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From Ziggy <ladystardust@gmx.co.uk>
Date Mon, 4 Nov 2002 06:31:37 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Hotlines Book, Evaluation of a workers inquiry into call centres
*What is radical inquiry
*Call centres and capital
*Everyday work in call centres
*Class Struggle in call centres
*Proposal for future inquiries

more info: 
£5 for 1 book (p&p within UK inc.)
£40 for 10 books
They are in the London  ?radical? bookshops or for orders: kolinko.uk@gmx.net

Hotlines radical inquiry booklet

We have recently completed a two and a half year 'radical inquiry' into 
call centres and written a book summarising this project.  Below is a short 
summary of the main points.

  1. Why we did an inquiry and what an inquiry is
·       Analysis and critiques of the call centre inquiry
·       What we actually did, what we learned, the interviews, leaflets, etc.
·       The reactions from the workers in the call centres and the 'left'.

  2. In the swirl of the circulation of capital
·       What a call centre is, the workers, the work time, wages, the 
origin of call centres and their expansion, crisis and prospects.

3. The work process, machinery, the work process subjectively
·       Descriptions of the work, standardisation, relations to fellow 
workers, team leaders, etc

4. Lines of Struggle
·       Confrontations around insecure work, relocation, control etc.
·       Forms of struggle such as work refusal, sabotage, strikes, unions, 
base unions etc.

5. Perspectives
·       An overview of the project with political suggestions.

6. We will also enclose all our leaflets, reports, a list of website 
addresses etc.

Why did we do a radical inquiry?
To see what is determining the forms and aims of worker's struggles.  I.e. 
the material conditions under which the workers get together every day - 
how they work together and how they relate to the supervisors and the 
machinery. What kind of commodities they produce, how significant their 
work is for the accumulation of capital and the social division of labour, 
and how they themselves see all this. To find out whether the mode of 
production/kind of work on one hand and the conflicts and forms of 
self-organizing of call centre agents on the other, could be starting 
points of new worker's power.

Why call centres?
Because workers are re-concentrated there, with a different kind of 
organization of work. Capital was putting a lot of labour force into Call 
Centres.  To investigate the development on a European or worldwide level, 
as a step towards understanding the process of re-composition of the 
working class. Is there a broader tendency of capitalist development and 
what about the possibilities for communism?

What did we do?
Most of us worked in Call Centres to find out how the work is organized, 
what kind of people work there, some of their opinions and what they do, 
what conflicts exist and where struggles occur. We interviewed colleagues 
and then wrote and distributed a series of leaflets and reports. To 
strengthen the forces of self-organizing and self-liberation, we acted 
collectively within the sphere of exploitation.

e-mail kolinko.uk@gmx.net for orders.

www.prol-position.net and www.nadir.org/kolinko.

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