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(en) Spain, From Barcelona, The return of the Durutti Brigade

From "anar" <anar@otenet.gr>
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2002 08:28:56 -0500 (EST)

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The return of the Durutti Brigade

About 5.000 people participated in the red and black bloc in the
demonstration of 16th March, against the european summit.
There were blac bloc groups, libertarians, CNT, squatters,
many anticapitalist and radical activists, that marched together
with red and black flags and anarchist slogans. 
The direct action against symbols of the state and capital (two
police stations, dozens of banks, military palace and judicial
palace, offices of authoritative trade union), the confrontations
with the police who used rubber bullets, the attacks against
their squads and vans,the barricades and the presence of
thousands of people refusing to run away and keeping on
shouting all together VIVA LA ANARQUIA, POLICIA ASESINA,
in all the difficult moments the police was charging, created a
revolutionary situation, an atmosphere of fiesta and revolt, of
rage and revenge for the repression in the 15th March
anticapitalist demo and for all all the repression, arrests and
tortures of our comrades who faught all over the world, from
Seattle and Prague, to Gotemburg and Genoa. It was an
extremly inspiring experience to be among thousands of people
marching together in solidarity, despite the rubber bullets flying
in the air and the helicopters above our heads. During the riots,
people from the bloc that didn´t participa

It is true that civil police made arrests inside the bloc, and that
was the purpose of them being there. Many civil police who
were recognized by demonstrators were beaten and chased
away. There were also confrontations with members of the
"demonstration police" who stood in front of banks and police
and tried to prevent comrades violently. 

In Barcelona it was shown once more that the struggle against
global dictatorship of state and capital is not retreating by
repression, it is not sold to the reformists and to social
pacification in front of the continuous crimes of global
domination. The struggle continues, confronting the forces of
the state, uncontrolled from the manipulation of those who
believe in old and new models of authority, parliaments and
NGO´s, stating that the only limit is a world without states and
borders, without exploitation and oppression. We carry a new
world in our hearts, and we make it alive through our efforts to
destroy the existing hierarchical and repressive status. We
make it alive the moments we fight back, the moments we
stand together against repression, the moments that we share
the struggle for freedom with all the damned and oppressed
people, all the comrades in revolt. From the streets of Genoa to
Argentina, from the children of Indifadah to the fighting people
in Bolivia, in Colombia, in the militarized 


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