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From "anarcho sando" <anarcho_sando@hotmail.com>
Date Tue, 8 Jan 2002 05:02:12 -0500 (EST)

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>From the website.
Build Underground Resistance Not the Olympics (BURN the Olympics).

The Olympics are about money

The Games are "given" to the city that shells out the biggest bribes, tax 
money that could be better spent on community programs to help those who 
need it the most. While big business profits from increased tourism, the 
public is stuck with a bill for 1.3 billion.

The Olympics are for the rich

The IOC feeds us lies about bringing growth and sporting arenas for the 
citizens of Salt Lake. However, the venues built for the games are later 
only used by the super-elite and wealthy. The Olympics squander public funds 
to host an event that most people can't even afford to attend.

The Olympics are sexist

Baron de Courbertin, founder of the IOC, was a French chauvinist who hated 
women. He felt that "The Olympic Games must be reserved for men." Since then 
(1896), women have slowly been included in more events, but there are still 
far more men's competitions.

The Olympics promote spectatorship

The Games do not help aspiring athletes, but instead get us to watch TV. The 
Olympics want people glued to their televisions so they can absorb 
advertisements. By placing athletes on pedestals, people are disempowered by 
being convinced that they must buy things to get closer to the gold.

The Olympics are about corporate sponsorship

Corporate sponsors and the media make billions from selling people worthless 
consumer junk, and they are salivating over this opportunity to pitch their 
products to billions worldwide. The Games are no longer about sports, but 
just another medium for marketing.

The Olympics destroy the environment

With the massive temporary influx of people coming to Utah this February, 
and Salt Lake's lousy public transit, the roads will be packed with cars. 
Ski resorts and other outdoor event sites are built in places where trees
and animals should be living, not swarming with yuppies.

The Olympics fuel nationalism

The image of the Games that is being pushed by the IOC of countries getting 
together in times of peace is completely false. The actual dynamic 
perpetuates nationalistic feelings and bitterness. What the people need is 
worldwide solidarity, not worldwide competition.

The Olympics celebrate globalization

Like the WTO or FTAA, the Olympics place private interests above all other 
concerns. Public money is diverted to generate profit for multinationals. 
Protecting people and the environment are second to investment dollars in 
the eyes of state officials. Not only this, but the Olympics turn it into a 

The Olympics create a police state

The Utah Olympic Public Safety Command (UOPSC) and the Olympic Joint 
Terrorism Task Force (OJTTF) are in place to take away your right to free 
speech, expression, and movement. They are already working to stop legal 
protests through new laws and arrests. With the actions against the World 
Trade Center and Pentagon, we will now be seeing a police state of the 
nature that most activists in North American have never witnessed.

The Olympics drive out "undesirables"

The homeless will be swept off the streets and kept out of the city where 
they might bother shoppers. SLOC's plans for the homeless include housing 
them in the State Fair horse barns or letting them "camp" in freezing 
weather on Antelope Island. Protesters will also be out of view from 

Come to Salt Lake City

Join tens of thousands of undesirables to take a stand against the 2002 
Winter Games. Activists will be converging in Utah to expose and oppose the 
true capitalistic nature of the Olympics. Housing and ride shares are being 
compiled, if you need or can offer either, contact us.

Who we are and what we do

This information is provided by Build Underground Resistance Not the 
Olympics (BURN the Olympics). We are working to educate, agitate, and 
organize for the Salt Lake City Olympics in February of 2002. BURN the 
Olympics has been initiated by radicals who are not resigned to sit back and 
watch our city turn into a playground for the rich. We plan on using diverse 
tactics to tackle the multinational death machine that is killing the 

Contact us

If you are able to help by distributing literature, can house protesters 
during the Olympics, or just want more information, please get in touch. If 
you are interested in donating, please send unnamed checks or concealed cash 
to our mailing address. We also have a PayPal account for those of you who 
use credit cards. Please send PayPal donations to donations@anarchist.co.uk

Email: olympics@anarchist.co.uk Our PGP key can be be found here

Mailing address:

358 South 700 East, box 308
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

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