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(en) Anatolia, I object! (tr, de)

From worker <a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 1 Nov 2002 01:48:52 -0500 (EST)

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I object!

I decided not to carry out my military obligation, which I have been doing
for 9,5 months, and to declare my conscientious objection as of 18/10/2002.
Briefly, the reasons why I made this decision are as following.

Militarism accepts destruction as problem solving methodology due to its
nature. By proposing some reasons which may make militarism acquitted, it
tries to have the things, which it has done and will do, legitimized by the
help of some laws in order to save itself from the results as well. While
taking action, militarism works with the ruling class in a complete harmony
in order to produce more benefit for both sides. This loop and harmony have
continuity and the ones, who dare to damage this collaboration, are shut,
punished even terminated. Whole history is full of such kind of events and
every time the different version of same play is staged and played
successfully. The situation created is so much clear and how individual
tries not to see that, conscience appears every time by pointing out that
the truth is undeniable. However, the sentiment, what we call is "common
sense" and which makes the people convinced every time, wants people to
ignore these situations and proposes several reasons to do so. It also
proposes that it would be correct action to grab a role in this game. It is
usually more attractive to choose what common sense offers, but in long
period, the opposite will happen contrary to what was promised.

Another core aspect of militarism is obedience, which is unconditional. The
path that takes human being to such kind of obedience is prepared carefully.
Individual is forced to involve this process within the idea of defense of
the country and the society, in which it is born. Individual is never asked
to express him/her idea at all. Reasons are ready. The acts of people in
these boundaries, which are drawn by authorities, are presented as if they
are holy. The country in which you were born, even your parents have no
suspicion on the holiness and correctness of them. They are ready to serve
their children as victims for a reason put by someone. Actually, they
already got their children prepared for such situations. Even there are some
exceptions, apart from thinking over what happens, the vast majority of
population cannot imagine what the opposite may be.

The damage of the wars caused by militarism and its allies are not limited
to human being. What purpose could clear the responsibility of destroying
the nature using nuclear or biological weapons? In fact, the owners of such
weapons are already aware of the situation. It surely can not be thought
that they are so stupid not to notice this dilemma.

Does not world's current situation reflect the dirty games mentioned above
clearly? Everyone knows the fact that the truth underlying latest assault of
US & its allies to Afghanistan under 9/11 excuse, and reason under recent
Iraq scenarios is not the security. However, everyone is surrounded by
common sense. I am curious that how people could accept a scene that will be
consisted of bombed corpses? Is it not the truth that USA is gaining power
due to insufficient protests with a few exceptions? As a matter of fact,
people should not expect a pre-determined behavior from anyone in society;
the decisions have to be a result of our inner voice. How "Big Brother" is
able to say 'you are from us or not', so people should be able to decide in
same exact manner, whether they have a willing for war or not. The ones, who
have a typical warrior logic based on 'building by destruction', are
directing their guns to another people now, there is no guarantee that I
will not face the same gun's barrel in future.

Taking into consideration both painful experiences coming from my life and
the observations that I obtained by living in military ambience for 9.5
months, I have understood that I could not deny the voice of my conscience
any more. I am declaring my CO to the public and stating that I will not
carry out any obligation dictated by military, civilian, local or universal
authority or by any person, institution or structure, whatever the reasons

I would like to explain the progress shortly. I joined in army in May 1995
as 1975-2 period numbered and was arrested on 9th of September 1995 as a
result of an ordinary crime which has no political overtones. After 7 years
in prison, I was released on 23 May 2002 and join to the army directly. I
had continued to the service till 18 October.

Moreover, I have no intention to escape. I am going to go to the military
unit for the last time and give military ID and the belongings to them.

Mehmet Bal

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