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(sup) Marla: Cuantos mas?

From Mala hierba <trasgu@chello.nl>
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2002 12:59:45 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

hello everyone,
sorry for this email, that I don't know what can I say about it, and even I 
don't have clear idea why I am writing it. Maybe i just need to share this, 
to put it out of me.
Below I copy an email from a very beautiful friend of mine from 
Colombia.  I am so tired of this kind of emails, so tired of this 
shit...and then have to fight for get people ivolve here in the issue, for 
making understand what is the situation, for trying to work for stable 
networks, for process...Ah, the abstract issue, I hear many times; ahh, 
this is too complicate; ahh, we don't have time for this...And of course I 
understand many of these things, I understand that this fucking shit is 
everywhere in this fucking fascist world....and sometimes I even understand 
people fighting each other in power games, personal crash and many other 

I am just so fucking tired and full of anger...and yes, I am 
crying...sometimes I feel that I can not more...but of course, I am here, 
in front of a big computer, in a nice room, with food in my kitchen...

"Marla" (I changed his name of obvius reasons) is a girl of 17 years old. 
She cut short her hair, she dress as she wants, she doesn't smoke 
marihuana, but she does have good friends that smoke it, she paints 
"strange" pictures, she is looking for understanding things...so, she has 
"bad reputation". She is not the leader of any social movement, she is not 
inside of a radical collective...she is just starting the university in 
Bogota and ...

Marla, an amazing girl, with so amazing imagination and beautiful 
strengh... She wants to became a trainer on gender, but we still couldn't 
get the funds for the project of formation we are working in. She wants to 
study and do things... She is incredible inteligent and creative....and 

She comes from Saravena, one of the big towns in the deparment of Arauca, 
Colombia. This deparment where OXY and Repsol have their business (maybe 
you heared about U'wa people and the Santo Domingo bombing). Bush has 
invested 98 milloens (apart from Plan Colombia) to "protect" United State 
interest in petrol against the guerrilla: meaning "buying weapons and bring 
more soldiers". The colombian president have declared this region as 
"rehabilitation" region. This means that the army authorities replaced the 
civil authorities. You can not go out after 6 pm. It is not allow 
international observers. The regime of terror is the new order. You can 
better understand this quite well through the worlds of Marla.

Sorry for writing like that, but, you know? I am so tired and fustrated and 

The email I just received is in Spanish, and I really would thanks if 
someone could translated into English. I really think that through this 
email you could understand a bit how the "normal" people are living in 
Colombia under the fascist regime of Bush and Uribe (current president of 


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