Socharska 6, 170 00 Praha
  7, Ceska Republika
  Name of Bank: eBanka a.s.,
  Address of Bank: Na Prikope 19, 117 19 Praha 1, Ceska
  Account Number: 948700001/2400

 ** Also, many thanks to the individuals and groups who have contributed publications for our library project. These include
Alternative Libertaire, Workers Solidarity Movement, Gilles Dauve and 
Troploin, Internationalist Perspective, Anarchist Federation 
(Britain), Industrial Workers of the World (Britain), AK Press (USA), Loren Goldner, Echanges et Mouvement, Internationalist Communist Group. 
 ** If anybody is interested in contributing publications to the library project, our postal address is:

  Socharska 16, 160 00, Prague 6.

  Solidarity and best wishes,
  the infocafe collective

 ** Below can be found our mission statement:

Who we are and what we want to do

  The infocafe is an anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist intitiative taken in the wake of the anti-imf/world bank protests of S26. People who had come together in the
course of that gathering decided there was a need to use the energy unleashed by S26, to make sure something of use and value was left behind, when all the demonstrators
had gone home. One year to the day after those protests, the infocafe was opened.

  Yes, we are for a classless society; we are for the abolition of waged labour; we are for the collective ownership of the means of production, producing for people's
needs, all of these things. And we are not linking ourselves to any one particular issue - the issue for us is class struggle, and we see what we are doing as being class
struggle, even if it is outside the point of production.

  But we want a society that produces not just for people's material welfare, but that provides true quality of life - bread yes, but roses too. We want a society that
places play right back where it belongs - at the centre of life. So we are taking the initiative to provide what we feel is denied us by the present system of social
relations. We see this struggle as part of the evolution towards social revolution. By experimenting with new ways of social interaction and collective organisation, we are
walking towards utopia - even if that place retreats one step for every step we take towards it.

  United by certain wider aims, alienated, exploited, we envision a different world. In order to reach an anti-capitalist world, we feel the need to act in new ways, and to
wipe out the notion of suffering from our activities. We say NO to martyrdom, NO to sacrificial mentality. Because a movement that just wants to go down in (another)
glorious defeat is not worth being part of. We intend the circulation of energy as well as struggles. We want to win this revolution, because it's the only one we've got.

What we want from this project

The personal is political - what we want as individuals

  A source of energy. Freedom to be yourself in an easygoing environment. Fun and creativity. Friendship. And experimentation.

The commons - social needs

  Comradeship and solidarity - a 'real' collective, developing our internal community. Open-mindedness in a welcoming atmosphere. Escape from the 'ghetto' and openness
to/engagement with 'difference'. An international spirit. And diversity.

Wider aims - politics

  Identity of aims and means. To promote circulation of struggles and to be open to the outside community. Be 'political' even at expense of efficiency. And continuous

Technical points

  Clarity of procedure. Responsibility to ourselves and the 'outside'.

History of the infocafe

Infocafe Krtkova Kolona is an anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist intitiative taken by various people who were involved in the anti-IMF/World Bank protests of S26.
Members of the groups ORA-Solidarita, Ulice Lidem (Reclaim the Streets) and Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation are involved, as well as individuals non-aligned to any group.

  The purpose was to use the energy and creativity generated by the S26 gathering to establish something of longterm value in the Czech scene. We began renting a disused
basement complex in a residential area in northern Prague one year ago, to provide
  a)an educational and cultural resource to be used by
  the local community, 
  b)space for the czech movement to use for its
  political and cultural needs, 
  c)a space for our own social and political projects.

The infocafe is also being used by Feminist Group 8 March, Earth First!, CarBusters, IMC Prague, FoodnotBombs and a street medics group.

  Plans were to create a bar/cafe space, a library and an office. After one year of continuous activity, including largescale reconstruction, the bar/cafe space is
operating and the library is ready to be used. Events so far have included film showings, medical
trainings, craft workshops, and lectures. There are plans to establish a community garden behind the building. The space has been used to host a number of international
meetings and comrades from the UK, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, the US and Sweden have visited. 

  The process has not been without difficulties and we have had to learn from many mistakes that we have made. We have had to learn a lot of things very fast. But we are
succeeding in our aims of sharing skills and resources, and encouraging new people to be involved with the project. Members of different groups from different backgrounds
and even different countries with no common language, are learning to
respect each others' differences and to work cooperatively towards common goals.

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